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My daughter was diagnosed with AIDS right after her little girl was born. We were hoping that the baby did had not been infected by HIV and at that time there was no testing available for babies here in the US. My granddaughter at the age of one started showing signs of pneumonia - she was rushed to the hospital. I was in Puerto Rico and they told me she was not going to make it - she was on a ventilator and the pneumonia was AIDS related. I got on a plane and was so distraught - but on the plane a calmness came over me. I knew she was going to be OK.

When I finally got to the hospital - I looked past all the machinery and saw my beautiful little granddaughter - they all explained to me that the little clip on her toe measured the oxygen - "look at the monitor - see how low the oxygen level is - there is nothing else we can do."

I took her little hand in one hand and her foot in my other hand and I asked God to send healing energy to this little angel - to use my hands. All of a sudden I felt an energy run from my one hand into her hand - from her foot into my other hand - through my heart to the other hand - a circle of energy that was actually making me feel dizzy - but I couldn't let go - it was swirling through me - out one hand into the other - through her - through me - round and round. I opened my eyes and saw the oxygen monitor start to register more and more oxygen - it kept raising and I thought all of this was my imagination.

After a while I felt I had to let go and her cheeks were rosy - the oxygen level was up to normal - and that afternoon they took her off the ventilator and all other tubes came out and was placed in a regular hospital room.

That was 16 years ago - both my daughter and granddaughter have been through some rough times health wise, being HIV positive, but whenever they start to get sick, no matter where I am, I remember that energy and ask for healing once again and they heal quickly and I thank God (or whatever one wants to call the energy we are all made of) daily that I do not have to fear because I know that energy is always there for us to tap into.

I try to convey this to people in distress sometimes, and so many are convinced that the diagnosis that our doctor's give us are the final word. Doctors can tell you how your body is doing and mis-functioning, but they cannot tell you what your mind and soul is up to.

Never lose hope, no matter how grim the prognosis know that you are part of a loving energy that is there for you to absorb - it is free and all healing. God bless all of you and I hope you find the love and peace that we have forgotten is ours.

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Anon (guest)
4 years ago (2020-01-28)
Good on you

I'm glad you found that strength and stay strong

Good on you

Yes you are quite right about the doctors

The cure for the disease is complex. Need to find out how the disease works and master intention with the energy.

However if you cured it the patients mind needs to know and believe they are cured. And that's not easy.

It may not even be doable because there is a lot of dreaming pressure to say it can't be cured

You need to get tests to back it up and monitor too, you can't just say faith healing works without getting it sorted both ways

And you might need to accept that other people will believe what they want to.

They don't want HIV. Ok that's BS no one wants that. But they might want to believe in something else and we need to accept that.

I got told "you don't have psychic powers" the other day

Me a few years ago used to laugh my head off at the idea of psychic powers

Then I woke up and my karma was to have just about every psychic power under the sun

Maybe u can call in them waking up

From a lack of immunity to total immunity might happen

Who knows

Lol everyone got gifts
gysyblue (2 stories) (80 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-19)
What a beautiful story of love and inspiration. I love how you described the flow of energy transferred through you to your little angel.
phoinix_fade (1 stories) (13 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-11)
Omg That is truely a very touching story. It makes me think of cancer paitiancte and maybe if they just believe that they can come throught it and that god... Or something out there cares is going to help them they will be saved
Onyx (10 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-06)
aww this is an amazing story... God works in mysterious ways. And will look after us when we are truly his sons and daughters... Keep up the good work keep the faith.
celesta (guest)
15 years ago (2009-01-28)
That's a really touching story, it kina reminds me of my thoughts (I play to many video games) and how I wish the world could be (you know without the hate and stuff) it just makes me feel like it's possible
vagabondfaith (49 stories) (90 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-07)
Wow! That is so awesome and just plain beautiful. Thanks so much for such an overwhelming story of pure Love and Faith too.
I believe these kinds of experiences help one to become like Jesus. A saint. Not only you but all those who read such a story. Thank you. If you would like to get in touch you can on this website or at michaeljaffrayk [at]
Once again thanks so much for sharing. I loved it and it will help me too.

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