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You Are Not That Lonely Warrior


I, now 19 years old, am aware that I am a valuable person. However, the sense of guilt and fear has always surrounded me since early childhood, which lead to low self-esteem and always feeling alone and that nobody could love me. I felt everything I did was wrong.

There was certain point where I was so frustrated that I declared myself lonely, and even when people would talk to me or something, I thought that they wanted to harm me or make mock of me.

However, I have always been supported by a beautiful family and therapist. I also read books and practiced spirituality, which of course helped me a lot.

Some months ago, in a time where I was still in emotional trouble, I went to sleep in a very peaceful state. I slept very deeply. The interesting thing is that when I was about to wake up, I was surrounded by a white and loving bliss. Then, an angelic female voice said to me: "You are not that lonely warrior". Beautiful.

I do not remember any image, just the divine white light.

This revelation helped me understand, from a higher perspective, that my feeling of loneliness had always been merely an illusion. Also, that I do not need to go though life with the fear of a soldier, a warrior.

I am gradually awakening and feeling that the loving presence within me is emerging. We are in a dynamic cosmic dance, a dance of joy, a dance of peace. We are never lonely, we can't be.

Bless and Love to all of you.

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manojharisree (2 stories) (10 posts)
12 years ago (2010-12-05)
A beautiful article. I can relate to your experience because I too feel lonely at times & often wrestle with the thought that many are mocking at me when infact, they are not. Hope you receive more of such blissful experiences.

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