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God Wanted To Meet Me


I'm going to try to describe this as best I can so please try to comprehend. I bartend and work late nights. I got home from work around 2am and layed in bed between my dog and fiancé. I cuddled up next to my fiancé and thought I fell asleep. I then jumped up having her yell "stop what's wrong with you your going to wake the baby stop yelling" I had no idea what just happened it felt as if I had kind of regain consciousness after passing out, not really sure where I was or what time it was totally unaware of my surroundings and time.

I kept asking my fiancé "what happened what did I do I was just laying next to you falling asleep, what, what happened?" Ok here's where I gets weird. She had said I was standing up yelling "I gotta go back or I have to go", for about 15mins. I don't remember anything except where I was for those 15 minutes and I will try my best to put it into words. I remember being comfortable laying next to her. I then began to communicate with what I thought at first was my fiance but not using any words, kind of a telepathy thing but very frustrating because the energy "best way I can describe it" knew everything already and I mean everything. It kind of knew what I was going to ask before I can. I felt as if I was boring it or that it knew I couldn't comprehend it but it was going to humor me a little. Best way for me to describe it as If a famous actor or athlete was humoring a star struck fan wanting a autograph. I then felt a little cautious but it instantly made me feel extremely comfortable, happy, or totally at peace. If I was to describe how it looked, like a pulsating energy light static I guess. I then asked in a way "are you god"? It answered yes, which I already had felt was so and made me feel like I was able to know anything I wanted but I didn't have much time with it or maybe like it was gracing my presence and was way to busy or supreme to stay and chat for too long. It made me feel as if it had to meet me in person like I was a guest to some presidential dinner.

I can remember it telling me I was different then the others. It told me then to go back. And I wanted to and tried but I felt like I couldn't let go it felt as if it began guiding or pushing me back like two magnets touching the same poles together. I felt like it took some effort to get me back then I woke up not knowing what just happened, having my fiancé say "stop yelling your going to wake the baby".

I was blown away, what just happened? Then within minutes of this experience and me becoming aware of my surroundings again I figured it out! God wanted to meet me. This is the only way it could reach and communicate with humans and when it sent me back I had lost 15 minutes of time. I began to weep tears of joy feeling so calm at peace and good inside. To this day I still think about what happened. I have no answers but I feel touched if not blessed. I shares my story with you not wanting an answer but just to let you know there is something, god, or whatever you want to call it.

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