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Electrifying Experience


I had an experience when I was 12 that always had me wondering if I was the only person on earth that had that happen to them. I looked things up on the Internet and never found anything like it. I talked to my Dr and he said no, so I actually gave up looking. Then I came across this site today after I thought I would try it again. The first thing I read was my experience. I was like "I'm not crazy".lol.It started when we moved to the country right across the street from a church, their job was to save people so they were always chasing me down trying to save me, and I would always have an excuse not to. One day my mom said just do it so that night a church member came down in his truck and I got inside and went through everything and did a prayer about Jesus in your heart. After we were done I got out and thought well that's done. That night I went to bed and thought you know I think I'm really going to ask Jesus into my heart, so I said it over and over and over and I meant it 100 per cent. All of a sudden I got an electrical current starting at my toes on each foot going up my body (like a wave), in perfect timing of both sides until it reached the top of my head and boosh my head was soaked with sweat, it was like a feeling I can't explain and it's hard to explain it unless it happened to you. I felt completely wonderful after that, a love in my heart that I have to this day. That was 47 years ago. I feel close to god and talk to him everyday.It's nice to see others have experienced this too.

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