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Demonic, Divine, Or Just Hallucinations?


I was 16 years old when I started having mild hallucinations. The hallucinations are what could be the result in sleep deprivation but I also get a strong feeling that it is on a spiritual level. The first hallucinations were what I thought would be the faces of demons. These were mild and I only saw few. The second was a bizarre phenomenon of colors and figures in the sky. I was on my way to church on a sunny blue sky day. I was going there out of extreme depression and thoughts of suicide. I started to get lost and couldn't remember where the church was.

I fell to my knees in front of the sun as I started to weep. In my weeping voice I said "I don't wish to live any longer" The next moment I felt overwhelming warmth and comfort come into my chest and felt as if someone was telling me "you must" I got up and felt no need to find the church so I decided to walk further into nature. Clouds suddenly started moving in from all directions leaving me right under what was left of the visual sky. The sky had turned dark with many strange colors and patterns that I could not perceive any significance. The visions had gone for three years.

I am now 19 where recently I have started a natural insomnia pattern of 24 hours, three days a week of no sleep. New extreme visions have taken place. In the start of this pattern I started to see very vivid hallucinations of faces and even whole bodies of "demons". They have taken place in the form of clouds, carvings on the wall, and in my protective spiritual stones. What's even weirder is I would look at a tree and hundreds of what I think are native Indian faces would pop out. These faces had moving eyes, always with a smile, and would even laugh. These extreme visions happened for three days.

I still have insomnia but I only see things in my stones. I am very confused at what it all means and I want to know if there is significance. I also saw things that may be good but why am I seeing so much evil when I seek positive?

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yk (guest)
2 years ago (2021-12-08)
I started hallucinating 4 years ago. Now I think it is getting more and more realistic. I can see things but when I look back it disappears. I can also hear voices in my head telling me to look in some directions. I can almost feel something is besides me. Help me please is it mental illness?
Anon (guest)
4 years ago (2020-02-08)
The spirit world is real and so are medical and psychiatric conditions that can alter our perception of it or indeed be the result of our perception of it

The solution in both cases is to see your GP about being referred to a counselor, especially if you're not sleeping on the regular and/or depression.

You have the right to your own beliefs And to seek medical treatment and care
Zoe (guest)
4 years ago (2020-01-21)
I've been researching this because something recently has happened that relates to this.

I was laying in bed, and I was about to fall asleep, and then I heard a girl's voice say "You're Good." And it scared the crap out of me! I assumed it was my own voice and that I accidentally talked while laying there.

