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Son Of God Finds Me In A Ongoing Dream


In the month of April I had a dream that would never leave my thought when it comes to my conscious of mind when I think of meanings and knowledge of them. I could only come to a decision to share my experience with the rest when it crossed my mind again this month when I did not grasp the true meaning of why Jesus stop a ongoing dream I was in, like if time it self stop in my dream and pulled me out of it to another world. Here is the story of it:

In my dream I was in a big city like New York, in the nightlife drinking with friends and attractive women everywhere, enjoying the pleasures of a typical nightlife for the club types. And yet I wanted to leave to go up to the roof of the nightclub with my friends and the women that occupied us when on the way up, I could hear a heartbeat and that of no other sound, when I turned to look at the rest of my friends who were following me... They all had shock in there eyes, froze in time as if they seen a ghost... And what I realize that they and everything else around me stop in time... Scared to death I face to what they all seen to the west of the city, and the Whitest flash appeared all around me, like that of a nuclear bomb that just went off and lit the night sky into day.

The heartbeat I heard at the time of this... Stop, and for a blink moment I thought I had died in my dream, but as the bright light dimmed and I squinted my eyes to see what lay ahead will forever change me, for as I glanced at my friends who still where frozen in time, and as I look back at the west, I seen another world, it look like a desert and behind the desert was a mountain with the sunrise behind it, everything was red like the sun at sunrise, like if I was on mars. At my surprise, I had seen two small palm trees and a stone pathway that separated them... And an oasis to the far distance on the right of the small palm trees. At all I seemed in peace, I felt warmth all around me like an aura, and at that moment I looked at the end of the stone path where it began by the palm trees, behold was a man who I could barley see since he was still far away from where I was standing. He was coming towards me very slowly... But not walking... He was levitated at least a foot from the ground... Gliding toward me.

My own heartbeat I could now hear, pumping faster every closer he got, scared I wanted to retreat back into my dream that was frozen... But I stop and stood my ground... And as my heartbeat pumped as if I was running for miles... I could now see the man who was coming towards me, He had dark red/brown hair, his eyes were like mine dark brown, a beard just like that of Jesus paintings, and yet his skin was that of bronze tan... My God, it was like bronze... And he had robes, his inner robe was light brown and his outer robes where green... As he approach me, my heartbeat flat lined that of a sound of the ongoing tone when someone has died in a hospital is all I could hear... And at that moment, the tone stop... And I could here whispers in my ear, it was not in English, but in Arabic... And I knew at that moment, this was Jesus, he open his hands and a tear shed his eye... As at that moment the white mist that surrounded around me disappeared along with the desert, and I which thought I would awake from a moment like that, was not... Yet I returned back into the dreamland... And back with the group of friends and women who I was with, and as we reached the top of the roof I went to the restroom that was up ther.e.. (please note, that I am giving you all of the story and not hiding anything I seen in my dream) as I was urinating in the toilet, I could see paintings of Kings of Europe. And As I looked down at the toilet my private part fell off then was reborn... My desires of lust faded. And I woke up from my dream.

That day was on Sunday morning... I took my mom to church with me with no reason and I have not been to church in at least 5 years. And this was the time of the swine flu occurred; the Catholic Priest did mass without holy water for people to do the cross or allow people to shake hands with the rest at mass... Because of fear of the flu. I realize that even I have not read the bible... I still know you should never fear anything besides Almighty God. I still don't know what the meaning of the dream was about... But I know it was The Son of God that found me in a ongoing dream...

(Sorry if my writing is bad, its been a long time since I have written)

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psychicfriends (guest)
11 years ago (2009-09-25)
me amd my friens are psychic and they all had a dream of a bomb hitting new york (I kind of had that dream but I it wasent in dream form just random thoughts).now theirs a terror alert...
selena (2 stories) (13 posts)
11 years ago (2009-07-29)
You are so blessed, to have seen the Christ... I hope that dream or vision never leaves you...

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