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A Voice Said "My Beloved Son"


Now mind you, I never induced these experiences (my church would disagree) but I felt "pulled" into the astral world and I would call on God to pull me back out because of my fear. Now that I know what it is, I can't wait to let go and travel! One of the experiences that I remember well was sudden but real!

Although at first I didn't realize how far I had gotten into the astral world before I panicked but; I was at the stage where I was lifted out of my body except for my head (a 45 degree angle at this point). It was like a movie that went to slow motion. I was slowly surrounded by a restaurant which seemed to be underground and there was a slanted window at the top corner, which the bottoms of my feet were angled towards.

As I (my spirit) seemed to rise a little more, an 18-wheeler was coming into the window and it was like the energy (from my legs) was holding the truck back from coming down on my friend and I, and that is when I panicked because it was such a lucid "dream". As I was trying to awaken myself, finally, in what seemed like high-speed rewind, I slammed back into my body and I actually felt the impact on my bed.

When I was fully awake, I sat up and tried to figured out what in the world this was and "why does this keep happening to me"? It would just come over me randomly, so of course I thought I was going to die or something "worse".

And now, I found out that people are striving to reach this level of spirituality and I have been fighting it for the past 20 years? Now, I have to admit, I am a little upset. All this time, I have had an ability to do this, and my fear and church kept me from experiencing this?

One more quick experience (because it is not long enough for its own article), powerful enough to keep me on track. I was almost asleep and I heard a loud, clear, yet powerfully comforting voice say, "My Beloved Son..." It brought me right out of my sleeping state and I was sitting straight up in my bed. I was not afraid this time, only alarmed and I laid back down and cried myself back to sleep (I was overwhelmed with emotions) because I knew it was God professing His eternal love for me. "I am His beloved!" (My pastor did confirm the possibility.)

What I have experienced was real and I cannot wait for a chance to experience this again. Although fear has kept me at bay, I have always felt something beyond this world is going on and I have had a desire to be a part of it since I was old enough to understand it all.

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Timfaraos (131 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-21)
As I said before. Newagers say:'Open up yourself to the universe, and let it take you where it will!' Well, that's just like saying to a stranger: hop in my car, and drive me to wherever you want! It can't happen! When you buy a car, you get a user's manual that tells you how to use and maintain your car. Well, us human beings are much more complicated than a car, and God the Father, who manufactured us, has given us a manual on how to live, what to do and not to do-our limitations... This manual is the old and new testament! Now if you want to rev up your car beyond it's safe rev limit, (JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN...) you'll just BLOW UP THE ENGINE! Let's face it, our knowledge of the universe is very limited, and we need guidance, just like a child, who doesn't know the difference between chlorine and lemonade, it will drink them both! The universe in our childish eyes is like a candy shop, we want to taste EVERYTHING WE SEE! (Remember adam and eve?!). And if the parent sais to us: go ahead, eat everything you want! I'll pay for it... Then, we'll end up with a huge stomach ache... And we'll be cursing our parent for letting us eat all those sweets! God out of His love for us sais: 'NO CHILD! DON'T DO IT! YOU'LL GET HURT!' But we, like rebellious and stubborn teenagers, think that He's being mean, and just wants to control us!... Well, in the end, some of us come through the other end, of rebellion, (with some painful scars), to tell the tale... But MANY of us die, and our immortal souls are lost forever... To the bad parent, (the devil) who told us that we could eat ANYTHING we desired, in the candy shop called the universe...timfaraos [at]
TheOneEyeLove (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-30)
Hey man it sounds like you're on the path and you're asking questions and you're keeping an open mind. These are all good things. Now you just have to get over your fears of "the Dark Side" of the astral world and understand and embrace the darkness not as evil but as another beautiful creation of an all-loving eternal universe! Its all within you! The Light and the Dark. And if you can just step back from your fears and ego, you will see that in this very moment and every moment the universe is perfect the way it is, and you, The True You, was there all the time with its ultimate consciouness and eternal compassion FOR ALL Things and you don't need to change anything. You couldn't add or subtract anything to make it more perfect. Just step back and be here now. Observe the drama of life from that internal, holographic microcosm that is you, the real you that is formless and everlasting. Jesus has some amazing things to teach us about love and forgivness, but hes most certianly not the only teacher.

