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Everything Is One, Everything Is Ok


I'll do my best to explain what I felt but I'm always hesitant to talk about this because I don't feel like anything I could say could explain the feeling I felt in a just way.

I'm not a writer so pardon me if it's not that understandable haha. I'm 20, and this had happened roughly 3 months ago, so it's still pretty fresh on my mind (though I don't think I'll ever forget this.) I was sitting in front of my computer and I was reading up on philosophy. Which by the way, I'm a skeptical person first and foremost. I've heard of this sort of thing before while reading up on enlightenment and things of that sort. Pretty much I'm just one of those types of people who always seeks understanding... Constantly learning of new philosophical theories and reading about different religions. I never take anything as a fact, but I don't completely dismiss anything either. I just absorb it and add it to my knowledge. Though I'll admit, if it agrees with common sense, reason, and logic, then I can't help but hold it a little higher above the rest. I like to consider myself somewhat a philosopher of sorts.

I was reading something that was explaining how there is no difference at the atomic level in us and a stars, or a piece of trash on the ground. Everything at the most basic level is attached and made up of the same things as everything else. It was explaining about how humanity will eventually come to the point of realizing this and everyone will realize we're just one thing and this will bring us together in a way we've never experienced before.

I'd like to add that I was not on any sort of drug, and I've never had anything of this sort happen before. Also before this, I was skeptical of these sort of "experiences". I wouldn't say I'm a religion person either... I WAS an Agnostic, now I'm Panentheistic (not to be confused with Pantheistic).

Well this is where it started getting weird. While I'm reading this I all of a sudden get this immense feeling of being at one with nature. Everything is one thing, everything is alright. It was the most intense feeling of contentment, happiness, and overall just feeling of everything is completely alright. It's very very hard to explain in words... This wasn't just like a very good feeling, it wasn't a "normal" feeling. It wasn't anything that could be taken as "hmm did I just have an experience or something?" It was like BAM! As soon as you feel this there is not a sliver of doubt in your mind, you're having some kind of spiritual experience. Honestly, it sounds pretty dumb haha but I felt like running outside and hugging a tree LOL. (I know I know, stupid huh?) I've never felt anything like that before or since. It was like... I dunno. Pure bliss. Being in the moment, being completely content more so than words could ever describe.

It didn't last very long, I would say I had about 15 seconds of this "pure bliss and contentment". All I could think while it was happening was I have to hold onto this feeling for as long as I possibly can. After maybe 15 seconds (honestly I have no idea how long I felt this, but it had to be at least 15 seconds), but after 15 seconds or so, it started to fade. I held on to this realization as long as I could and after roughly 20 (ish) seconds past, it was gone. I'll admit, as soon as this feeling hit me... I started to cry and smile. I'm in no way a very emotional person. I'm not known to cry like this, especially completely unprovoked. But it happened. The feeling was too intense and too "good". It was like if an Ethiopian kid won the lottery and he could feed his whole tribe forever but times like 20x that. Everything was so ok in that moment... I was content beyond words. That's the best I can explain it. I will say that there is no doubt in my mind what had occurred, and if you ever have an experience of this sort, there is no way possible that you will have any doubt in your mind as of what is happening except that you're having what many call a spiritual experience.

After this I started googling. Of course since the type of person I am, I had to have some sort of explanation or at least a name for what just happened. Turns out many people have experienced this oneness, including great writers such as Emerson and other philosophers that I really enjoy. And now that I've found this website I see that others also have experienced this. I had no doubt that this is the "Oneness" that people who meditate sometimes experience. Possibly Nirvana that Buddhists speak of is being able to have this feeling and hold it indefinitely. Supposedly that's what Buddha had accomplished.

Anyways this is my story. Hopefully others who have experienced this find this story and enjoy reading about others experiences of the same topic. I find it very enjoyable reading how others try to word this feeling that cannot be worded.

This experience changed my life and I cannot help but feel like I had matured past my years when it happened. I mean, I've always been that kid that adults complimented for being so mature for my age and so bright. I still constantly get this from my elders that I'm "a young person with an old soul." I feel as if this experienced aged me just that much more. I find it very difficult now to feel anger or hate towards anyone for their actions. I feel much more content and relaxed in life. Much less anxious. Even though the feeling left me, I like to imagine that a tiny tiny bit stayed with me when this happened and I'm extremely grateful that I have had this experience.

Well, this was my "spiritual experience" and thanks for reading. Sorry it was so long, I cannot bring myself to explain this in any other way. I never feel like it has been explained in a just way, so I continue typing. But this is it, and others who have had the experience will understand the difficulty in explaining it.

