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I feel very lucky to have had 3 near death experiences while serving in the British Army about 14 years ago. I was held prisoner while in the army and beaten and raped often. On three occasions I was in such a bad state my heart stopped and I was taken to what I called the spirit world and got to see and talk to my loved ones who has passed on before me. I was able to see my spirit guide and he told me many things about this life which I have shared in my book A Walk On The Other Side. I wanted to help as many people with the knowledge that we do not die and that we do live on! This has changed my life forever and I now give talks on my experiences to try and show others that death is only the start!

I came back I believe to share this with people and that is why I wrote the book to try and reach as many people as I could. I have been asked if it was all a dream but to that I answer no! For my spirit was able to move things in the room my body lay and when I was brought back to my body these things were out of place and the people who were holding me called me a witch because of this. I was also able to speak to my family in spirit I had never met before or even seen pictures of them, and when I described these family members I had seen to my mum and dad back at home they were shocked! For how would I have known what they looked like if I had never seen them?

I am battling cancer now but do not fear death! For this body is only what we need to live out lessons while on earth. I know many will say this is all up in my head! But I know one day we will all take that walk on the other side.

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