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In A Dream


The home of my youth was in the country, on the front lawn was a large maple tree which I use to spend a lot of time playing in and around. One night at the age of 10 I had a dream that I was playing around that tree - I looked up and over the corner of the house was this brilliant light, that light reached out touched me. I immediately awoke and set straight up in bed with a complete feeling of love that covered my entire body. I set there for I don't know how long overwhelmed by what had happened and that moment as stayed with my whole life.

It gave me a feeling of security in that I would always be ok and I might not always get what I wanted but always get what I needed to live. That I would go through trough times but in the end I would be ok. That everything would be ok and all I had to do was to keep on keeping on and not worry.

I am now 61 and that as always been true. I struggle sometimes but things always seems to work out. And that feeling of what I can only describe as pure love, as never left me. I have told people over the years of my experience, told them in my life have never felt the feeling of love from people that I felt that night. That feeling of pure love. That, that kind of love simple does not exist here.

I want to add one more thing and that is, that I have always had this drive to seek the truth, this voice in side almost constantly pushes me to not accept what I told to me but dig deeper to try to find what is underneath and that as been the essence of my life. The seeking of truth...

What I found in this 61 years of life is that human beings in general are selfish, greedy and self motivated regardless of the consequences to others. I suppose it is drive to survive that make them this way and how sorry for them I am, that many of them have never had the experience that I had, to understand that there is so much more.

That the only thing that matters is to love one another.

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Acka (2 posts)
3 years ago (2019-12-14)
Your story is moving. Only sorry I read it 2 years later. A lot of people refer to christ... Do you believe this also?. I'm just being curious. I'm just wondering how one corroborates this sense of knowing that one has met christ... I met some gracious kind, and helpful people once. They talked about how one can grow and broaden like the branches of a tree moving upward as the tree grows. And then they spoke rhe lords prayer in another language. It turna out to have been in hebrew.

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