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Last night as I went to sleep, I heard the frequencies, which are with me most of the time. They were louder than usual. I called light to myself and started recounting the day and things I was grateful for and then tuned in to my vibrations... I found myself having a lucid experience of being in a massive operation unit, I was wondering why I was seeing this and then left this state in reverse, -- I then recall being in my bed and realizing that I had been in a lucid dream, when suddenly I felt an electrical type sensation starting at my throat, I was not afraid, but aware of what was transpiring.

Before the sensations started, I was seeing some images of beings, they were benevolent beings with the faces of grays and reptilians, and there were others who I perceived merely as shadows souls moving around about me. I laid there wondering how long this would go on. I know that I was experiencing some kind of healing. It filled my throat, my neck my head. The sensations were transforming, transmuting... Then as quickly as it started, the sensations ceased, and I was lowered from the air. Gently, they placed me back upon my bed, as I had felt I was suspended in air. I got up and walked around my house, all was well.

I am open to whatever my higher selves, my guides and guardians have to share with me. I have been going through this process of shedding layers of un-serving aspects of my life... I know that more of this shall come and I embrace the changes, I am freeing myself. I will continue to assist others and speak my truth with more conviction now than ever. This is the purpose for the opening of my 3 higher Chakras. To open my mouth to the spoken truth, my third eye to the reality around my, and my crown to the connection with my divine self and my connection with all that is.

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Shaman-Odin-Ra (1 stories) (3 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-10)
I find this very amazing and inspiring. I have not gone through a spiritual healing of this sort. But it is all very interesting. Thank you for posting. 😁

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