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I'm 34 year old now and I got "Saved" at 30 y/o. Between that time I attended church regularly. I was in church one Sunday and the preacher asked the congregation had anyone being "Anointed". No one answered. He then said if they have had they would have remembered. He said his anointing experience was filling the lonely, emptiest he had inside. I had recently broke up with my boyfriend and I also was filling lonely & empty inside. So, I prayed "kill me or anoint me" has the preacher said he did.

I few months had pasted to Easter weekend of 2009. I was laying in the day just relaxing on Maundy Thursday before Easter weekend. When a strong feeling came over me as if I was about to go into a deep sleep. I said out loud "no not here / not like this God" because my soul knew this would be the time for my anointing. I was led to the pool of my apartment complex. There I went into a deep sleep for a few minutes all the while Hymns were going through my mind. I was then lead down upstairs to my apartment. Where I was lead to the floor on my knees to pray. I thought I going to die soon!

The whole evening the Spirit of God was telling me of things to come in my life and with the people I know. The next day Good Friday was normal like Thy Spirit wasn't with me anymore. However, on the Holy Saturday I went to a amusement park with my daughter, where we got on rides, we got on the racing cars. The cars ran down a deep hill and I heard a man voice in my head laugh. I said to myself "God is having fun". The rest of the day I could feel Thy Spirit with me, directing my head to look at concern things & people.

On Easter Sunday my daughter & I went church. She was 8y/o at the time, so I put her in the children's church. While I attended services. In the middle of services I was led to my feet and directed to where my daughter was and led to take her out of the children's service. Thy Spirit spoke to me & said they weren't teaching her correct. I was then brought to one knee and my head was baled and heard the man's voice say "Thank you father". I then realized Thy Spirit that was with me is that of Jesus Christ.

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scarlett2 (1 stories) (34 posts)
12 years ago (2012-03-01)
*QUESTION ~ Has anyone else noticed that a lot of testimonies regarding Spiritual conversions are happening around Easter time? Both before and after Easter? My first experience included... 3 days after Easter Sunday 2010.

My thoughts are that although people describe their experiences differently ~ depending on their own individual beliefs/culture...for instance, Holy Spirit baptisms or conversions, encounters with God, Jesus, the Blessed Mother Mary, Angels, etc. ~ they all seem to share an awful lot in common... I was just wondering what everyone's thoughts were on this?

Kim, thank you for sharing your amazing story! I am very happy for you... You have been very Blessed by God and I am honored to read of your miraculous encounter! Please keep posting!

Blessings my friends, Scarlett ❤
lisa (18 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-20)
That is beautiful- Jesus said that "His sheep hear His voice. Sometimes He speaks audibly like how you heard Him, and sometimes in a still small voice. Sometimes without words too.

If we all listened to Him, this Earth would be Heaven on Earth. Keep on following Him and pray that we all listen to Him as well and follow Him too.

KChrist (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-10)
Your comments and feedback will be greatly appreciated! Thank you! 😁

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