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Becoming One With Nature


A friend of mine asked me to go see a Frank Lloyd Wright house she just bought. F.L.W. Houses always involve encompassing nature with the house.

On arriving and walking towards the house she points out three ground wasp nests IN the driveway, 3 holes in the asphalt with wasps going in and out of them.

She stated how she was going to call an exterminator to get rid of them. My thoughts went to how much that would be a bad move and told her so. She replied with "what would you do"?

I felt this strange urge to sit down in between the 3 nests and meditate lotus style. For SOME REASON I had no fear. So I am sitting there and the wasps are flying all around, but there was this knowing I was not going to get stung and that was because they sensed my INTENTION to help not harm or interfere.

The next thing I knew I was siting before the Queen wasp, I was small and she was like 3 times my size.

I spoke to her of the dilemma and stated why don't you and all the other wasps JUST MOVE to another location?

Then I was back above ground, and thinking wow, that was WILD!

The following day, they were ALL gone!

Then I started to experience protection and guidance from all bees.


On a car trip to Florida shortly thereafter we fueled up at a HIGHWAY Rest Stop in Georgia, a few miles later the car would not run. I opened the hood and bees came and flew around the fuel filter and then left. I opened the canister, (Mercedes Diesel) and saw all water not diesel.

We were towed to a service station and sure enough the tank had to be drained because it was full of water.

Many experiences with bees like this have been on going for years.

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