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A Tale Of A Psychic Warrior


I have been doing psychic warrior work for quite a few years now. Lately it has been advancing into areas of deeper knowledge of how and why. I want to share a story about myself and how it relates to the present. Many years ago I had read several writings on a Galactic spiritual yahoo group site that had a lot of enlightened Lighted people and people who were into the Dark side or Shadow personalities. It only means that these people were trying to stop others from their psychic growth and they could send something at you. This is the part I did not understand... I could feel it hit me... But I did not know what it was. It had to do with me responding to a person who constantly harasses everyone about what they write. As I would read a response I would have something come at me. Like a demon or dark etheric entity of some sort. At this time I was not a seer... I did not have this capability so I did not know what it was. But I could feel it and feel the heat that would flush my entire head and move down my body.

As the years went on and this same phenomena of the "Heat Flush" I would receive physically feel during reading some of the writings that would happen occasionally. After a while of doing some research I figured it out it had to do with cording (Google Cording and De-Cording). The article entailed quite of bit information of how people corded into one another from the front side into the various chakras. This is a normal human capability. I got this part! The thing I did not understand is why I would have physical pain overwhelm me for no apparent reason. For instance I would have pain hit my lower back or the Solar Plexus area. Notice this is the backside of my body. The Solar Plexus is the focus point area of power and will. There is something to be said for that if someone is trying to subdue you or take your Free Will. So for about 3 months I had unbearable Sciatic pain emanating from the Solar Plexus for no apparent reasons.

This past few months I have been experiencing many new capabilities and gifts of psychic or PSI...whatever. Since I am a Warrior of the Light and I take out entities that people have and they contact me to take these entities out of them, I have been having a deeper understanding of how or the mechanics of why it happens in the first place. Its one thing to do the work but to have a greater understanding of why and how these things happen or how my clients came into contact with the entities is something I have had or needed to explain. So my education on knowing the reasons why and how Dark entities or Dark Shadows that lurk around my clients had taken place. Perhaps everyone has these problems on some level but they have to be aware or to know they are a target by someone else, which is the reason for writing this story in the first place.

De-Cording is an added element of what I do to stop pain or the interferences of another person and or their demon. Why do I call it a demon? Because why would a normal human being want to put pain into someone else even a loved one? When pain hits you from the backside of your body and it won't go away, you might find yourself going to the doctors or you might go to a masseuse and it may feel better for a little while but then the pain reappears for no apparent reasons! This now brings me to the "Heart of the Story"! I have a client in Southern California who during Thanks Giving and Christmas has suffered with intense back pain in his backside where the Heart Chakra is located. He contacted me January 5th of this year. He said he just could not stand the pain anymore and said when I took care of his tooth ache a few years back, he decided to contact me because after the doctor told him there was nothing wrong physically wrong with his back. After a few x-rays and etc. He was at his wits end.

When I talked to him on the phone, I saw what looked like a "Monkey on his back" Gargoyle looking thing. I told him I could take care of it... So I downloaded some healing symbols into his body and he said he felt a tremendous heat flush go from his head down to his toes. I then said I would be working on him for a few hours and that he should lie down and let it happen. He wrote to me the next morning and said by ten o'clock that night all the pain was gone! Then at 4:00 o'clock in the morning it had started up all over again. I thought and said to my guide Kej, "Can we fix this problem?" and Kej said, "Yes"...and then he left to go take care of the recurring problem. Now at this time I did not know that he was being Re-Coded into by someone he knows. And the Cording was "Covert" to his backside "Heart Chakra"... Kej came back and said he took care of the problem once again. My client wrote me and told me I did a great job and all is well with his back.

Then later in the week he contacted me about being in pain again... This time his massage lady was rubbing him down and his back became instantly inflamed... Really bad. I told him to never go back to her ever again. You see she corded into his back and she was causing pain so that he would make regular appointments with her to have messages. Do any of you see a manipulation here? Cording is said to be manipulation by one person on another. And to do it from the backside is to covertly cord so the person is not aware of it. I had to redo all the work I did earlier in the week.

The end of the story is the best part. The client wrote me an e-mail this week Mar. 6th and told me had pain in his back again and he did not know how it happened. Instantly I got a mind download of whom and what took place. I wrote back that someone who he works with has it in for him. I said are you infighting with someone? I told him I see two cords in your back in the "Heart Chakra" area again. He told me he just had a fight with his mother and his sister and he has never gotten on well with either one of them... And that he works with his mother. Laughing out loud, I knew who originally put the "Monkey on his back" and I knew she was up to this mischief of pain once again... So I told him I would take care of it. I pulled the covert cords out of his back and then I went to both the mother and the sister... Followed the cords back to them and I erased their cording abilities forever. They both have misused this capability too many times for me to allow it to happen again. End of story!