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JAndrew (1 stories) (12 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-25)
The unity of all of us as one in the Universe is common ground among many experiences including my own that occurred just 6 days ago. Please read my story "Shared Secrets of the Universe." We are all one in the end. Thank you for sharing your story. I am happy to see that I am not alone experiencing a miraculous event such as ours.
Sriram (guest)
14 years ago (2010-04-19)
I exactly know how you feel. I'm glad I read your post. I had a similar experience in 2005, it actually lasted for close to an hour, I think. I was reading a book "Many Masters Many Lives" and the contents made me start reading many other books, especially Buddhism and about Ramana Maharshi.
After a month or so of reading, I was convinced the life is a lesson, and we are merely souls here experiencing life and learning our lessons. Each incident we go through in life is of our own choice we made before we took this life, so that we learn from it. To be in peace with it.
The afternoon this happened, I was reading an online article about the biography of Ramana Maharshi. His experiences actually brought tears to my eyes, and it surprised me because I never thought I could be moved by a biography, that too not very sad (so to speak).
Anyways, I was at work at that time and got down to grab some lunch in a nearby subway restaurant. I was listening to a song on my mp3 player and as I exitted the building, something hit me... A new song started, a hindi movie song, very melodious... And as I moved from the shadow of the building, I could see the sky... And something hit me again, this time deeper... I felt that everything is actually alright, things are just the way it should be... And I felt this huge feeling of contentment... I first didn't realize what it was... It just felt so very nice... I thought "So this is how people feel when in deep meditation"... But I was still confused, because I could feel my mind still going around different things... It was still chattering, and I read that if mind chatter is there, you cannot get the effects of meditation...
And as I was walking, I realized that there is not need to hurry, because everything is alright... So I was walking very slowly, with feeling each step... And now I still did not understand what was this feeling that I'm having... Then I saw a blue (or yellow, I don't remember) convertible crossing the intersection... And I didn't feel anything... That was when it hit me... That I really didn't want a converitible like that... Well, that was very strange, and it hit me:) I was just content, very content with what I had... That was when I realized that I'm feeling a very deep sense of contentment...
Then I walked towards the restaurant... I was walking ever slow... And noticed a daisy on the sidewalk, and it was so beautiful... I stood there looking at it for sometime... Then slowly walked on... Then there was a spider web in a bush on the way... Watched it for a while, it was so nice to watch too... And I realized that I wasn't getting bored watching a spider web or a flower... I thought I could keep watchign it forever...
Then I finally reached the restaurant, and as I entered, I saw the attendant... And felt enormous love towards that being... He looked so busy, and running around making sandwiches... I ordered my sandwich, and my voice felt like somebody's... I got my sandwich and came back to the office...
I sat in my cubicle, had sandwich... Couldn't finish it... I remembered that I had to finish a work... But it felt so pointless and futile... So I got up, and went to my car to go home:)...
I sat in my car for a while in the parking lot and closed my eyes... Actually do not know how long I was there like that... I then drove home, I realized I was driving not very carefully... I mean, I was like in a trance... I finally reached home, then went to my room and sat there and thought I will try to meditate now... Since I seem to be content and nothing seem to bore me, I can as well try meditation... Since I get bored trying to meditate...
I sat there for a while, I did not know how long... Felt sleepy... So I lied down and slept... That seemed like a logical thing to do...

Then I woke up in the evening... And the feeling was gone... And I was in despair... I did not realize it will go away... So, tried to get it...

I have been trying to get it for the past 5 years now... I have tried joining a couple of organizations to find out what really happened that day, and how to get it back... With no luck... A subset of that feeling sometimes comes, when I read some article, like yours:)... But those incidents are few and far between...

As some good folks here have suggested above, I'm going to read "Power Of Now" By Eckhart Tolle to see if I can find some answers...

