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Vision I Had One Morning


One morning a short time ago I awoke from a dream that left me feeling a little different. After waking up I noticed I had a light in the corner of my eye that wouldn't go away. I thought at first it was just something in my eye, or just eye strain, but it wasn't. It was a little distracting, and something was just telling me to go and sit quietly and see what would happen. This has never happened to me before, nothing this real in a long time.

So I went and sat downstairs in the quiet. I sat here at my desk and looked at the light in my eye. It wasn't bright, just in the corner of my eye and wasn't going away. As I focused, it moved more to the centre of my sight. Then it looked like one of those lights you see after looking at something really bright and then you look away, that kind of thing, only I hadn't looked at anything bright.

It started growing and shifting ever so gently. It's shape looked like an embryo or kidney been shape. But it was transforming before my eyes, in disbelief I watched, a little panicked, but something just said to me to stay and watch it, that everything would be fine.

The light looked like a life form growing, inside and around this shape were all these prismatic moving, pulsing little lights, all making up these shapes like pyramids that were moving around and around it. And it grew more and expanded until it took over my whole field of vision. The layers that formed this shape were infinite and growing and constantly moving. Picture this, layers and layers of lights, realities, and shapes moving, growing, shifting and expanding until they enveloped me. It was a little scary, but exhilarating like nothing I've ever known.

Once fully immersed in it, it was sort of like looking through a veil of another being, totally benevolent, totally aware of me and itself, and yet we were one. I looked on, and as I did, I could see a silvery whiteness around me. Off to my left was a shift or lightening sort of thing. I saw that there was a concentration of awareness beside me and coming from this was a ribbon or string of silver light coming through the wall, into the light beside me, and then going into my eyes. My eyes were wide open and seeing like I've never seen before, I never thought I would ever see this.

Then there was a fluttering sensation, and I looked through the veil and to my left I saw what looked like a white bird flying towards me, and the fluttering was it's wings beating. The sensation entered my eyes and something happened that I can't explain. It was like I was lifted up, and my eyes changed, my perception shifted and changed forever. Then it faded and the sensation left, but my eyes remained the same. My eyes are totally normal and I can see again like I always could, but now I 'see' more around me than I ever thought I would be able to.

The feeling of connection that I experienced will never leave me, we are truly all connected to every living conscious being, I saw it, and now I believe. I am sure I was shown this to help me progress on my journey, and to share it with all of you. I could not ask for more from spirit than this vision. It explained everything, and I want you all to know, even if you don't see this connectedness it is there and it does exist. I have just become more awakened, reality will never be the same for me again. We are all our own creators of life, and we chose our own reality, and inside that force within us lies everything we will ever want or ever know.

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Wendy (guest)
14 years ago (2010-01-02)
sounds like a migraine aura to me too, I get them occasionally, flashing zig-zag lights in your peripheral vision, it lasts about 5-10 minutes and does not usually accompany a migraine headache.
guestima (guest)
15 years ago (2009-12-10)
"shape were all these prismatic moving, pulsing little lights, all making up these shapes like pyramids... And it grew more and expanded until it took over my whole field of vision."
Sorry- You have just described a text book example of a visual migraine- I had one just like it and was so freaked out I went to the eye hospital and was told that this is what is was. It's quite different usual migraines as it doesn't involve pain- what you were actually seeing with the colourful pyramids were the colour-detecting cones on your retina.
geehutch (1 stories) (3 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-04)
Yes it did enlighten me but completely unintentionally. And yes there are so many others ways out there. I am very glad to share this here with everyone.
guestisa (guest)
15 years ago (2009-04-14)
Great. I haven't read anything like this before, but it sure looks like a (n alternative) way to get enlightened. It is amazing how many other ways exist besides this you have written.

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