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Vision of Hell


This is a true vision where I was spiritually taken to Hell to be shown the consequences of a completed suicide. I believe that this vision occurred due to my suicidal tendencies, and that I was planning at some point to end my life. I didn't have a very specific plan as to when I would commit suicide, but I knew it would be within a 5 year period prior to this vision. This is 100 percent a truthful, valid journey to Hell. Do not discard this as a mere dream, this vision occurred over a year ago now and it has a very profound effect on me daily. Please take this message about suicide extremely seriously! Hell IS REAL! This is what I saw...

Two men were outside in a grassy area in what looked like Iraq or Pakistan, I knew it was an ancient city/area where we were. Both men, perhaps in their 20's-30's had olive complexions and black hair. I knew that they were there to commit public suicides. Both men were near trees which they were to use to commit suicide via snapping their neck. The first man committed suicide right away after tying a rope around his neck and one of the trees. He jumped off of a rock that was supporting him and was dead within seconds. The other man projected telepathically to me his feelings of conflict and trepidation over the act he was about to commit. I felt his desperation and sheer terror. I was so scared. The second man was to commit suicide by both strangling himself as well as garroting his neck. Until this vision I did not even have knowledge of what garroting was. Essentially he was to strangle himself by leaning forward on his knees with a rope around his neck tied to the other tree as well as twisting a sharp metal rod into his neck to ensure death. (That is what garroting is.)

The second man, despite his terror and indecision, began the process of his death. He first leaned forward to cut off his air supply, and also began twisting a device with the metal rod to pierce his neck. There was a third man, again with a darker complexion, near the struggling second suicidal man who was piercing his neck. This third man was a demon, I knew this. He was also described or the phrase "I'm his brother" was connected to the demon. The demon was displaying brotherly compassion of sorts by gently whispering to the struggling second suicide man. The demon was saying these phrases specifically "Ok, ok, just let go. Just let go." "Just do it, just get it done. Just let go." I was horrified and so scared and so helpless. Then, I realized that communication through telepathy was a fact. It did not come as a surprise or weird, it just was a fact that I could try to communicate with the second dying man just by using my mind. I started screaming to him "No! No! Stop! It's not too late to turn back! DON'T LET GO!" I believe the evil "brother" blocked my telepathic message, the suicidal man did not respond back to me. He died. That's when we transported to Hell.

Once transported to the dark side of oppression and complete hopelessness I was separated from the men. I was now alone to experience Hell. There are no human terms of description to use to make you fully understand what Hell is. I will try my best. Hell was a dark shadow land that engulfed you in a thick soupy atmosphere of heavy, mournful regret. Negative oppression cloaked everything. You could feel or sense the presence of other beings in the dark place but could not interact with them in any way that we know of on Earth. The only interaction was a kind of swapping of horrible memories with other beings of all of our sins. You almost experienced the sin that sent them to Hell for yourself, as well as having to contend with the broken record repetition of regret and sins that burdened your own soul. Utter torture is not even a strong enough phrase. To make matters worse, we could see the light side (which we instinctively knew was Heaven). We could see how light it was there, how happiness draped around each soul, all of the souls could interact and were bonded in love. The feeling of how much love was in Heaven almost could be felt by us in the dark, as if to be of more torture of what we were missing due to our sins. The worst, absolute worst part I will never forget is the knowledge that you no longer existed in God's eyes. You were a lost soul. No matter how hard you screamed, no matter how strong you struggled to be seen or heard by anyone (especially God) we were not heard any longer. We were discarded because of our own actions, there was no hope and yet I still prayed and screamed and cried. It was a feeling of complete torture of the worst kind, no physical torture could compare to no longer existing to anyone ever again, although you regretted your sins and begged for forgiveness. It was too late once you were placed in the dark side. (Hell.) I felt what eternity would feel like while there. I cannot describe it in human terms. Before departure, I was given a clear telepathic message, I believe it was from Jesus although the sender was not identified. The message was this: God is extremely offended, hurt, shocked and disgusted that anyone would throw away His gift to us of life.

Prior to this vision, I was suicidal. I had an outline of when I would do it, and how I would choose to exit this world.

After this vision, I have not had a SINGLE thought to commit suicide. It is no longer an option. It is no longer my ace card I had kept in my back pocket "if need be". I am a completely changed person because of this experience. And although I know I will never commit suicide, I live in utter fear that I may go to Hell.

Please understand, this is a TRUE vision that I had. You must remember the message, you do not want to experience for a fraction of a second true Hell. Please know that God (and the devil) are INDEED real, may you find God in your life as I have.

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Anon (guest)
4 years ago (2020-01-28)
I trust your vision.

I have this observation.

1. You witnessed a non local event. Thank goodness you're saved now.

Yes, sometimes it was the case that dark beings tricked people.

God knows this though, and knows that dark beings created the circumstances around the people that tricked them.

God knows we cannot be blamed if we are swamped like that.

God did not send those souls to hell.

God showed you what those men were facing, what the crimes of the internationally greedy ones, had called in to that country. How many decades of abuse of these people had caused profound suffering and furthered their problems.

Rest assured that those devils went to the hell.

You witnessed those demons being sent to hell

You were experiencing deliverance because when you returned you were freed of that which was tricking you

God saved you.

Blessings to you

Walk without fear. Fear is what those things feed on. That's why we see them where there is suffering.

God showed you truth.

The demons always go back to hell

And you dont

Therefore never ever listen to the voice of fear, anger, hatred

Its difficult to learn

But it can be done

Thank you that this soul was delivered xxx

Thank you that they no longer suffer the horror xxx

Thank you now may they never walk in fear or pain again xxx

And also know this

"If the devil is real it is in our best interests to not believe in it and rather to simply acknowledge that which is the tricks and deception, and know that if it is trick or deception or force or coercion, it is not the way of Angels or humans:

Best I can come up with right now

And it's not easy, okay, so don't beat yourself up. EVER.
conr454 (1 stories) (4 posts)
7 years ago (2017-05-12)
Amazing, thank you

If carnal lust rules where there is no love of God
Does chastity rule where there is love of God?^^

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