Hope you can find your answers too... And learn all lessons you came here for:)
CuriouslySeekingSpirit (2 stories) (15 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-31)
I can relate to your story so much. I too have always been fascinated with learning everything I can. I have always loved learning about other religions and spiritual experiences. I am finally to the point in my journey where I feel at peace with myself. I look at the world in a whole new light, and the funny thing is now that I know all this it is hard for me to understand how I didn't realize it before. The answers were all around me but it was not my time yet to realize that. Before I never really looked much into philosophy or even thought about it, but once I found myself I realized that I too am a philosopher in life. I can't get enough of reading and learning more about spirituality and others experiences. I start reading and I can't stop... I don't want to stop. I love this new found feeling and I know what you mean about the feeling just lasting for a short period. You have to hold on to it though. Remember that the light is there and it is within you and all around you. If you feel yourself losing touch... Close your eyes, open your heart, and focus on the memory of that feeling. Meditation is a great way to reconnect. I am still new to meditation but I have come pretty far since since I first tried. I don't have much time or quiet to meditate all the time, but I find when I do an inner peace overcomes me and I feel like everything is going to be alright. It is so wonderful to know of the light. I really do hope that many more are coming around to this blessing. I try as much as I can to spread the message and I can't wait for the day that we are all as one and at peace. The most beautiful thing for me also is raising and seeing my 3 year old blossom with such understanding. I see so much of myself in him and he is so wise for being so young. When he sees mommy sad or upset, he always knows exactly what to say and this is my first child so it is so amazing that at his age he says things like an adult would say them. He is so sweet and well mannered. I watch him and I can't help but smile and observe in amazement. I know I am truly blessed, as so many of us are once we open our heart and mind. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with the world. It is experiences like this that show the way and inspire a change. God bless you. Keep your heart and mind open to the miracles all around you. Have faith in yourself and know that the feeling is still there and has never left. Good luck in your journey.
tommy (guest)
15 years ago (2009-08-23)
i've had exactly the same feeling. Read conversations with god by neale donald walsh. God has introduced himself to you. He speaks through feeling. When it happened to me, it was like a lightning bolt of peace and love cascading though my entire body. My ears popped opened and I heard the music of heaven. It was pure bliss and the communication was don't worry, everything is going to be all right. I also did not want it to end and it lasted about 20 seconds and slowly dissipated.toomy
RiverGirl (2 posts)
15 years ago (2009-05-24)
I totally agree with ChiGuy... This sounds like you experience the feeling of being completely in the "Now." And it *IS* something you can learn to access on a regular basis. I call these my "Zen moments"...the time when all seems well in the Universe... When I feel a connection so deep and grounded that I want to stay forever. Often when I am stressed or troubled, I remind myself that I need to be in that place and soon the worries seem to melt away. Hope you get back! ❤
Joy (guest)
15 years ago (2009-05-22)
You are certainly long-winded. I like your enthusiasm. I had a similar experience. I was setting outside at lunchtime many years ago. It was a bright sunny day. I was just enjoying the summertime. Suddenly, it felt like I was being watched from heaven. I felt a strange uneasiness. Then I had the feeling of being one with nature. I looked at the concrete seating blocks and felt that they were for me and I was for it. There was this incredible oneness and feeling of being watched over by something otherworldly.
ChiGuy (guest)
15 years ago (2009-05-21)
This sounds to me like you hit pure presence, where your mind was fully still and you got a short glimpse of what it feels like to be in the now. You should read up on the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. You can make this a permanent state if you work at it =)
Andy (guest)
15 years ago (2009-05-10)
I find this an amazing and incredible coincidence, that has now happened to me twice in my life. God bless the writer of this story!

My first exposure to this feeling of ultimate spiritual bliss and complete calm came during a bad time for me (things were going wrong in a relationship and I was generally miserable). I read this book 'The Power Of Now'. Normally I wouldn't think twice about buying this book or reading it, but something told me to. At a particular chapter of the book, I experienced something I had never felt! And for a brief moment of time (just like the above author) I was in a state of ultimate tranquility. It lasted about the same, 15-20 seconds, but during that, time seemed to stop, does that make sense? God bless Google also for leading me to this page, because after reading your story, I found myself in the same state I found a year 9 months ago. I smile and I weep and I am at one with the Universe and all it consists of!

I think, and hope, more people are coming around to this realisation and unlocking their soul, the more people do the happier the world will be!
Again, God bless you all!
doug (guest)
15 years ago (2009-05-10)
i had the same experience of being at one with the universe while I was out for a walk at night looking up at the stars, I am not a religious person and can not explain it, but it was the most calming experience I ever had in my life, I think It was because I felt so small compared to the rest of the universe that I felt like I was just along for the ride and most of it was out of my control, not a be feedling, it lasted for maybe 15 - 20 seconds, I wish I could get back there again, it just came over me for no reason, but reading through this site a lot of other people seem to have had an almost identical experience, I just googled "being at one with the universe", the internet is a great resource isn't it?
Tony Amendola (guest)
15 years ago (2009-05-07)
Bless you for your sharing and interesting that you say you now find it hard to hate or be angry:)

There is much Truth in those words

Perhaps take a look at ACIM if you havent?
I think you may find some common ground:)

With Love

Claude (guest)
15 years ago (2009-05-06)
I have had similar experiences. Study Quantum Physics and you will understand this experience much more. You are so blessed to experience this.
Bless you in your journey!

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