A few days later, I was laying in bed again, and I heard the same voice say, "You're Good." I was still shocked. It was kind of horrifying, I thought maybe there was a spirit in my room. I researched about it and I think it might be a Sleep Hallucination. I sure hope it is, I would hate to have a spirit; (
Newbeginning396 (guest)
5 years ago (2019-05-16)
I started seeing demonic faces on every surface in my home and yard. Trees and bushes. It started after taking pics of spirits I was feeling in my home. I then started seeing the letter J on my counters, walls, trees etc... I see numbers symbols and letters with arrows pointing to the next letter as Irvin doing a puzzle or a msg for me. My bathroom walls have images everywhere and they are scenes from things in my life when evil was behind it. I see words that I have to look up and always have evil meaning. I was quickly saved and have my life to jesus. I was delivered from these visions and everything looked normal, brighter and happier. I then dinner in taking pics again and the visions came back. It's been acyear. I see into the spirit realm now and I'm working on trying to find out if it's a gift fro. God of if I'm oppressed by a demon once again. Most off the images seen are indeedreal. It's hard. Anyone can msg me so we can get a group together for people like us and answer recruiters questions. I feel since you put out in the world you didn't want to live, you opened a demonic door. You need to get a spiritual healer to heal you and close it.
Just me (guest)
6 years ago (2018-08-25)
Something extremely similar to EVERYTHING you said happened to me in 2013... After reading your post... Honestly I don't even have words right now. I just keep taking deep breathes and I feel a little weird like WOW. The hearing something for the first few days to realizing where it was coming from to the quiet conversation (at first) to the group sex to realizing its evil and not at all a good thing the just seeing a head at first... WOW
Jake (1 posts)
13 years ago (2011-06-02)
it is probably that evil is from a certain point of view and that you forsee these natural sources as blocks and obsticles. Probably just don't queastion or get confused and accept these for what they are you might be in a good place and not even realize it
CuriouslySeekingSpirit (2 stories) (15 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-21)
I read this and some of the things really hit home. I am glad I found a place where people won't look at me like I am out of my mind. Before I started my spiritual awakening I had a lot of weird things happen. Me and my husband starting seeing... Well what we thought were ghosts and they would just come and go all the time. In fact we never saw the same ghost twice. They would look at us and laugh and I even heard the voice of one on the opposite side of my bedroom. I thought someone was at my house on a cell phone or something, but went back there never saw any apparitions but still heard the voice just a lot quieter and I tried to figure out where it was coming from but it was impossible. Well about a week or so later we had the tv turned off in our room and plain as day there were 2 demons (I figured that out later... We thought they were spirits still at this point) to start off... Then more started appearing on the tv reflection. I finally told them they have to get out. I had never seen anything like that and it was freaking me out. I think maybe a day or two later I decide to go watch tv in the livingroom and really didn't think anything of it. When I turned the tv off there were probably about 10 demons just staring at me smiling. One was trying to tell me something but all I could hear was a whisper... Sometimes I understood the whispers and sometimes I didn't. One of the spirits had wanted to talk to me in mom's room on her tv... So I went (I didn't think they were evil) and he kept gesturing for me to come closer to the tv so he I would be able to hear him, this is when I started getting uncomfortable and out of nowhere I just automatically new those are demons so I ran to my room and told Shane about everything. It was really scary, but luckily we were beginning the process of moving down the road to apartments. We got moved in and not long after that... Out of nowhere once again a lot of demons show up on tv reflection and one of them stood out above the rest... He looked like a white male but he had a huge head and was very ugly. I just felt that he was the devil and I tried to tell them to leave but instead of leaving they all started having sex with each other... It was just crazy. We just left the livingroom and went and watched tv in our room. The next night they tried to do the same thing as the last time by telling me to come closer to the tv and I just had this feeling that I had some kind of gift that they wanted. So I asked and they all nodded yes... I told them they would never get me and the lord is my savior so they should just give up. After that I didn't see them for a while but then one day I happened to glance at the wood on my cabinet and there was a face in it. I got closer and he looked at me... He had long hair but I felt like it was the devil again... Maybe just in a different form. When I first saw him I was freaked out but I ended up standing strong and laughed at him and I told him "Go away... You are never going to get me...can't you get that through your ugly head" and I walked away and I haven't seen anything of that sort since. I have had my spiritual awakening and almost have complete control over my fear now. I am a lot stronger in my views and my faith. As I was writing this it became clear to me... The devil wanted to get to me before I had my spiritual awakening. My husband is at the same point in his spirituality, I don't understand why they targeted only me? Thank god for my awakening, because I used to live in fear over this... Now I can think back and feel completely comfortable with it. It feels so good to have reached this point, I have no fear toward them... I feel like there is a loving energy right by me and is my protection. Has anyone else had any similar experiences? I think it is crazy how many there were and the things they did were just sickening.
keith (guest)
14 years ago (2010-03-06)
You were reaching out for good, peace, and love when you were headed for that church and you were, for a lack of a better word, ambushed. Evil knew where you were headed and it had to do something eye catching to stopp you. God created the world for you and I. When satan and his followers were cast down to earth God allowed him to be the prince of this world for a time. One of the most common tricks satan uses is nature. His power here on earth allows him to cause you to hallucinate and nature is his backdrop. God did not give him enough power to manipulate nature itself but if you are not protected by God he can manipulate your thinking and cause you to hallucinate. He will trick you into thinking that nature is god anything to draw you away from the saving and loving grace of God through Christ our Savior. Unfortunately, your stones have no power either, this is just another form of hallucinaion manipulated by him to keep you hooked on the earth and nature instead of a loving daily relationship with Christ. When God created the sun, moon, stars, earth and nature, He did it that we could behold His greatness and beauty, but never in anyway did He make nature something to worship. Please before it is too late, get back on that same path to church that you were on years ago when you were so rudely interrupeted and ultimately deceived, God loves you and He wants you to come to Him quickly. Get a Bible and read it and get to church tomorrow. Read about all the promises that He has made you. He has never broken one of them. You must seek Him now, do not wait. Your issue is not uncommon and seems harmless, but the devil will use nature and a whole host of things to wedge between you and God and he hopes that you don't go to God before it is too late. Also google deliverence ministries and I promise that there is one near you. They can help you to quickly access the protection, love and peace that only comes from God through His Son Christ Jesus
begainagain (guest)
14 years ago (2010-03-03)
As far as some of this stuff, I say, what do you feel these things are? However, The Indian faces in the trees are just the spirit of the tree. I didn't know what they were at first either, but, sure enough, it was. Seeing the fairy realm kind of runs in my family, so, I tend to see it naturally a lot.
I really like friendly trees. You know, the tree you just have to climb because it feels so good?

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