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I had an experience when I was 20 Years old. I don't know if anyone else out in the world has had such an experience. I figure only a rare number of people had this experience. I think that this experience was caused by the fact that I was growing spiritually as a person. I believe people who grow spiritually through faith in God might have such an experience. (It depends on the life lessons you learned and how far you got in life spiritually) Because of the experience I felt God's presence.

I can't really describe his presence. It was the feeling that he had masculine energy, and I felt that everything around me was connected and God was part of that connection. It was just the feeling that everything on earth was interconnected and God was the reason for this. I don't know what else to say about the experience, but I wish I knew other people who have had a similar experience. The experience has changed me. My perception of things has changed, and my intuition has increased. I went from having normal intuitive experiences to having empathic abilities and sensing the vibrations around people and places. I also gained knowledge I didn't have. There were things I didn't know if they were true; and once it was revealed to me, I realized these things were actually true. This is known as spiritual knowledge. It is knowledge that you don't get from a book but knowledge you get from a spiritual awakening. Through my empathic abilities, I can sense peoples feelings and thoughts. I can also sense the vibrations around people. It helps me to intuitively read peoples personalities. I can also tell if there are changes in a person through their vibration. I can even sense Karma in people vibrations as well. I can sense if a person has moved up spiritually through their vibrations. I'm probably sensing the rising of their chakras. A person can open up their chakras in a way that leads to God-consciousness. It can be done through proper meditation; but in cases where people are not trying to open up the chakras, the chakras do open due to changes, life lessons, and moving forward spiritually.

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James (10 stories) (151 posts)
14 years ago (2010-06-18)
Hello Linda

The feeling of "being at one with God" is by far the most beautiful sensation you can have. There is nothing I have ever experienced that can top it.

Yes you do become much more aware of what is happening around you. You begin to awaken the abilities God gave all his children, however most never remember we have them (telepathy etc.) because they will not awaken to God within their life here on earth.

When you realize you are at one with God you change, no choice it is going to happen whether you want it too or not.

I walk around most days now feeling like my fingers are permanently in a wallsocket. My whole body is eminating energy at some level, very draining after a trip through a crowded establishment.

While I cannot sense what others are thinking, I can feel the energy around me.
Really grumpy and negative people leave with a "crushing feeling" on my chest.

I walked through Dachau Concentration Camp on Wednesday in the pouring rain. All I could feel was the energy of those who are still there, no anger towards the Nazis, just sorrow and the sense I was being followed wherever I walked. I distinctly remember feeling an energy in my hand. It was that of a small child.

Inside the crematorium the energy around the ovens was overpowering and I couldn't stand up without supporting myself against the door.

I cannot explain it other than to say my connection to the Divine played a part in all that happened that magical day.

So yes there are many enlightened souls around the world whom have a deep spiritual belief in their oneness with the Divine and all around them. Linda I am not a fan of Holy books as I have seen and experienced my faith in God with my own eyes and consider myself one of those who are ├Ąt one" with God and all there is.

When I left Dachau I didn't feel misery, or sorrow any longer, just a feeling of complete love, a warmth of heart and soul. I will go back again to visit my young friend, perhaps he will begin his journey to the Father.

Love and Light to you and yours


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