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My story mainly has to do with the title. I was never really close to God until I've gone through a really dark period of my life and felt like I'm being taken care of.

Examples: while I was laying in bed at night and was really sad, suddenly I felt a touch on my shoulder. I'm guessing it was either my guardian angel, or Raphael archangel, because he can heal your mind too, and at that time I felt really depressed. Still this day I don't know who it was. Before that happened-about a few days or weeks before that-I saw a really pale yellow light, and started giggling, also it was like something or someone was sitting on one side of my bed for a very long period of time-at least for a month. It was also comforting. After I moved on from the pain that I was going through, that seemed to stop. That is the first part...

My school is religious so you have to go to church every week. One day I was telling this prayer, because I felt like I should, and heard someone saying "Hi". It was not a male voice, neither a female. I looked around and nobody seemed to hear it. After that I felt really happy and was smiling, which is weird because I'm not much of a smiley person. Every time I call out for God things like this happen. My friend can feel and see spirits and people's aura, so we talked about that and it seems like I have the ability/gift of hearing. The problem is, I don't know how to improve it. If you have any advice please tell me! By the way I'm 16 and these things started about a year ago (summer 2014), but only happen occasionally. I don't come from a religious family and most people I told this have thought I was insane, so the only person I can talk about this, is my friend. -_-

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