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Synchronicity And Serendipity


Beginning at age 23 (in 1983) I began to wander the entire USA like a roaming gypsy: this journey lasted 22 years, until 2005. I had been to 4O states and had work sixty jobs according to my social security records (the under-the-tables ones were profuse).

Anyway, in the year 2000, I met my 36 year-old friend Stefan in Roseburg, Oregon at the local Men's shelter where it is common for roaming vagabonds such as myself to spend a few nights.

Stefan got himself a job at a now-gone restaurant named Beef and Brew and found himself a nice studio to rent. We never did get really close, just casual buddies: I was working a fly-by-night telemarketing gig. After that, I went on a excursion with some buddies to go gold panning near Medford.

A few weeks (months?) later, I arrived in my old stomping grounds of Santa Rosa, California and walked inside the library: there was Stefan reading a book at one of the long tables!

We hung out in Santa Rosa for nearly exactly one year. I have Asperger's syndrome (it keeps me "young-at-heart") and Stefan was either an Aspie or Bi-Polar.

Stefan and I camped out at St. Rose Church and hung out in the Roseland section of Santa Rosa.

Together, we worked many jobs via Labor Ready and camped out together and shared our food, laughter, beer-with-girls-in-the-taverns, et al

Together: we felt very connected like long-lost brothers.

Stefan was from Portland, Oregon: known as "The City of Roses" and when we decided to go our own way, I stayed with my cousin in Gilroy, California: home of "The Stinking Rose": garlic!

Synchronity between us was so astounding that it became tedious and far too many things happened to write down here: it was just that God sent me an Angel on the road (we "took great care" of each other) and His love was - not so subtlety - hinted by six variations of ROSES - the symbol of (well, in our case): BROTHERLY LOVE!

Since then, we both have settled down and have married.

Blessings to all who believe

Pray for those who do not


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SpiritPhantom (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-20)
Thank you for sharing that story. I have a friend like that, it seems like everything one is in too the other is too, even tho states away from each other. We are experiencing or studying the same thing at the same time. I am grateful for her friendship, so... Thanks for sharing.

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