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Divine Experience In The Himalayas


In my spare time, I have always given priority to my hobby of research related to occult and paranormal. But at the same time, I continued to practice certain techniques of meditation that I was told would make the subconscious mind more focused. I have been practicing one of these techniques for the last eleven years now. During whatever little progress I have made in this journey, I had few experiences that were of purely spiritual nature and the kind of immense pleasure and satisfaction they gave me, cannot me compared with anything else in the world. I am narrating one of those.

That time, I was returning from a sponsored trek in Himalayas. Along with us we had taken group of semi-blind children. There had been a snow fall and the road that was quite safe otherwise had become slippery. Finally when all the children reached safely to the camp, we realized that we had left two big sacks on the base itself. Two of the volunteers were selected to bring the sacks back. I was one of them. We were tired but the sacks had to be brought back. We started after some rest and finally reached the base. Till that time I and my colleague were together. But I was quite tired and during the return journey I told my friend to go ahead. I did not want to slow him down.

While I was dragging myself along the road, the snowfall started again. I decided to rest in a nearby cave. It was one of the nature made smallish sort of caves that are quite common in the Himalayan terrain. I waited in it for the snowfall to stop. I suddenly realized that what a beautiful scene it was. Snow covered mountain peaks, soaring into the skies. On southern side the sun was out and valley looked very different and alive, whereas the north side was cold and full of snow. I was feeling a certain internal elation.

I started feeling a strong desire to meditate. I did so and very quickly moved into zone of quietness and internal peace. I have experienced the feeling before but on that day it came almost instantaneously. Then something happened that I had never experienced before. I could see a small flame which was emitting divine white light, between center of my closed eyes. I then felt that the light was being carried to each part of my body starting from soles of my feet. When the ray of light reached my body, I had sensation of happiness that I cannot capture in the words. The light continued to spread across my legs, chest, lungs, arms and then to my face. Finally the flame sort of merged into itself and continued to burn softly between my eyes. At the same time, I started to hear very soft music.

When I opened my eyes, the snowfall was dying out. I had not spent more than ten minutes in that cave. I was reluctant to leave the cave but it had to be done. I walked back and reached the camp eventually. The flame continued to burn and I continued to hear the music until very late night. That day I did not do any other work. I also skipped the dinner.

My friends, told me that I was looking very happy and when anyone tried to speak with me, I would only smile and waive them away. They were all getting worried. I must have fallen asleep around mid night. Next morning, I was back to normal but felt extreme internal quietness. The feeling gradually disappeared in a day or two.

Himalayas are full of mystery and beauty. I am not sure why such a divine experience was bestowed upon someone like me who is not even a proper beginner in the vast field of meditation and sadhana. Still I am humbly thankful for it and will carry it as a most cherished memory in my life. What else can I say really?

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nathanyoung55 (1 stories) (3 posts)
15 years ago (2009-10-18)
This is truly a beautiful story and I hope you get this email, as I'm sending it days after publication.

I have Divine experiences as well with my mountain here in California. It's not as high as the Himalayas, but it is mystical and quite beautiful at sunset. I hope these folks publish my story (I just submitted) so you may get a taste of a similar experience.
This shows that Spirit encompasses us all and the same religious experiences occur even 18, 000 miles apart (we're on different sides of the planet). If you wish to communicate, I'm at rymtshasta [at]
farhan (guest)
15 years ago (2009-09-29)
Hi manga, this is farhan. I am really happy to hear such sort of real experiences, I should tell you that you are a lucky person to have such experience. As you said the feeling cann't be expressed in words. I too have similar experiences and even now. The ecstacy that happens within can't be explained in words. And we crave it for more and more. You can share more sort of same experience with me, if you really want to. Please do mail me at farhan_farhan390 [at] or farhan.aktherr [at]



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