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Visions Of Heaven And Hell


I've been a nurse for almost 7 years now and have always been drawn to my hospice patients. I'll never forget 2 experiences I had where I felt I saw a glimpse of heaven and hell. Oddly enough the patients' rooms where right across the hall from each other, but they did happen at two different times. I've changed names due to privacy laws.

My first experience was when Ellen was passing. Ellen wasn't always a friendly woman and never had any family or friends visit her. I remember as I was walking towards her room I noticed this look of extreme horror on her face, it reminded me of something you would see in a scary movie. As I attempted to enter her room I couldn't even get the tip of my shoe in. I stopped dead in my tracks and even jumped back. I felt a gush of fear over me like I never felt. The nursing assistant who was in the room looked at me and asked what was wrong. I told her this sounds strange but I can't go in there. I just couldn't, I did not see anything, but felt darkness and evil a millions times worse than anything horrific I ever saw on the news. I have never felt anything like this before, it was like I had just witnessed true evil and it scared me and all I could do was run away. Far away. Oddly the feeling that appeared to come from the room stopped at the doorway for I only felt it's presence as I attempted to enter. I felt bad for Ellen for I knew than why she was so scared but unlike me she could not run away. I truly feel from everything inside me what I witnessed was hell, and it was, it truly was.

My second experience was when Stacy was passing. She was always very kind and loved giving hugs and kisses. Her daughter and granddaughter came to see her often and were always very sweet to me. As Stacy drew her dying breath the moments that followed I will never forget. I saw a large bright white stream of light shining in from the window. It brought me such peace, wonderful peace and I could hear angels singing. I knew that angels had come to take her to heaven, straight to heaven. It was the most miraculous thing I ever felt. I didn't want the feeling to ever end, I felt like I just touched heaven. I held back at first from telling her daughter and granddaughter how I felt but than deep in my heart I felt I should tell them. Still in shock and amazement I turned to the daughter and asked "Did you just hear that?","Hear what?" she asked. I told her what I saw and heard. She looked at me kind of shocked but relieved and hugged me. I also told her of the deep peace I felt immediately after she died. Another unusual thing about Stacy's passing is that even after her body was gone that white glow was still visible to me. I found myself drawn immensely into the room even after she had left, and I did. I stood there for as long as I could just soaking up all the wonderful amazing peaceful surroundings. It felt like a piece of heaven. I accepted it and was deeply saddened when the next day I no longer saw it or felt it anymore. I will never forget these experiences, for I truly believe in my heart I had witnessed heaven and hell.

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wayne (5 stories) (15 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-14)
Yes, I can fully understand what you said completely, and agree with what Libra1 said. Thanks for telling bella. You have a wonderful gift, I hope you know that.
Libra1 (1 stories) (35 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-14)
Thank you for sharing your story, I really enjoyed it! Reminds me of the quote~we reap what we sow.

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