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My Return


It started when I was a young child I used to play rugby league on weekends I never really got involved in the games that much but loved roaming around The bush and scrub that surrounded the football ovals, I used to train myself by Breaking off branches and pulling out small plants and trees, but the more interesting thing was the essence of the larger older trees... I visualized the trees as being a glowing green color on the inside and would try to absorb the energy from inside Them, I think this was when I first awakened to its presence...

Skipping forward I started training in various martial styles but then went back to Football when I had to make a choice between the two. A few years later I had just Started high school and was getting to know a lot of people after a few months I began Distancing myself from other people I thought that there influence was somehow Imprisoning me (This was my first realization) I then began my solitary training I stopped talking pretty much all together and trained in my own self taught martial Styles mixing my past martial styles together and made some friends who did the Same we trained together frequently... Eventually I found its presence again and started meditating first off just for focus... This is when I created my focusing technique and started to go on the internet, I found a site called xoulin and posted on their forums frequently establishing myself in the spiritual community.

After a few months It happened... I unlocked the power of my dam tien and following Soon after found all of my chakras, using the third-eye chakra I began to absorb Knowledge of spirituality from the very energy itself it then awakened me to the many Systems of control or control dramas. These systems from what I discovered where the bounds of the human social system and the human mind, I eventually freed myself from them and one day while meditating I Completely lost my existence... I had gone to a place that was pure energy I was energy myself, I had somehow found my Way back to the source itself, from there I absorbed the knowledge of life it told me That "There is no life, none of it is existent at all" it told me that everything I saw Was just made up from "my own beliefs and expectations" and I was bound by only the laws in which I made for myself I made the ground, borders, lines the universe and the very void of life was my own creation and every soul has it's own void of life and through Energy we are connected to one another and reflect on each other creating life as we know It eventually as if it had been only an instant (it felt like years) I was sitting back In my dark room energy was all around me and I then found my purpose and had a true taste of nirvana.

It felt warm and powerful there nothing was important and everything was significant, only there I could fly I found out after a while that "What is never created, can never be destroyed". After 2 years of training in the arts of chi kung I began to Fall from the level of spirituality I had found people I had known for many years started to turn against me and my fellow peers at school went to great lengths to bring me down, I eventually gave into my anger and fought back, This broke my solidarity and I fell to a strong system of control. Everything around me was crumbling beneath my feet. I joined an aikido and Iaido class and used the remaining energy I had on trying to prevent my Downfall but it was too late I had burnt out and at the age of 16 I thought I had lost My only chance of salvation.

I still continue to better myself physically and spiritually but I will never forget My return. Much more has happened since I originally posted this at another site many years ago, I'm now 22 And have not had another out of body experience since I was 14, I've had many spiritual experiences and Live a very spiritual life, but have not been able to have another out of body experience, I don't understand why.

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Aikirob (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2011-04-28)
I appreciate you taking the time to read it, in that single moment my entire life was changed, my entire life direction shifted into one of spiritual advancement
Adaryn7 (23 posts)
10 years ago (2010-06-30)
"everything I saw Was just made up from "my own beliefs and expectations" and I was bound by only the laws in which I made for myself..."

I had been thinking about this today. In our dreams, we can be capable of many things that we can't seem to do in the physical, such as flying. When I was a kid, I was depressed by the fact that I would try to fly so many times in my dreams, but then fail. I confided in my Auntie, who told me that the reason I couldn't fly was that I didn't believe I could. Since then, I have always been able to fly in my dreams. So why not in any other plane of existence? Guess I'm just not there yet. My subconscious mind is still bound by rules that are created by the illusion around us.

I enjoyed reading your story--I wish you the best of luck for the rest of your spiritual journey.


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