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Actually I have so many information which made me thinking from where I begin. I am a specialist psychiatrist living in Alexandria, Egypt, married and have two sons and one daughter, I think that I will start with the first time I heard about coincidences to be part of psychic experiences, this was in 1995 in USA where I was in the first year of residency in a psychiatric department of a medical school, my supervisor was a harvardian professor and we were talking about deja vu phenomena which reminded me with a story happened to me and he described it as a psychic experience.

The story started in 1988, in Alexandria, Egypt where I was also doing residency in psychiatric department of Alexandria university, I was in the doctors room and stepped inside the room a female medical student who had a medical question to me, and from the first glance I became very surprised, talking to my self "where have you been before" I was surprised that how come that she is in that age and this is the first time to meet each other, I was certain that I know this girl before meeting her for the first time.

After about two years I found a friend of her and I asked this friend to introduce me to her, and here we come to the second surprise, I found out that she likes sports the same like me and the only sport where she joined a team was swimming the same like me, while in school she joined the girls scout and I was in the boys scout, she likes traveling and traveled before to USA the same like me, she was in the last year of medical school while I was already graduated from the same school, she is planning to be specialized in psychiatry and in that time I had a master degree in psychiatry, she is planning to travel to USA and stay over there, the same like me.

I think that those coincidences might happen and have no meaning but the surprise was that this similarity happened with somebody who I feel certain that I know before our first meeting and also the story and coincidences did not finish yet.

I felt a deep sense of familiarity with her and I asked her for marriage, but she said that we need sometime to know each other before going to any further step.

To make the story short, we got involved in some kind of a game. She was showing to me that she does not care too much about me but in the same time she was calling me by telephone and do not talk but I expected that she is the one doing so.

Again to make the story short, in a period of about 6 months I saw her 4 times in one week, 3 of them were by coincidence, It was like for 3 months without seeing her and then those three coincidences in one week then about 2 to 3 months again without seeing her and 2 of those 3 coincidences were in very unexpected places to meet each other, one of them was in the eastern end of the town and the second is close to the western end, eventually this story ended without marriage as I did not continue with her in playing her game.

Of course I was never 100% sure that she is the one calling me by telephone, until one day when I was kind of aggressive with her as I felt that something wrong is going on and I asked her how she is considering me? And she said you are just a college physician to her and I firmly told her okay we will stay just colleges and I will never call her again, and since that day my telephone which was ringing 2 or 3 times daily without saying anything stopped that kind of rings, which made me sure that she was the one playing this game.

Another experience in USA, 1996; driving my car in the highway between Virginia and Washington DC, I needed to get ride of excess body water, this was in the night 9 or 10 PM, I stopped the car and stepped to the right side of the car where I found that I stopped the car in front of big pile of books, a pile which was exactly the same size of the car, the two ends of the pile were exactly in front of the two ends of the side of the car. A scene which made me scared, and I found my self saying "people left the books and followed their desires", I was curious to pick up one of those books and it was like mathematics or statistics kind of book, nothing I could understand from the book.

I said the above sentence in Arabic, and the arabic word which I used equivalent to "desires" was very unfamiliar word for me to use when I speak, in this period of my life I was so far away from adhering to religion, I was in a stage that whenever I hear Koran I was not impressed at all by its words and even suspecting that Koran are words from the lord.

Short time after this event I went back to Egypt, where I started a completely a different stage than my preceding life, I became getting very impressed by words of Koran, feeling a sense of peacefulness which I am not used to have and became 100% certain that Koran is words from the lord.

Further more I found out that this sentence I had said is very meaningful and the exact meaning of religion is to leave your desires and follow the directions of some book and looking to the majority of people every where nowadays this is very descriptive to their life, even those who recognize themselves as Jewish, Christians or Muslims.

In this night not only I said the previous sentence with my tongue but also like if it was thrown in my heart that I have to follow the holy book, and this is the main meaning of life, my life changed completely in a much more positive manner.

I had more special experiences, at least one of them is more meaningful than the previous two but I am afraid that when you know them you will start wondering about me, is this man saying the truth or not? Is he suffering from a psychotic disorder? What is going on with this man?

