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God Spoke To Me - Clinging To The Cross


For all of you that have been in a serious relationship -- especially with sex involved in it, you know that the break up will hit you hard.

I've always been a Christian, saved and reborn, however I drifted away from the cross after I lost my virginity. I was in relationship after relationship with women, and was spiritually blinded because of my sexual immorality.

After my last relationship ended about 2 weeks ago, I clung to the cross. She ended things because she wanted to get closer to God and I was a huge distraction.

I felt compelled to do the same thing (Get closer to God). I was extremely sad, I thought I was going to marry this girl. Nothing in the world was going to make me feel better, so I clung to the cross. I came back to Christ one night (about a week and half ago), after I realized how corrupt my heart was and how far I drifted from Him.

About a week later, and still clinging -- I was driving to get a haircut. I was overwhelmed with sadness at this particular time. Next thing you know, these "words" hit me. It wasn't a physical voice, but it was just "words" in my head. And for that split second my brain completely shut off--the voice literally just shut down all my other thoughts.

They were something along the lines of this "Lay down your burden, pains, and anxiety. Let me carry them". Next thing you know, I couldn't stop laughing from joy. It was pure, overwhelming joy and happiness. I no longer felt pain, doubt, or anxiety. I felt free. I just could not stop laughing! A laughter I've never experienced before.

I've never been touched so closely by God before and I continue to grow in Him and look forward to hearing his voice.

For those of you in a similar situation, I can only hope this testimony brings you peace of mind, that God is there for you when you are ready to go back to Him.

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federicodelca (2 stories) (5 posts)
10 years ago (2010-12-05)
What a beautiful experience... I have also experienced joyful moments of authentic laughter when I am connected with God, and then I feel perfectly free. Thanks for sharing. Bless.

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