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One Infinite


This is where my jorny has taken me so far. The path to mastery is never ending, therefore is there a master at all?

No-thing can be correct or incorrect. Something that one would call "correct" or "right" is only referring to something that is in favor or alignment with ones beliefs. If truly grasped, it becomes apparent that belief is what reveals reality, or eludes it, belief is the root of all illusion. For example, one may believe they control the body. Yet if one were to investigate this, the realization would occur that this can't be true by the laws that govern reality. Does it take effort to see? No. Does it take effort to hear? No. Does it take effort to taste? Again no. All the senses in the healthy human body are automatic. The breath is a great place to start. One may say "I'm Breathing" yet even in the depths an length of sleep the body will continue to breath, heart continue to pulse, and thought continue to arise. As if it is an involuntary action. Yet one still says "I breath" as if it is a voluntary action. Therefor, breath can be seen as both voluntary an involuntary. Lets go even further. When one says "I think" they are referring to the thoughts that rise and fall in the conscious mind. Yet if one were to investigate, the realization would occur that this can\'t be true by the laws that govern reality. Thoughts, are coming and going just as involuntary as senses, breath, and heartbeat. You can only believe that there is a doer of it all. Thought first arises in the subconscious. Why does one assume control of anything? Even that is a thought in itself which also comes and goes. If one seeks to shed all illusion to uncover oneness, first find the point of microcosm. The still awareness which does not come or go. Which is not up or down. Which is no color. Which is not big or small. "It" has no attributes, therefore cannot in any way, shape, or form be conceptualized. There must be a point of still awareness in order for anything to exist. Who you really are. If one was to be asked, "who are you?" The reply would be something like this. I am John, from Jonson, I'm a construction worker, so on and so forth. Yet if one were to investigate this the realization would occur that none of this can be true by the laws that govern reality. "John" is a utterance of labeled thought. It has no meaning other than what one gives to it. Every seven years All the cells in Johns body will be replaced by a new set of cells. Nothing of the old John remains. If it comes and goes it can\'t be you because you're aware of the coming and going. The body is made up of all the food and drink that has been consumed over a period of time. Yet you cannot be food right? There is a center point which seems to be observing all the coming and goings of life. When a baby is born, it knows absolutely nothing. It does not know the difference between everything in its existence and itself. It is one with everything but is in control of nothing. Only the intuition/felling I Am/awareness is present. Everything that follows is Thought. This is who and what everyone is. Every-one that is. Different expressions of the same awareness. There is only one thing to make anything out of. All matter in existence is the same base energy. The infinite organism. There must be still water underneath in order for there to be waves on the surface. You dig? You are a drop of the ocean, but even a drop is the ocean in itself. In one drop can be found everything that can be found in the whole. Everything in existence is infinite. One atom is made of an infinite amount of smaller bits, but if its infinite in all forms than there is no longer big or small. How do you measure something that has no beginning or end? You can only do so by constructing a ill usury belief. Time for example has no beginning or end. Even one second is made of infinite amount of smaller measurements. And those are made of even smaller measurements. Yet if its infinite how can it be measured? In order for there to be "time" there has to be a past, present, and future. The future is not here yet. It can only exist as a belief manifested as a thought. The past is not here. It too can only exist as a manifested belief. All that remains is here, now. There is nowhere to go, no "body" to be, nothing to gain, nothing to lose. You cannot be more or less than what you always have been and will be. Nothing at all. "Nothing" in itself is conceptual. If a dash is in there the word reveals more. No-thing. Can you picture no-thing? If you tried you failed. Not even a black void. It can't be conceptualized. You are it. Forever and all-ways infinite.

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