Athena and Kej

Warriors of Light

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byron weber (guest)
3 years ago (2020-10-16)
I am looking for real psychic warriors. In my case it took years to develop the skills and the consequences were disconcerting, but not overwhelming. A population of psychic warriors are needed to reverse the current trends of the plandemic. Can anyone help?
Timfaraos (131 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-23)
I hope that you realise that you are only HUMAN, and that you, as a spiritual warrior, are fighting against supernatural evil powers, which can crush any human like a bug! You need spiritual protection and guidance from a RELIABLE supernatural force of good!...don't tell me you have kej... Who is kej? Kej shmej! The only spirit that can truly help you is GOD, Jesus and His Holy Angels! Because you ARE HIS CHILD, HIS CREATION! All other 'spirit helpers' 'guides' are IMPOSTERS, if they don't serve Jesus, and most likely DEMONS! Who would have your a** on a stick if you gave them half the chance! Sorry, but that's the truth. And don't curse me, or send me 'kej', (I am protected!), because I didn't write down the laws of the universe... GOD DID! To whom we offer glory, now and forever. Amen. Timfaraos [at]
ZiShu (1 stories) (27 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-30)
Hmm is it me or this seems like a money making ploy? You don't follow what you preach.
Hawk (guest)
14 years ago (2010-04-11)
Athena, how can you call yourself a warrior of light.

It looks like you do this for your own personal goals. Don't you realize that we are all one? Don't you realize you are only hurting yourself and others.

Have so love and compassion mate, lest you fall to darkness...

concerned member (guest)
14 years ago (2010-04-09)
Originally when I posted my story there were guidelines. One of the guidelines was that the story could not be about psychic abilities,etc. Those are not spiritual experiences. I would be embarrassed and ashamed if I publicly called myself a psychic warrior. Wow!
JK (guest)
14 years ago (2010-04-08)
I think what A and K is trying to say here is that if you write responses that long then you probably just like to write a lot about you.
CuriouslySeekingSpirit (2 stories) (15 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-06)
Why do you have to be so cold and heartless? I really thought you were a genuine person that wanted to help people. Your website painted you completely different. I just wanted to help someone. I don't understand why you have to criticize my 'crap'when I was only trying to help better this situation. I cared enough to write that long of a message. I'm sorry for trying to be good to others. That is obviously not right in your book. You seemed to enjoy the fact that your words were hurtful to me.
athena-and-Kej (25 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-02)
I don't read long lists of words... Something gets lost in the translation... Nothing personal

Smiling, athena
Pan one more time (guest)
14 years ago (2010-04-02)
Oh and a psychic vampire is someone who only fights for themselves at the disregard and expense of others. It is self-centeredness and the ego which prompts you to believe and act any higher than another human being. You are not higher and just because you have your own website and book does not show that you are. It just shows you have your own book and own ideas. Being careless towards others views and feelings is a prideful sin. And a very hurtful sin. But you are not hurting us, you are only hurting yourself in fighting Gods true warriors, and you may become a warrior again one day, instead of try to suck our blood like a vampire (blood is a symbol for purity and strength, or weakness and hate depending on the purity of blood) but once you are pure blooded, baptised, born anew that is, nothing can take that purity from you, nothing can touch that strength and faith in oneself. Water in alchemy and tarot symbolizes birth and fertility, love and compassion. When you throw fire at someone, you may burn the other, but you also burn your own hand in throwing it at them... Do not give them the fish, but rather, teach them how to fish. The ancient proverb goes...
Pan 7 (guest)
14 years ago (2010-04-02)
The 7 deadly sins are, sloth, greed, pride, envy, wrath, lust, and gluttony. You just sinned against me and curiously seeking spirit with sloth, greed, pride, and wrath, maybe even envy I do not know. These are deadly misleading sins and twist the good nature within us for evil. You need to "de-cord" from these sins soon, or your pride will get the better of you.
Pan (guest)
14 years ago (2010-04-02)
What you just said was completely derogatory and inconsiderate. Be appreciative when someone is trying to talk to you, instead of resisting and judging them for their actions. You call yourself a psychic warrior, and warriors are suppose to fight for their own kind, but you don't seem to care at all, and your sloth breaths greed, no offense, but ugh I hope this is not to long of a message since you don't have the patience or care to listen to someone elses thoughts. It is simple as this, if you were a warrior of the psyche you would seek to help, care and love. Not be inconsiderate, slothful, and hateful towards another who is only trying to reason with you. It is rather dissapointing to see the evil in another, it shocks us, offends and confuses us, yet you will find your way just like everyother person. Sorry if this message was to long and full of crap for you to read it and hear? See? Peace to you...
athena-and-Kej (25 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-02)
sorry I don't read crap this long...

I can't respond to something that is not readable...

