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A few years back I read a book about Astral Projection, I sifted through it and got what I thought was important. One afternoon when it was quiet I laid down to take a nap, I did a simple form of meditation clearing all waking thoughts and repeating over and over "love and peace". As I fell off to sleep I went into a dream state, I was aware of this and it developed into a lucid dream. I had driven to a place I had never been to, it was a rocky area with water running through the large boulders. I walked down to this area, it had short scrubby trees as well. As I walked along I noticed that I could feel the water on my feet. Then a person appeared in front of me, could only see his back. I followed him and we came to a stone wall about thigh high. I crossed this wall and found myself in the tunnel so often described in the near death experiences. I looked toward the end and saw the light and said "Our dear Lord". It was then I got scared, cause we've all done things which we regret. I then pulled myself back into my physical body. So this was my beginning in the spiritual. Also, this is what Jesus told in the Sermon on the mount, the path to God is within us. This is what (part of what He has tasked me with), to tell as many of you who will listen and learn. Let be known that I am based in hard science and math. I don't follow and religious faith. After this experience I have had many visions, been visited by the Virgin Mary. She appeared in a vision, had golden hair, her face was tilted down so you really couldn't see her face. As far as what she said, that's private. I've had many encounters with Evil, mostly in the form of temptations. Not too long ago after an event which was very tragic, the Lord came to me with a verbal message, the cause of the tragic event was already taken care of. Also, there is going to be a civil war in this country.

I could write many pages about this topic, I'll let it stand as is.

One last item, I have been allowed to travel (soul travel) to his house and have spoken to some of my musical mentors who are no longer in the physical. Hope some of you will try the meditation method I have related.

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James (10 stories) (151 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-06)
Hello Steve

Your awakening is very nice story, be not afraid of evil or temptation for they only exist in the hearts and minds of men. Open yourself up to All There IS even further and you will suddenly realize you are no longer consciously thinking about it anymore.

Mary is a beautiful lady, perhaps she will reveal her face to you one day, the artists have it all wrong, with her Golden hair and Hazel eyes that warm you and capture you when you look into them. She is a true Messenger of God and is here on earth all the time doing the Father's work.

Please continue to publish your experiences, the "One Who Is All" has asked me to pass this along to you.

Steve I have been in daily, continuous, communion with the Divine, Mary and Jesus for the past 10 months and truly believe you are blessed more than even you realize. Seek the answers from within, I do as I type this, they are always there to help you.

Patience, wisdom, Love and Light to you and yours


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