Like you said you were starting to feel, God is in all things. Even in the Buddhists and the Muslims, and the Hindus and the Jews. God is everywhere and everywhen and He is not a "he" at all, he IS ALL. Everywhere I look I see God, in nature in music in love and even in tragedy. I think what you need most to get over your fears about interdimentional travel is to replace that fear with a desire of curiosity and exploration. I think its really the most intersting thing a person can study (that and meditation). I mean you can fly! Literally, you can fly, you can go back in time, you can go into the future, you can visit friends and relatives, dead or alive, you can see your past lives and experiences or go to any number of infinate heavens you wish. Or you could work on your fears more and visit the lower, darker places and bring with you the light of Love! Its all happening on all levels of existence right now! And you have a free ticket to leave your physical day-time vehichle and start to figure out what is really out there. You have a gift many including myself have practiced and tried to train themselves to do. The best part of Out of body travel is that you will KNOW for yourself what is really going on here. You don't have to Believe it you will NOT need any Faith, because you will already be there, as pure Spirit, and you will KNOW that there's life after death and that we live in an unlimited universe where every possibly imaginable thing is going on! Its all happening!

One last thing, if you try this and succeed, you will have no more need for discussion boards or motivation seminars ever again: Next time you become conscious of leaving your body, just think about becoming compleatly formless, like becoming pure light, all you are is pure eternal loving light, and that should take you imediatly to the highest planes of consciouness, call it nirvana if you know what that refers to, or the Cosmic Christ Consciouness if that helps you more. Its all the same thing and it is pure bliss, the highest Heaven, a place where you loose your identity as a separate being and as a personality and you loose all your desire for anything but floating in a golden ocean of pure love (acctualy, you ARE the ocean) and expanded, eternal awarness. (and don't be suprised if you can't stay there for too long, thought it will not feel like time as we know it, its an eternal moment, you probably won't be able to handle the overwhelming bliss for very long before you are shot back into your physical body... Just a heads up...)

I used to be just like you Leo, not sure what was going on out there but feeling like there must be more. I was a hardcore pentacostal christian for 4 years in my late teens, but I kept searching and exploring and now 10 years later I'm just now getting the bigger picture of this Universe of Life, its so dynamic, its growing and learning and evolving and exploding in joy and love of its own consciouness! Here are a few gems in all the OBE literature that should really open your mind:

Gordon Phinn, a great no-nonsence, "I just want to know what is going on out there" (and in here) sort of author. Great sence of humor and a wacky funny sort of style. A great thinker and probably knows more about the astral realms than any other comtemporary earthling. He also has a great love for the teachings of Jesus which you might find interesting. Try his first book "Eternal Life and How to Enjoy It" but then you have to read his second book "More Adventures In Eternety" really great stuff.

William Buhlman, great author and again dosnt come at OBE with any pre-conceived expectations or beleif systems and shows just how those beliefs can cause illusions in the astral realm (as well as on earth! Even moreso perhaps) Try his first book "Adventures Beyond The Body" and his second "The Secret Of The Soul" both are pricless companions along the path of the spiritual explorer. I have also attended an OBE Workshop conducted by William and meeting him was great. Hes very friendly and happy and not like a guru or a priest or like he knows way more than you (even though he does indeed!) Hes a great guy and he really does know a lot about the other dimentions.