CuriouslySeekingSpirit (2 stories) (15 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-01)
Hello Athena,
I have read the posts back and forth from you and Pan. I have to say that you were a little harsh. I do not agree with everything that Pan has said, but you have to understand everyone goes through their own experiences in order for them to find the light,truth. You judged Pan instead of viewing her/his story with an open mind. I believe that person had their experience and is still learning from it. Just because we have had experiences of positivity does not mean that everyone goes through the same. I feel that God gives each person exactly what they need in order to awaken them to the higher self so they can start their own journey toward God. I know that God is above good and evil. On the other side we become whole and we understand all, we overcome the human emotions and we live in harmony and peace. We merely exist in complete connection and understanding of one another. I feel strongly that this is the way and it may be a little more than that but I am explaining it the best way my human mind can. In this unimaginable heaven there is balance. No good... No evil. A state of being that is above both good and evil. A coexistence where all is understood and in unity...balanced. Now if you are following me on this... Don't you think that we enter the world with good and evil inside of us and we live our life following the path we choose. If a person is living a life where they are so programmed by destructive behavior and negative influences and evil is what they feel like... Then evil is the only thing that can awaken them to the balance... The truth...God. If you have found your own self then you should know that people are crazy only because they allow themselves to be that way. I was battling deppression, bi-polar, I thought I was worthless and I went through many things that made me question my reality... Good and evil (our understanding of it). I was truly lost and I felt a loneliness I had never felt. I have always believed in god and prayed regularly. So I began praying to God a lot. I turned to him and soon after I began noticing a still small voice that had been blocked out by the many voices of my family...friends.etc. This voice was calm and always pointed out the right way to go about daily life. When I cried... That voice told me everything was going to be alright. I started reading spirituality books and that's when I found out that voice was not my own but the voice of God. Then it all started happening so fast... I began changing. I began to see the good in everyone, even the people that I had considered enemies. I no longer felt anger toward others... Only love and understanding. I could look in the mirror once again with confidence and love. I began to love everything when before I didn't even really care to live anymore. I went from beating myself up metally and hating my life, people, everything to enlightenment and understanding that I can't explain, a warm feeling inside of me. I had always heard people talk about finding faith and feeling the holy spirit, but I never felt anything. I thought I did but wasn't sure but when I finally really did I knew it automatically. It was undeniable, I was overcome with a calm wave of joy. I felt so peaceful and I just knew everything was going to be okay. A warm feeling that replaced the pain with love. Once I began to follow my heart and seek spiritual knowledge it's like the truth began to unravel in my mind making me renewed and whole again. The knowledge is still unraveling within my mind each day. I feel so lucky to have been given this whole experience, My own journey. I never knew that this inner peace existed and I never thought I would come into my own and find my own voice and strength within. I can't judge anyone else, nor do I want to, we are all human and we are all on the same journey, we are in this together and we learn the truth and find ourselves by listening and learning from others. Pan's experience may be one that you do not understand but that is no reason to call someone schitzophrenic. I am sure you have had others belittle you and call you crazy because of your views. It hurts to the core and maybe even makes one question their entire belief system. It can really set someone back if they are not strong in their faith. You seem like you are a good person, but taking that sense of self away from someone is wrong. Either you have not come to understand the truth in spirtuality and therefore haven't found peace within so you hurt others to feel empowered or you have forgotten what being humble is all about. I am not trying to tell you how to live your life, but if you feel that you are really a humble person that follows god then you have to let go of your anger and accept each person for who they are and if you don't agree with their choices or way of life then give them some positive words. Try and help them by telling them your own experiences, then all you can do is hope your words were understood and helpful to the person. They are the ones who have to make their own choice whether or not they will keep what you said in mind and seek more to it or whether they stay with living a life controlled by fear, never really exposing their own true voice and opinion in fear of being rejected. All of us get spiritual messages every day... All the time, but fear holds many back from realizing this. Fear feeds fear, this is why we have to listen to our own voice and the voice of god. If we follow others who look at life and live their life negatively, then that's what our lives will become, negative. I used to think this way and negative thoughts attract negative experiences. It is true when they say the mind is a powerful tool. The minute I decided enough is enough and my mind was made up on recreating myself and my thoughts... I realized all those upbeat sayings that I learned so long ago that most decided to ignore because it wasn't cool were actually messages of truth. Sayings like "Be the Change", "Positivity is key", "Do unto yourself as you would do unto others", "Live and learn", "Follow your heart". These messages that were ignored because our society has lost faith. Life is hard so these messages can't be true. People that have the gift of seeing spirits or seeing anything out of the ordinary are shut out and called crazy. People became cold and closed minded... Only acknowledging the bad... The moments in life that were hard and painful. Blinded by the pain and unable to open their eyes to the miracles in life or the positive outcomes of these bad experiences. Now the world is poisoned with this, everywhere. It's so sad witnessing the world and the people around you grow cold and bitter. When all you can do is share your own experience pass on the message, but you can't make them understand all that you have come to know. They have to want it for themselves and be curious enough to seek out the resources. Some are too stubborn and will hold on to their closed minded views out of fear and there will be some who reject the idea completely that only care to tear you down and belittle your beliefs. You can't let them bring you down though. If you listen to the negative then you will only regress and forget what's really important. Stay humble and seek answers with child like curiosity. Instead of judging or fearing something that you don't understand, try to study or observe... Learn about it and then decide if it is right for you. I just want you to know it was not right for you to say that and hopefully you see where I am coming from. You may not have even realized how mean you came off as. I am sure you just wanted to express what you thought about the experiences to try and help Pan, but you must approach the situation with the others feelings in mind. Be helpful, not hurtful. Take care and god bless you and yours.
athena-and-Kej (25 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-28)
For those of you who are interested in doing your own personal cord cutting... Visit and look for the Golden Actinolite Quartz Laser Wands

They work great! Athena and Kej

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