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My Awareness Of Divine Keeps Growing


To say that my perspective has changed in the past 6+ years about whether God/Divine/I AM's presence can truly be felt in my life would be an understatement! I've always felt there was 'God', but never considered actually feeling and experiencing Divine in my daily life. (I never expected to experience angels or ghosts either...) Well, maybe for me it is one of those things I needed to experience to understand and believe-because over these past years that just what has happened.

Ten years ago I was busy with my small children, working, and in off hours my husband held his band practice in our home, so there was always people in and out of our house, life was hectic and normal. Then my Grandma passed in '01, and that was very difficult for me, but our lives where so full that I grieved in spurts when there was a rare quiet time. I knew she was in a peaceful place, and knew she loved Jesus very much-she was a dedicated Christian for the last 45 years of her life. But, I still didn't 'feel' particularly spiritual myself-as in wanting to attend church or pray much, if at all.

Though it may sound unexciting, my consciousness became aware of Divine slowly over the time from then until now, and seems to become more and more so-so much so that I notice in the past 3 months I have seen a huge shift in my awareness of the reality of Divine... Dare I say I've become a mystic in my living within this reality pretty much constantly now? I see God in the children's smiles as they giggle and skip to class in the mornings. I notice Jesus' compassion when someone holds the post office door open for another politely; no matter what their age. I feel angels rushing toward a siren of an ambulance when I hear one going past on the hwy near our home.

Oh, those things may seem minute; but they stand out sharply to me all day long. I find I'm talking with Divine a lot during the day these days. Yes, I've had some whopper visions, and seeing Jesus or an angel will definitely make you consider things in the Universe; but I realize the day to day things, no matter how small are the makings of life... Those little things we overlook sometimes-such as showing your child the hummingbird that is suddenly staying right in front of your living room window for hours. Though you haven't had hummingbirds in the past at this time of year, ever. And how it just keeps flying, seeming like it wants you to see it. So easy to not notice; dishes need doing-bills need paying, but that 10 minutes it takes to notice, and be within the experience and even share-I'm realizing are as profound as vivid, pulse raising sudden 'out-of-bodies' or a visitation from a sword wielding 9 ft tall angel.

We all have our unique spiritual sojourns to make in this life, and each is as relevant and special and trans-formative in its own way. Its hard to pinpoint just 'when' I realized Divine was a very real part of my reality in my life-I suppose a year or two after Gramma past. But God's Presence has continued to grow with me, and it is an amazing adventure that hasn't been easy (by any means); but one I wouldn't trade or change if given a choice

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Anon 2 (guest)
4 years ago (2020-02-08)
The previous anon appears to have been influenced by a militant rebellious attitude

Really what we ought to be doing is crafting creative solutions that end world hunger and the like

Rather than engaging in some sort of war with heaven like a bunch of sad sick fallen Angel's

You keep doing what you do luv and not worry about people who might have a point about "I'm awake now what?" Yet miss the point entirely
Anon (guest)
4 years ago (2020-02-08)
It's really easy to ignore how the evil works through ordinary human behaviour (the layers, not the specific acts) when we're swimming in the good feels of the divine

But you watch behind that evil is the good

Peoples intuition, the sleepy geniuses, works as mysteriously if not more mysteriously than the evil

The machine it gets people to cast dark spells through ordinary living like spiritual slaves

But behind that is the intuition.

The occult is nothing more than muggles choosing to be powerless because they know that no matter what they choose the machine thinks its winning

So stay blind
It's not worth it

If spirit wakes you up and shows you only pretty fairies and Angel's it hasn't woken you up

Its given you the dream

To see both sides of it is not fun and its involuntary

So if you do see both sides remember NO CONTRACT WITH THE MACHINE

Never contract with it
It could still force ya
But u might redirect some
Never ever contract with the machine

That's nice you get everything you want you get a pretty dream
You must have cast good spells on yourself

You were chosen to have a holiday to have your steak in the matrix
You don't fight anything

You theosophists don't work for Gd to do that you gotta fight that second heaven you gotta fight those things

You don't just sit there sipping on false light pretending you're jesus when you never even overthrew a single table in a temple

Wheres your moxy

People are starving
They need to you stop sniffing your own farts and actually do something about it
Timfaraos (131 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-23)
Alot of little stones put together, can be heavier than a rock... When we think about spiritual things daily, and pray daily, and fast, little acts of kindness,e.t.c, over the years, all these 'little' spiritual 'acts', will become a huge formidable force, later on in our life. It's like building a house: you never build one wall, then the other. You build all around, brick by brick. Never try to do EVERYTHING the bible sais, all at once... You start with what you can do at the moment, then after some time, something else, and God will make you stronger, to do more things. Remember: 'THE JOURNEY OF A THOUSAND MILES, BEGINS WITH THE FIRST STEP!'... I never thought that I would have 50 posts on this website, when I posted the first one! GLORY BE TO GOD!

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