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The Warriors Path


Ever since I was a small boy I was filled with a sense of mystery. Fleeting impressions that if I could only remember, I would understand but that would have to wait.

As a young adult I had quickly grown unhappy with the role I was playing in life so I began searching for a remedy to a strange longing which had no name. It was encouraging to see back then that my quest for knowledge was greatly aided by what seemed like ordinary events. But there was nothing ordinary about what life had in store for me. Little did I understand that I was well underway on a spiritual journey. What had seemed ordinary had become magic and I was quickly becoming a mystery to myself.

It is said that life can be like a spiral on which we may experience new levels of learning and understanding leading to a deeper and deeper spiritual understanding.

In my quest for knowledge I have defeated many barriers. But the path of learning is not easy and people, I can say with absolute authority, are sometimes really not very bright. Perhaps the greatest task that any man will face in this life is one of self acceptance. Believing that we are perhaps much, much more than we might dare to dream possible. There is an old Toltec aphorism that states

The only failure in life is to fail to fight.

There is a great peace and a strength incomparable, knowing exactly what one is fighting for and knowing, also, that win or lose they gave it their absolute best.

There are so many paths of great learning. Christianity, Buddhism, Hare Krishna... The list would be extensive so not all paths are for everyone. The path I chose was the Warriors path. For me it seemed to make sense somehow and answered many questions I wanted to know. I think about the words of Jesus

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

I like to think that for whatever question we have there is, on reflection, the right answer. We are all so, so different. So I am never offended when a path seems to be different from mine because in the end there is just one life and one mystery which we are all an integral part of. My part in life is to be an impeccable Warrior, probably because that was the particular answer for my question. But then who really knows?

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vagabondfaith (49 stories) (90 posts)
14 years ago (2009-03-21)
Hi Pink
Just reread your blog. I too am a warrior but maybe not quite the same way as you. I read your explanation of a warrior and it left me rather blank. There is a fight going on in this world all the time and I mean alllllll. It is a relentless war between Good and Evil. The Evil side play very dirty and are extremely destructive and are playing for keeps. The Good side fights back with weapons which are an anathema to the Evil side. LOVE being the principal Atomic Weapon. I am not very good at wielding this weapon but I am learning. It is very hard to do as otherwise everyone would be doing it. It is not getting upset when unjustly accused. I nearly always do. That is my first unguarded reaction. Then I think and pray and meditate on what Christ did and does. It would help to see Mel Gibson's movie the Passion or to tune into Father Robert Barron, Word on Fire and then I believe perfect freedom would be in your grasp. Hope that sounds understandable. Would love to hear from you on this website or at michaeljaffrayk [at] yahoo [at] by email.
Pink (1 stories) (2 posts)
14 years ago (2009-03-19)
Hi Mel,

Its hard to talk about the Warriors path in detail since it is such a vast matter. I can say a few words which may give you an idea of what this path entails.

Some paths in life wind this way, some that way. In the end what can we have to gain by walking any path in particular but a quality of life and life experiences.

The Warriors path is a path of learning. Learning about the nature of man. Learning how what we believe shapes our perception. A Warrior is always fighting to be immpeccable. This means to do his best according to all available knowledge. The many challenges life brings actually become battles of power.

Taking responsibility for his inner world, the lucky Warrior embarks on the jouney of a life time, gaining real insight and finding ever deeper meaning along the way in the quest for knowledge.

Its hard to say much more about the Warriors way without getting side tracked, other than to say, for those who are truly willing, the Warriors path may provide the kind of answers a free spirit may be looking for.
Mel (guest)
14 years ago (2009-03-11)
What do you mean warrior? Are you fighting something or someone? Or is this just metaphorical?

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