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Spiritual Healing From Terminal Cancer


In 1987 I had a mild lymphatic cancer, did the regular radiation and it went away. I just wanted the easy way out, although I knew a little about alternative medicine. What I found was that no healing can happen with just treatment to the body. It has to be down to the soul level for a cure. I also found out that we create our diseases and we have the power to uncreate them, too.

Two years later I noticed another lump on me and knew inside it was back, but tried to ignore it. As time went on I became really tired. I lost weight. I couldn't work and walking was hard. Then my lower back started hurting. Then it went numb. Over the next few months, I lost use of my legs. I was paralyzed from the waste down. The doctors said it was a cancerous tumor and that if I did not do any chemo I would die.

I began to fight with alternative medicine and healing, but nothing was working fast enough. I allowed 2 chemo treatments, then stopped. They said I would die.

At that time, a psychic and very spiritual person channeled a message to me from the Ascended Master St Germain. He said all I had to do was to forgive myself from the bottom of my heart and from the depth of my soul for being so hard on myself with thoughts and emotions approaching self-hatred. This I did, but continued doing diet, visualization, and meditation and reading a LOT of spiritual books. I learned Reiki (Japanese palm healing) so I could do it on myself.

There is also a meditation for healing from the Masters called the "Violet Flame" that you can do. I do it very day. Supposedly, this short meditation/visualization clears away any of your negative throught patterns that may be developing inside your emotions and body. This is important -- to be able to shift thoughts and emotions before they solidify into the physical. Sometimes we don't even know we are creating these negative things, so the Violet Flame can help this.

I did what St Germain said, but I didn't really know for sure if it would work. At that time, I guess I just came to the point where I accepted that I may indeed pass on. I just had faith and continued. I also knew that this life is not the end, that there is a spiritual existence beyond the physical. But that doesn't make the healing work any easier. It seemed like I may be bound to a wheelchair forever.

After constantly struggling to do even the smallest things, like put on my own sneakers, I finally got to the point where I could stand. I needed to use the wall as a brace, but by God I was walking. Within 6 months I was fully walking again. I was pretty skinny, but feeling good. I was cured, but still followed the Ascended Master teachings, which you can find online anywhere. These are like guidelines for living in a more spiritual and conscious way.

These teachings are not a religion and I'm not telling everyone to go out and use this because it is the only truth. I'm just saying it worked for me and I just thought it sounded "right". It's really all about self-responsability, unconditional love and about knowing your soul connection to God/All That Is/Spirit -- whatever name you want to give the energy that you come from, the energy that makes up all things.

We are great souls, streaming just a part of our energy here to experience earth life, to join the experiment of spiritualizing matter. We just get caught in the negative use of our energy sometimes, and this can create disease. The good news is that we are very powerful souls, and we can also use our energy to reverse anything that we have done if it has not gone too far. I was told that "they" even had to "rewrite" my karmic agreement because of what I did. So even these soul agreements can change because of our free will and the discovery of our soul power.


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Stella (guest)
3 years ago (2020-11-13)
Thank you! This is very hopeful! The violet flame seems to be a powerful tool and I'm glad to hear that it heals physical disease

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