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My name is marie and this is the second experience I am submitting on this site, and also the most meaningful to me. The first encounter I wrote about was titled, "God does love you" and that was when I was touched by the son of god in a dream. This second experience was around the same time frame as the dream, when I was depressed and out of control with my drinking.

On this particular day I had been drinking heavily, as usual. The only thing different was this time I was agitated and in a bad mood when usually when I drank I was happy and could be nice even to my worst enemy. I remember I had to go to the mall to make a payment and I was waiting on my sister who had forgotten something in the house- I was getting more and more impatient and enraged with each passing second she was holding me up. My niece, her daughter, who was about two at the time was in her car seat in the back, nodding off to sleep...

I have to point out that although I had my driver's license I never really drove because it scared me so therefore I was not familiar much with controlling a car and being a decent driver, but being buzzed as I was at this time I decided to take off without her as she had left the keys in her purse in the car. I remember everything so clearly, I know I was intoxicated but not to the point where I was having a blackout or couldn't remember anything.

I then went to the driver's side of the car, fished out her keys which had about ten keys so it took awhile before I found the key for the ignition and then as I was starting to place them in to get the car started I will never forget the way they were yanked out of my hand by an unseen force. I quickly turned around and only saw my niece, sleeping peacefully in her car seat, I recall thinking she couldn't have grabbed them even if she was awake. I was shocked but I guess because I had been drinking, it still didn't click what had really just happened so I got out the car and went over to the other side of the car where my niece was at and retrieved the keys which were now under the passenger's side of the vehicle. I noticed the key to the car was the only one missing out of all the ones my sister had and at that moment she came out of the house over to me.

She said she was ready to go and I told her what happened and that the key was missing and she was mad, like she didn't believe me. We never did find the key even though we searched the whole car but I know who took it, if god hadn't intervened I'm sure I would have caused a big tragedy-probably killing myself and my niece. Even after this and other signs god was trying to give me to give up drinking, I didn't actually stop completely until two years later, when I was twenty four and I begged him to get me to stop because I couldn't do it on my own. I want everyone to know that god is in control of everything, and nothing happens without his being aware of it. I am glad he knows and sees everything and that nothing is by chance and he can cure anyone of any addiction that they have, but you have to also be willing to give it up as well.

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Timfaraos (131 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-23)
Dear 'well wisher', stop saying 'allah/god'. It's like saying: my pet is a dog/cat! It's either one or the other! God is father, son and holy spirit. So Jesus is God. Allah doesn't include Jesus... For muslims, Jesus is a prophet, LOWER than mohammad! You're either pregnant or not, you can't be 'half pregnant'... If you want to believe in Jesus, you have to drop 'allah', and listen to His father, who said in ten commandments: 'I am the lord your God, you shall not bow down to other Gods (idolworship).' timfaraos [at]
Well Wisher (guest)
14 years ago (2010-04-28)
Dear Marie,

You are right... Allah /GOD saved you from a terrible tragedy.

I hope this event made you realise that being under the influence of alcohol can affect your better judgement and you have stopped drinking for good.
cara (guest)
14 years ago (2010-03-02)
I happy God opened your eyes. God delivered me from pot, he is a great God. God loves us all no matter what. God and only god can heal you from all your huets and pains. God bless and keep in faith always!
SulyTheReligiousDoubtful (guest)
14 years ago (2010-02-24)
Thank you for your story. I'm happy. Very happy to know he watches us, still regardless of what we do or how bad we are... Even though it may be so hard to believe at times, Blessed be His name.I'm glad you were able to give up alcohol, I'm still working on my faith, beause I do know its the strongest force on eath next to love.
God Bless.
Claudia (guest)
14 years ago (2010-02-02)
Really glad that you have stopped drinking and that you have God watching so lovelingly after you,
All the best,


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