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Had A Saint Appear To Me


Nineteen years ago, I was a young woman in a relationship with a young man. At the time, he and the relationship were so very important to me. He was nice looking, smart and I enjoyed his company.

After six months together (when you are 17 years old that's a long time) he called me one night to tell me, nicely, that he had 'cheated on me' and would prefer to date this other girl as opposed to myself. I was beyond heartbroken. I was mortified at the fact of having to relay this to my friends and found it to be embarrassing and humiliating.

That August evening, as I continued to cry my bedroom window was open, and curtains open to let the night air in, I looked out and was staring at the stars.

To my amazement one light was brighter than the rest and I admired it, upon closer admiring... The light, looked like a bright shooting star was coming closer to my window, and closer, and closer.

I quickly pulled the covers over my head. I don't know how long until I pulled them back and standing beside my bed was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

She was wearing the traditional nun's habit and she was holding a book. She glowed, not brightly, just glowed. She didn't speak. I was freaked out and I put the covers over my head again.

After a length of time I peeked out and she as gone. The next day I went to the library to find books with pictures of Saints.

I instinctively knew she was a Saint. After a few books, I found her on a page without question.

It was Saint Teresa of Avila. I read about her life, and her personality.

The similarities were astounding with our personalities. The one fact that blew my mind was that she died on my birthday.

I haven't seen her since. I have no clue what message if any I was to 'get'. A lot of questions about that night, but so far no answers.

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NaturalScience (3 stories) (110 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-17)
St Teresa was a woman who knew unio mystica, in a way which we to-day would probably call Kundalini experiences. She had visions of a heavenly being who pierced her heart-chakra with a lance which threw her into ecstasy - as much as I know, I didn't read the complete story of her visions by now.
See, you had that visitation after knowing that your guy cheated at you. You were really disappointed of that guy, eh? Teresa had had, as I told you, experiences with a cosmic love far superior than that of some ignorant mortal. The message perhaps just is "seek the Kingdom of God and His WAys and all else will be thrown after you" (love too) as Jesus once said. The fact that she had a book in hand perhaps means you should study the Scriptures, not just the writings of St Teresa but also other mystic authors. Which is not without risk, one should have some person wizened by life and a long spiritual path to talk about the things read, otherwise one could apply the wrong things to oneself and make the path more difficult for oneself than necessary.
anya (1 stories) (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-10-11)
Thank you Dilipshah and NaturalScience for you comments. I appreciate them.
NaturalScience...I believe its not that I wasn't lucky to have seen her, just WHY did I see her? And to this day, I must admit I am baffled as to what message she was trying to give me. Did I miss the sign? Is it significant that her death date is the same as my birthday?
Like I said... Many many questions.
Dilipshah (1 stories) (3 posts)
13 years ago (2010-09-25)
The detachment of the body is very essential, you could able to experience this detachment, keep doing more and more exercise and one day you will find a death is not a darkness but holy journey to soul
NaturalScience (3 stories) (110 posts)
13 years ago (2010-09-24)
You are VERY lucky to have met with St Teresa of Avila. She is one of the very few Catholic saints who have been fully enlightened, Buddhas so to speak. St Francis of Assisi and St John of the Cross were two others of this supreme category. But do not study her writings without some professional in background, they are extremely difficult to deal with, one could go mad over them, I once was counseled by a priest to read "The Inner Castle" when I was seventeen and I really got my brains whirling with confusion. For example you could chose some Carmelite priest to go to Confession and/or to study her writings with him or under his guidance.

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