I want to remind you that I am specialist psychiatrist since 1989, I examined and treated thousands of cases and never heard anything similar to my experiences, and one experience is supported by manuscript written by me and while I am not an author and never wrote a book before and I am not a scientist in the holy book, I wrote parts of the holy book in the manuscript with an ease which surprised me regarding its contents and the way I arranged them in the manuscript, as if I found them in my mind ready to be written.

I told you before that I had more experiences but I prefer to focus on one more experience only, because it is a major and meaningful one, possibly that the rest of my experiences are just unfamiliar coincidences which do not have a certain meaning.

This one was also in USA, 1996; driving my car in the highway between Norfolk and Virginia beach and as much as I can remember I was not thinking in any particular subject, I had this experience which was only once in my life (till now).

It is like my head became like a "radio" which picked up the following words;

(And you will go to a nation stranger to you, and...)

I can describe those words as if they suddenly attacked me, I became tearful for 10 or 15 min until I was able to control myself, the words were in the Arabic language, the sentence started by and, I prefer to keep the words after the second and for myself as they are concerning me personally, but again as I told you regarding the other experience which happened in USA, I found the sentence to be formed by very unfamiliar words for me. Arabic words but absolutely I do not use such words when I talk!

I have to clarify that I did not hear those words by my ears, so definitely they were not as auditory hallucination, may be the nearest description to my experience in the psychiatric dictionary is what is referred to as thought insertion, but again I never heard the exact description of my experience from any of my patients who find that their thoughts became strange and they interpret this feeling that somebody is inserting thoughts into their heads.

Surprisingly I really have words to be said to another nation, and I wrote them in a manuscript which as I previously told you that I wrote with an ease which surprised me, of course those words occupied part of the manuscript only, and the rest of the book referred to some periods of my life.

In case that you are interested to read the manuscript, please let me know, it is about 86 pages.


Ahmad Ahmad

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Allegra Assouline (guest)
4 years ago (2020-01-14)
Egyptian born and raised in Alexandria. Live in Miami. Looking for honest knwledgeable coffee reader (not charlatans). My aunts of blessed memory were extraordinary coffee readers. (Allah yerhamhom). If you know of any reliable tasseography reader please let me know at: rassouline [at]
Alf shokr for your attention.
ahmadahmad (1 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-01)
Hello Emily;
Alaikum alsalam
I will start with what you called to be thought insertion, then you said that you heard voice of a woman, I think that I have to clarify that what I had was neither thought insertion (which is a psychiatric term describing a disturbed thought process) nor heard some voice (which could be interpreted by another psychiatric term, auditory hallucination).
However some people might hear or see different things in their house which you think that it is haunted, I heard many stories like this which proved to be real experiences especially when confirmed by others who live in the same house.
We moslims believe in the presence of jinn as mentioned in Koran several times, and this could be another explanation to your experience, and I saw a number of persons who had problems with jinn and the only available treatment is listening to Koran, from a person or cassette or you read it yourself on frequent basis. I think the first step for you is to ask whoever lives with you in the house, did anybody heard or saw anything while there is nobody around? And do they have the same thought that the house is haunted?
Considering the presence of the name of Allah in your right eye and right hand, this is really interesting thing as you described it, and did you show this to others?
Please go to aya number 53 in surat Fussilat, which is talking about the ways of the Lord to guide people, and one of those ways is to show to people signs in themselves to prove the truth for them, so you may be one of the right guided.
Consedering the arabic numbers in your left hand, I think that this is quite normal for many people.
Last but not least writing and dreaming in arabic while you speak english only is very interesting and I did not meet anybody with simillar experienc, please tell me more about that, especially how you were feeling at those times and what did you write?
My E mail is ahmedhassen [at]
Emily (guest)
15 years ago (2009-02-28)
Salaam Alaikum. I am a muslim convert from America. It is strange that I am reading your post. Just last night I had the experience of thought insertion. I heard a womans voice chatting with someone. It was very disturbing almost to the point I think that I am losing my mind. My house does appear to be haunted also. I would like to chat with you more sometime. Another intersting thing is that I have the name of Allah written on my right eye, in the veins of the eye and in the veins of my right hand. On the left hand I have the number 18 or 81 in arabic and also on both eyes. I don't understand the meaning of this at all. I have also in the past wrote in Arabic and have had dreams in Arabic. But I only speak English. I would like to chat with you more possibly through email.

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