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Something About Growing Up, We Forget The Magic


I was playing on the computer late one night after I got home from work and suddenly I got a very direct message. "Something about growing up, we forget the magic." I pondered that for a few minutes wondering where on earth did that thought come from. The next feeling was I needed to write it down. I ignored it and then came a very strong, "write it down now!" I said ok, wrote it on a piece of paper and said ok, what do you want me to do with it now? I got the message "nothing". I said what do you mean "nothing". The response was "nothing right now".

Still pondering this thought, I was suddenly in a dream kind of state, and the most wonderful and awesome vision came to me. There was a cradled newborn and it was me. I felt the most trusting and purest sense of love imaginable. There is no earthly experience for me to try to tell someone else about it, no words that can describe the total sense of peace. I have no idea how long I was in that state, but when I think about it I get such a swelling in my chest of love and excitement.

But it has also brought a lot of emotional confusion. I have always believed in angels. When I was about 2 years old I almost drowned. My mother said when they pulled me out of the water they figured I had been under water a fairly lengthy time. It took the paramedics 7 hours to bring me back to consciousness. Up until I was about 7 or 8 years old I would have very vivid dreams of life under water, walking on the bottom of the sea and they were beautiful. I never did have a fear of the water from that experience.

In my younger years I was always excited about church and religion. As I grew older, I grew away from the church, but never away from God. I wreaked a lot of havoc with some self-will gone wild for a while, even ignoring God because I knew He wouldn't approve. But through the years, things would happen and I learned to understand I was 'different'. I would get feelings about something wrong. Maybe my brother was on the road and he'd had an accident. I would call my mom and share these feelings and sure enough we'd here from brother and he'd been in an accident, thankfully never hurt. This happened on more than one occasion. I had been up in the mountains cutting wood with a group of people and got a sudden sense of urge that we needed to go home, something was wrong. One of our friends' homes had been broken into.

I've had wonderful experiences as well. I had had strange things happening for several days, silly things. Like one day at work I looked at my watch, waiting for break time and we had ten minutes to go. A co worker asked me just a few minutes later how long until break, and looking at my watch the time had gone backwards 1 hour. We laughed and I told them it was the angel playing with my watch. Driving down the interstate there was really cool jazz song on the radio and I went to turn up the volume and the radio wasn't on! My angel likes jazz! My life has been blessed with answered prayers which I may share at a later time. As I grow older, I have learned to embrace the spirituality as a gift.

Now for the confusion. For a week after this last experience I was in a state of euphoria. I sense something wonderful coming, I couldn't sleep, I just kept waiting for the message from God about what I'm supposed to do with this. I have gotten nothing. I have periods where I wonder if it was real, but I know it was. I felt like a child waiting for Christmas morning! Then suddenly I felt grounded, disconnected. Why?

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shambal (guest)
11 years ago (2009-06-10)
Pleae do keep in mind this is only my point of view here as to why you feel disconected.

I think it might be that your awaiting for an answer as to what to do with that lil sentence, try to remember the state of mind you were in at the time it came to you, try to go back to it. If that don't work heres something I do when I get a dilema (is this the right word?) like that, I sit on me bed (can be anywhere your comfortable, no need to even sit) and I completly empty my mind, no consious tough goes trough it. I usualy get something, somtimes its an answer when I don't expect one, other times its music when I expect an answer. In short, let life guide you!
RiverGirl (2 posts)
11 years ago (2009-05-24)
gailwinds ~ Very catchy subject line... And very true! It's not unusual for people that have had a NDE to have rather acute senses when it comes to Spirit communication, which it sounds like you do. I, too, often get messages that I am instructed to "write down now." Some make perfectly good sense at the moment, others just seem to unfold at a later time... Like when I am perplexed or need some direction. I'll remember, "Oh, yea! That message I wrote down the other day!"

Like you, I grew up following the Christian faith but pulled away from the church... Not God. When I went back years later, I was seeking. The doctrine I had grown up with seemed to only take me just so far... And I kept this gnawing in my soul that there was more... And I wanted to find it. With the seeking came a more day-to-day relationship with a much deeper spiritual connection than I had ever felt prior. Now I can actually ask a question and get an answer.

Have you tried going into a deep meditation and asking for clarification? Sometimes that works for me. Just keep a notebook and pen handy to record anything you might get. And the feeling of euphoria...ah! What a great mood that gives us, huh?!

Don't know if any of this gives you anymore insight, but if nothing else, you know that there is someone else who understands and relates to what you are experiencing. ❤

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