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This is the first story I will share to you. I don't know if you find it scary or interesting but this story gives me insight of not just how to be a human but also a Catholic.

I graduated high school in a catholic school. Therefore, I grew up attending mass. However, when I reached college I stopped attending mass because I have ROTC class every Sunday.

This story happened when I was 17years old, year 2014. My sister and I were alone in our house. My father is in our farm and my mother is in the burial of my grandmother. She will return in the afternoon to pick us up. My cousin came. He asks for help in his project. We are talking when I notice an old man in white pants and shirt, with a hat on and a cane standing near a tree in front of our house.

This man was looking at me directly and smile. I smiled back and I called my father because I think that the man is looking for him. However, my father is still not home. When I come back, the man disappeared and I ask my sister and my cousin if they know where the man goes.

They are too shock and said "wala namang tao dito a. Bat mo ba hinahanap ang ama?" I answered, "Ah wala may itatanong lang sana ko."

On that night, heavy rain fell but it also stooped quickly. My parents decided that we would go there tomorrow morning. Then, my sister and me go to my cousin's house to check his project if it is already done.

Then suddenly, outside their house, I saw the same man looking at me and then walks away. At that very moment, I am so confused. I go outside and search for him but he is nowhere to be found.

We decided to go home before the rain fall down again. When I stepped on our house, I feel so dizzy and everything I see is circulating over my head. My sister helped me to go to my bed.

She called my father. I tell my father about the man I saw twice this day. "Ikaw ay tumigil tigil sa panonood ng kung ano ano at iyan ang napasok sa isip mo", that's what he told me. But I'm very sure that it's not an imagination.

It is common in the province the so-called "gaway". It is whenever you feel uneasy or ill, the person whom you are with may be the reason why you feel that. My father called my autie (mother of my cousin) and 'nagpalaway ako'. However, it did not help to make me comfortable.

On the next morning, I am not feeling well. I have a fever. Even I can't, I still change clothes because we are going to the burial. When we are there, my father tells my mom that I'm sick. My auntie recommends to visit Manang Oning, a well-known manggagamot in the brgy. This manggagamot only needs the name and age of the ill and she already know what is happening and going-on to the patient.

After an hour, my father returns and gives me some piece of paper to put on my stomach and forehead. He said that he was amazed by the power of manang because she already know what I've been through even my father didn't tell her so. Manang mentions even the man I saw.

According to her, the man I saw was St. John the Baptist, the Patron Saint of Lian, Calatagan, Batangas. According to her, St. John wants my mother to remember my suffering when I was young and how the power of the Lord heals me. He also said that my 18th birthday is coming nearer and praising God will bless my family and me. He is also upset because I often attend mass.

This message enlightens me and gives me the idea na magpaSanto on my 18th birthday. I also feel better after the story told.

Next morning, I feel so happy and strong.

Months passed and my birthday came, I did not feel anything weird because I feel so blessed and full. The saints and the Lord is inside our house and I know they are happy too.

This experience will never be forgotten forever.

I hoped you enjoy my story .

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