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Heavenly Sings From Our Loved Ones


Our story begins on June 26 2004 a beautiful Sunday morning at around 10:00 am, our lives changed forever. On that day we received the most heartbreaking and the most devastating news any parent could ever receive, that one of their children has died. Our son Billy was killed while riding his ATV (all terrain vehicle) he was riding at night, hit a tree where Billy was killed instantly.

For the next 8 months living was just trying to survive the next day, and for me personally, other than trying to get through the next day and to make sure that my wife and other son were ok, I wanted to make contact with our son Billy. For me it was the natural next step, there was no questions about it. I had to find a way to connect with our son Billy. I had no idea if it was possible, but I was going to try.

February 16 2005 that's the day things began to change, because on that day we had a reading, our first, with spirit messenger Vicki Monroe in which we were able to make contact with our son Billy. We were able to receive messages from Billy on the other side "heaven" which helped us deal with our loss and the details were amazing. Our visit with Vicki Monroe was only part of our connection with our son Billy.

About 2 months after we had our first reading with Vicki, I remembered going online and reading about other ways that our loved ones can and do communicate with us, one of the ways that they do give us signs that they are still close to us are through photographs.

I started taking photographs at random to see what if anything I could get on camera, and to my joy I was able to receive signs from Billy right away, in the form of "orbs" or sparks of light and streaking lights from our outdoor and indoor lights. I then began to keep and still do, a daily log of our spiritual signs of photographs that we are able to receive.

Another type of photograph that we are able to collect and have many of are what we call angel light, meaning angels using the energy from our light to appear. We have had comments from others as to these lights being angels. They may appear in a long, short or in a curved steark of light.

One of the most amazing type of photograph that we have are those of which some will call mist, smoky mist or foggy mist, but the term I like to use which is more accurate is called, spirit essence. The best part of being able to take these photographs is that I can see with my own eyes, when the flash goes off, if only for a second or two were the spirit essence is located, they do not always appear on camera, but when the flash goes off I can see where they are, their size and colors which look better than on the photographs.

The last type of photographs that we are able to collect are my favorite, which of course are the heart shaped images. They can be of the moon, street lights and of our Christmas tree lights. I hadn't noticed the heart shapes in our photographs at first, it was only when I was going over some of the photographs that I had taken back a few months earlier a photo which was taken on July 12 2005 that I noticed the street lights in that photo looked heart shaped.

I then began going through all of our photographs which had some type of light in them. That is when I began to notice that some of the photographs with the moon in them looked different, I began to take a closer look at the photographs with the moon and noticed that the moon was in the shape of a heart, I was amazed by these photographs. The one photograph that really stood out was the photo taken on October 21 2005, I was stunned at how perfect the heart shaped image of the moon looked. We have a few hundred of these heart shaped images and they are my favorite, because the symbol of the heart represents love, it's the greatest gift someone and everyone could ever receive.

We have a web site in honor of our son Billy which anyone may visit and read our complete story and view a few pages of the amazing event which began to occur to us about 10 months after Billy crossed over to heaven.

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beatrix (guest)
15 years ago (2009-03-13)
thanks I can relate to this story I had to sit in the hospital room with my daughter and watch her take her last breath she was only 34 years old with two children (7yrs & 4yrs old) I felt she was waiting for me to said I will be alright don't worry about me or the boys. Once that was said she was gone. It does seems like yesterday I can still hear her singing you are my sunshine.
queen (1 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-06)
On July 3, 3004 we lost a loved one. My only sibling and my parents only son. He died in a motorcycle wreck and was gone instantly. I understand totally about just making it one day at a time. Who would expect for someone so young, so healthy and so full of life to suddenly not be here anymore. In life my brother loved music and was working on putting an album together. Our experience after his death was the constant turning on of the stereo. Changing radio stations or sometimes flipping through the 6 disc changer to his cd and playing.
We would turn the stereo off and no sooner than we leave the room it would be right back on. We know that this is the presence of my brother just letting us know he is still around.
My thoughts and heart are with you guys. Even though its been five years I know it seems like only yesterday.

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