Kip Mazuy, And of all the great meditation CDs out there I can only recomend one guy, Kip Mazuy. You can play these as you go to bed to help produce good, peaceful vibrations for OBE and keep your fears at bay. These CDs are really meant for meditation, which I also highly recomened for anyone having OBEs, but there is something about them... They don't use any of the standard binaurl beats or subliminals, he has somehow figured out how to put the very vibration of love itself, the vibrations you would feel at the higher states of meditation, into a a sound frequency and then plays beautiful music over it. I listen to his cds eveyday and all night while I'm sleeping. I notice I have had better, happier dreams, and much much more peace in my everyday life. Check out "The Calling" cds or start with "Ocean Euphoric".
All his work can be found at

Hope this helps you on your path of exploration! Just remember, 1. We are spiritual beings having and human (physical) experience, not the other way around 2. There is really nothing to fear, you are eternal and all-loving and the devil can't hurt you. All experience on the higher planes is thought-oriented. So if you are expecting to have a demonic experience and think about it during an OBE, that's what will happen, just as if you think about Jurassic Park, you will imediatly go there and can pet the dinosaurs! And 3. OBE is the best way to evolve spiritualy because you will KNOW what and who you are, not what someone or some religion told you to be. And finally 4. Dont let anyone tell you what to do or be! Including me of course! Find out for yourself! I did, and its made all the difference. I know the secret, and its really not all that secret if you seek it with a pure heart... Peace and Blessing to you

Josh (guest)
14 years ago (2010-02-15)
Brandon and Lisa have said it all. We are all light makers with special gifts. Always follow the positive conscience and believe in the self. In doing that, evil has no power.
Brandon (guest)
14 years ago (2010-02-13)
I love stories that are so similar to my own. Please don't let the church, or any fear for that matter keep you from experiencing these REALITIES. Those of us who pursue god, love, spirituality, etc. With all of our mind, heart and soul will discover the truth and then we can help others. There was a time when the church was holding me back as well and I thought that astral travel, chakras and other spiritual things were evil. I now know that this is a lie. God didn't give us the spirit of fear (EGO), but instead the spirit of love (HOLY SPIRIT). I believe following Christ means everything, but it doesn't mean following what WE call the church.
Fiona (guest)
14 years ago (2010-02-12)
Remember: the Devil CAN appear as an angel of Light. Do not be deceived. These mystical experiences are great! But who ever heard of a blind person seeing again or someone with a completely severed spine walking again?
Jesus is healing people like this today. Medically proven (with doctors converting to christianity!), the spiritual truth of christianity is proved as the Holy Spirit's power over nature is proven. At the name of Jesus ALL things are achieved! I have seen it. Browse theinternet and find out. Also, go and see Ian McCormacks website- an atheist, he went to heaven and hell after being killed by box jellyfish. He SAW Jesus in Heaven and now understands the truth of Gods love for us. Do seek, and you will find. Seeking is not subjective; research the facts and the healings and the claims and the hundreds of thousands of visions of Jesus by muslims and non-informed peoples. Find out! God bless you again x x
fiona (guest)
14 years ago (2010-02-12)
Jesus, who was the greatest teacher and healer EVER! Said we should obey him.
There are spiritual forces which oppose Jesus because they know through Jesus we will be set free. (and evil would prefer to keep us trapped by evil- that is its nature!) So they make us question whether its right to obey Jesus.
But, YES it IS right to obey Jesus. Follow Jesus, and NOT these spiritual forces, which will lead you right away from him. You are right to fear what is not allowed by God. Continue to seek, but with reverence for Him who saves you. God Bless you
fiona (guest)
14 years ago (2010-02-12)
so so very many things have happened to me. But only Jesus brought me peace and only Jesus makes promises which have been foretold AND make sense of where we are and who we are. He said no man comes to the Father except through me.
That was either true or not. If it wasn't he was oddly deluded. And for Jesus to be deluded would be strange when history knows him to be the greatest healer and teacher. Only through him. I have seen its true x x x
brian0401 (1 stories) (2 posts)
16 years ago (2008-09-25)
It's so troubling to me when people use fear to try to understand the worlds beyond this one. I'm sure the first time that cave men saw fire the were frightened and they probably thought that was evil too. We are spiritual beings living in this world for a short time. I understand your story because I to have simuliar experiences. I can only imagine maybe if I had shared my story 100 years ago I would be burned and called a warlock. Many who clam to know the Lord have never heard his voice. Those who live in fear know him even less. If you want to know find one who knows, if you can't find someone that knows ask the Lord to guide you. Remember the universe is infinite and the minds of those that spread thier useless fear is small. God cannot be understood or experienced with the mind only in spirit, so for those that think they speak for the creator or believe that they know his ways there's a ways to go in your spiritual evolution.
light (1 stories) (1 posts)
16 years ago (2008-04-14)
I too had so many questions, and also being raised christian only left me with a feeling that there had to be more to life then this. And the words kept comming to me... Seek and you shall find... And that's just what happend. God sent answers to many questions, and he still does to this day. I too have many astral travels and like you, I know they can seem scary sometimes. I wish you the best on your life journey my friend. Peace and light 😁
anonymous (guest)
16 years ago (2008-03-09)
Hi Leo Dreamer, Don't be discouraged.

