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Its 3am and I just found this web-site... I really don't know what is driven me to write here... I am not intend to share my spiritual visions, as prefer to keep it within myself.

I came here to share some experience and observations about Spiritual Experiences overall, based on my practices, studies and reflections.

From my childhood I had few visions, and from my 12 years I studied with passion religions, scriptures, different cultures traditions, to find the highest truth, the root. I choose the rule - experience, observe and exam trough putting doubt on everything what I see, hear and study. Throw away fear, ego, illusions, close the eyes on crowd judgment, dogmas and perceptions. Follow the heart, follow the path.

The fear is stopping you to experience further, deeper. The fear is attachment to the body and mind perceptions, which holds you back. The fear is luck of faith and luck of self-confidence. If you can face the hell, stand against evil, look fearlessly to the scariest things, then you are strong enough to step into higher level experiences. Many years back I feel like in hell, and I prayed: "Oh God, I am in hell, because I committed the sins. Oh, put me in deepest fire, because I deserve!" I really felt like jump into fire. And all vision/feeling of hell immediately disappears!

Ego is the root of all kind of desires - rough or hidden. Comfort, money, power, domination, self-glorification, desire to teach and many others, - is actually transform your beautiful spiritual visions and spiritual path in to ugly tool of manipulation.

Ego ruin that experience: I saw that vision, means:

- I chosen by God, I am better that others

- I am so much spiritually advanced

- I have unique power to see

- I can teach others, as spiritual master

- I can have mystical power

There is common illusions in spiritual experiences:

- I become enlightened, because I had this experience. I have reached highest level of spirituality. There is no further way to grow.

Other illusion is when people "call" or "force" vision to come, by reading books, attend mass prayers, watching TV and taking it.

Or some fake visions can come, when a person have mental issues, or his mind reacting on some frustrations in life.

The illusion is a frame of mind, when you see the things though the prism, limiting the truth in names, words, descriptions.

If a person is Christian, and sees the light, he will say - I saw the Jesus. For Buddhist this light is Buddha. But the light is same. Just forget the world, words, names and definitions. Give yourself fully to the spiritual experience, and observe without inner comments.

The approach, such us "... Only path", "... Only truth" never leads to enlightenment.

I know plenty of people in West and in India, who is mistaken about themselves - they are thinking they are achieved enlightenment already. They travel across a globe to teach & preach.

But true enlightenment is so tough to carry, to survive with, to hold your body and mind in this world.

The true enlightenment, complete awakening is continuously, uninterrupted vision of whole Creation in all dimensions in all times in all levels, without bounding, limitations, experience which can't be written, pronounced, described, interpreted, thought, gifted and transferred.

Once this highest state is achieved, a human stopped to be a human, even he looks like a human. This person can even appears like dead or mad.

Even then... The different kinds of true enlightenment is exist.

- a person can lose himself emerging into Divine Energy without forms and be a light, experience infinite Divine union. - This described in Buddhists scriptures as Nirvana, as Samadhi in Hinduism.

- a person who sees God, who loves God and have a personal connection with Him. This described in Sufi Poetry, - Supreme God as Supreme Lover, In Hinduism as Unconditional Love to the Supreme God.

After so many years of research, meditations, travels, meeting different spiritual people, I can't find anything higher, than Unconditional Love to God. Love, when your are in whole dipped and sink in Love to God, with no conditions, and WITHOUT FEAR, so closely love Him as you can love thousands times more than mother love her child.

Under that conditions, such prayers "Dear God, give me..." losing its sense. If you are going towards this kind of Love, you already have everything, and everything is given, and everything is taken care of.

Hope it helps...

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GS-Virk (2 stories) (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-30)
It is true that the ego is the root of all kinds of desires comfort, money, power, dominance, self-glorification, the desire to speak and many others. It is known from the physical world with meaning and wisdom of the thought of life associated with physical fear and the sounds of the world.

It is true that pure consciousness is the root of all kind of pure life that is attentive to the internal sounds of silence and experience freedom fear of death and the wisdom of faith and language with which Christen is in the perception of Jesus, Buddhist is collecting it Buddha, Hindu Is collecting it Ram and Muslims IS noticing it Allah. Those who experience it are true love of God and his state of mind is called Samahi in Hinduism. It can not be explained in words as is in inner beyond of any human language. Here you lose even your sex selection, and various types of life at various places in the universe and attachment to something of the past and future. Still have full consciousness. State is where meditation practice ends, Yoga become impulsive with unity with God that is for all, eternal, omnipresent, omnipotent, immovable, observer, all legal, the center and the seeds of energy, kindness, humility, silence and wisdom of all in universe.
Jera, I love you and your article and I wish you to continue your hold deep in the heart
GS Virk
Adaryn7 (23 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-01)
That was a very beautiful post, Jera. I can't believe that you began to see the world this way at twleve. For me it took longer than that to realise that not only was there not "One Truth", but that I didn't know it!

I think it is also very true what you said about human beings--that once a human reaches true enlightenment, s/he ceases to be human! So no matter how spiritual a human thinks s/he is, there is always more to learn. One must be careful not to become conceited and develope a "holier than thou" complex because s/he perceives him/herself to be spiritually more advanced than others.

Thankyou for the post, God bless
kalamata248 (5 posts)
14 years ago (2010-06-20)
I can relate to everything you write, as fear has held me back all my life. I really liked your article, well said. You did an amazing job describing enlightenment. You sound genuine, that is what is important to me. I am envious of people who can feel as you do about life. Thank you, you made my day. Eleni

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