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Awakening To A Voice


I am fairly new to this web site but it seems to be the right place for me. A few months ago, I had one of the strangest and most profoundly life-changing experiences of my life.

I was sitting at home doing nothing particularly special when all of a sudden I was flooded with an electrical wave of love and peace and tranquility and fire all mixed in one, I'm sure that makes sense to some of you. I also heard a voice that was definitely not mine, in my head. I had no music on and I never watch TV so I was definitely not confused about this. It was a soft voice, I could not tell whether it was male or female, it had such an urgent undertone to it. Perhaps it was an angel or the Holy Spirit. I don't know.

The voice told me strange things, things that confuse me still. It told me that I had to help awaken others quickly and help save as many people as I could in order to help them enter into the fifth dimension, that there would be terrible, cataclysmic events on Earth very soon, but it told me not to worry that I would be saved. It told me a lot of things like how we are being poisoned, to stop drinking the water (I try to drink only spring or distilled water, anything else gives me a weird head ache in the back of my head)

When I say that it might have been the Holy Spirit, it said things like how jealous it was because we praised Gods that our government had created and if we continued in the way of life we are living (wars, separation, no unity, everyone is "asleep") that we would all be destroyed. "come together as one or die together by doing nothing" is something along the lines of what it said. It was all so strange.

After it happened I felt like dropping everything, dropping my comfortable life at home and walking across the country and helping others, but I see now that that would have been unwise. I also have a voice tell me often that I must meditate. I'm afraid when I do because it feels as if I am spinning and I almost leave my body but for some reason I stop it, I guess it's because ever since I can remember I wake up paralyzed often and it frightens the heck out of me and this is how I feel when that happens. And sometimes when I am falling asleep I wake up abruptly because I would hear someone's voice in my head very loudly... I once heard a Spanish woman's voice praying... It might have been my mother but I asked her if she prayed the night before and she said she hadn't so I guess I'll never know that...

I have had a few strange experiences in my life. Whenever I would wake up paralyzed I would see black hooded figures beside my bed watching me. I have had dreams of floods and droughts, earthquakes, tornadoes, fiery comets hitting earth with a huge figure in the sky holding some sort of rod, my latest dream was terrifying. I saw red skies and solar flares raining fire upon Earth. I have a lot of dreams where I have telekinesis, aliens teach me things sometimes, they take me upon their ships and teach me how to use these abilities. It's all so strange. I had one instance that I can barely remember now, where I actually used telekinesis to move a rock in my hand.

Also, I know when someone is telling me the truth and when they are lying, and I can feel spirits around me all the time. I never feel alone, I always have someone watching over me. I know somehow, that I am very well protected. I know things sometimes without knowing anything prior, I have heard others thoughts in my own head. I believe I have had spirits try to enter my head, I had one strange instance where a very evil spirit tried to overtake me, It grabbed a hold of me, shot down my spine and I heard the most evil voice in my head, I couldn't make out the language it was so odd

I am a lds and I go to church and I love it, I love heavenly father and our Lord Jesus Christ but no one can give me answers to any of this stuff. Can anyone help?

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Gayatrishiva (7 posts)
12 years ago (2012-05-12)
What you are expereincing is very nice and nothing to be scared of for I believe you are protected by God and I am sure He is guiding you. If you meditate it'll be good for you I guess. On the whole its very very awesome experience.
LoveJesus (2 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-07)
This is Our Lord speaking to you! I have expirienced everything you have and more. In the building it helps to journal this. As you journal, you will find you will develop greater understanding of what God is sharing with you. This is just the beginning... There is so much more. God will speak to you in so many different ways. Some of my favorites are through his creation outside! Keep your mind and heart open and let him use you as his instrument. The rewards are so gratifying. The catch to this that the closer you get to God, the more the evil ones will try to sabatoge and intimidate you. All you have to do is call on the name Jesus and they will go away. They hate Jesus. Sometimes you will meet humans that feel evil and will attempt to malign you. Follow your instincts and stand up to them. I go through this from time to time. Sometimes these can get to be very very hard. What ever happens do not let your guard down and stay close to Jesus. They hate him that much. I am intrigued by your visions of distruction. Many of us have had them. I started having them in 1996. I believe that God gave them to us so we are not suprised when all this develops. I do not understand them completely, but I know that I have enough information that I will not be so shocked when this happens and can help others who will journey along side us. Stay strong! God is a lot of fun as you will find out!

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