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Rapture Dreams


I never fully understood what the rapture was when I had these dreams about six years ago, because I was a baby Christian, not having read or studied scripture like I should have.

The first dream is as follows:

I was riding my bicycle (a mode of transportation I used during this time) in a thunder storm trying to get back home (it wasn't clear where I was returning home from). The wind was very strong and there were dark clouds and lighting everywhere, basically it was a dangerous situation. All of the sudden, I was hit by a bolt of lightening on the head, but it didn't hurt. I knew I had been hit and a bit shocked and instantaneously, I arose in my body... Not out of my body... And I was aware of two angels on each side carrying me by my arms. The next thing I know I see my world like you are zooming out of Google Earth my block, my city, then my county, my state, the continent and ocean and then planet Earth, moon, Mars, Venus, Jupiter and so on until we past through a vast stary universe. Finally, (the trip only took seconds in our time) I found myself on my knees in front of two gates that looked like pearl. Then I awoke.

I should note that on my way to heaven, I thought to myself, "What about my family?" And I heard a voice say, "They will be alright." I was reassured and trusted that they would be okay.

The second dream occurred around the same time. It is as follows:

I was in a church during a service. This was my uncle's church which is very biblically based. I remember seeing people disappear in front of my eyes and thinking, "Oh Lord, me too!" Suddenly, I vanished into light and felt a love so all-encompassing and ecstatic, I couldn't handle it if I was in an Earthly body.

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