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Synchronicity Of Oneness With A Friend And Nature


My name is Jason and I am currently 35 years old and this experience occurred in the 90's when I was still a teenager. My best friend Kurt took his own life with a 22 caliber hand gun and it shocked me so much at the time that I quit drinking and using any other forms of drugs. I started reading the bible feverishly and mainly focusing on Ephesians spiritual warfare. I did not start going to church or following the bible in a structured manner... It was more freely and based on my own interpretation.

About a week after his suicide I was working my job at a place called Value City Department store and it had been raining all day. The sky was filled with grey clouds and it was gloomy and a constant down pour all day. It was after noon and it was my job to go outside and get the carts and bring them back inside.

I was about to go outside to round up the carts and I walked through the first set of doors into the area where the bathrooms and pay phones are located. Before I got the chance to go through the second set to go outside... A girl that I knew named Christina came through the door and we started talking. I told her that I quit using drugs and she said she quit too! Both of use had quit because of the shock of our friends death!...Everything that I told her that I was going through in my life... She was going through also!

At that moment we became one and we could see each others thoughts without speaking... We were one and the same... Right as we noticed that... We felt a pull to look outside... We both turned simultaneously and look at the clouds parting and the rain stopping and it got bright pink outside... We stayed in this oneness for awhile until my boss seen me sitting down and came out there and told me to get back to work... She went inside the store and I went outside... You could feel the connection break and as it did the clouds came back and it was gloomy grey out again and started raining once more!

I have never experienced this type of thing since... The only other times I've come close is when I was playing basketball and me and team mate would both go into the zone and it was like I could not miss a shot and we both could pass to each other without looking... Its like you could just "know" where each other was...

I think the indians and the ancients that payed closer attention to nature had experiences like this a lot more often than modern man... I think the rush of day to day life to be profitable and work away our lives has stripped us of this ancient truth! Envy, Greed, Lust, and Hate strips us of our power and true compassion and kindness brings us closer!

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