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A Voice Of Silent Thunder


About 17 years ago, I was with a friend, it was close to midnight on a very busy highway route 495 in Ma. She was driving, I was her passenger.

The Cadillac began to stall and at this point an enormous black thick cloak wrapped itself around my whole being, and I knew that it was death. I loved her but she had no faith in God so I began praying out loud for her, me and our children, asking forgiveness for anything we've done to hurt anyone, and that we were mothers with children at home who needed us. I asked for protection that we would stay alive.

Hazards on, the car stalled and we had no choice but to get out into the darkness as cars sped past us on all sides, to push the heavy Caddy to the breakdown lane.

She asked me to go around, push from the back while she turned the wheel and pushed from her door. As I touched the bumper, this voice louder than thunder that only I could hear said, "NOOOOOOOOOOOO~DO NOT PUSH FROM THERE". I immediately without question went to my passenger side door, opened it and pushed from there.

From when I touched the bumper, heard the voice, to when I opened the passenger door was within seconds. All I know at this point was an explosion occurred, I was sure a bomb exploded. We both flew into the air and landed on opposites sides of the highway. It was a three car accident.

I don't know how much time passed, I awoke with a fireman wrapping me in what looked like aluminum paper, yelling "she's going into shock".

Next I recall being in the hospital. We were both seriously injured but survived. It turned out a man driving a BMW going speeds over 80 slammed into the BACK of the car, he hadn't seen us at all. Photos of the cadillac emerged and it was half its size, IF I had been pushing from the back I would surely be dead.

Thank You God!

Thank you God!

I feel assured that it was an Angelic messenger... one who has been serving me well.

Thank you my Angel.


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aware (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-08-14)
Thank you for posting. What an amazing experience to have and be able to share with others. I especially loved that you thanked your angel as well. Something I think we all could do more of. I have had so many instances my guardian angel or angels have contributed to my well being.
God Bless.
SaintSinner (guest)
14 years ago (2010-02-24)
WOW!... I'm speechless that's INSANE!. BLESS YOU!. And yes thank God!.

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