Alot of Christians are afraid of things like Astral travelling, etc... Because Satan is alive and well out there and DOES trick people with enticing things like that.

However, your experiences of travelling out of your body are happening for a purpose, and I feel God is protecting you and has a reason for why these experiences happen naturally for you.

Psychic gifts that people have do not mean that these people are practicing black magic. It just means that God has permitted them to have these gifts and talents.

With every gift and talent we have, comes a responsiblity. Some choose to use these gifts to boost up thier own egos. Others, choose to place them all at the feet of God and ask Him to show them how to use them to honor Him and help others -through Him, for thier highest good.

I spoke with a guy who does astral travel by accident. God leads him through these experiences to help stuck earthbound spirits go to God's Light. He has become closer to God through these astral experiences.

God is not limited inside of a box. The fellow Christians at your church mean well, but one day they will be shocked to see how much God is involved in things they had no idea.

When something draws a person closer to our Lord, then it is not something to fear. Fear only those things that focus attention on yourself ego and not on God.

Flutterofwings (17 stories) (110 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-05)
[at] Leo_dreamer_08, For me I believe in our Lord, when I have been in a crisis and call out his name he answers me... When doctors did all they could in my story "Jesus held me in his arms", the only one that helped was Jesus. I actually didn't want to come back I felt at home in his arms.
I always wonder with non believers of our Lord, how do they think the oceans, trees, our land was made. Who do they think made it?
Your holding your own self from seeing anything, then what you have been taught. In order to learn about our Lord you need to step, outside the circle of safty that you are in. Listen, see, touch, feel what's within your grasp. Not juse that it exist, but find happiness.
I really can't explaine how our Lord is to help you step out of the circle that your in, but if you want to learn more about our Lord that is what you will have to do.
Leo_Dreamer_08 (1 stories) (2 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-03)
I am just having trouble discerning what is really GOD and what isn't. I was raised in a spiritual church, but they have their own views on certain beliefs and experiences. Deep down I know there is more. I long for it, dream about it, have felt it and even, obviously, experienced it. I feel like there is more than what I have been taught, but I can't let go completely. Like there is a bondage on me. I can't fully except anything other than what the church has taught me. "Everything outside the church is not of God and is a deceit from satan!" So, in a nut shell... I know there is more, I just can't break through the bondage that is holding my spirit back!
Flutterofwings (17 stories) (110 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-01)
I would certainly say that you had an OOBE (Out of body experience) and the first time this happens to most people, it is a frighten sistution. I know I was frighten with my first OOBE. I had an NDE too with a story I wrote "Jesus held me in his arms" on this site.
And your quite right many people never experience this and wish they could. So just kind of let this flow, and you will have more to come.
Good Story.

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