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Intense Pressure On Third Eye Area While Lucid Dreaming


Sorry for my limited English. Usually during naps and going back to sleep after waking up I become lucid where I am aware that I am dreaming. I trained myself not to wake up quickly while I am lucid by focusing my thought and eyes on one point in the visual field.

While I focus on one point on visual field. My third eye area start to get really intense pressure and it becomes so intense that it kind of scary and I just stop in the middle. As long as I keep the focus on one spot without thinking I start going from one level to another and they keep getting more and more realistic and at one point it become as real as waking life.

Also, there seems to be other familiar entities I usually see them in the dreams always, but the interesting part is that they try to distract me during the process of focusing on one point. As the third eye area gets more and more intense pressure they seem to become more desperate to keep my focus away by doing some funny or weird things - this led me to believe perhaps something bad will happen if the pressure on the 3rd eye gets too high.

I am really confused and want to know what is this and whether I should continue to focus to see what happens in the end. Perhaps, enlightenment or stroke?

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Jaydeep kaushik (guest)
5 years ago (2019-08-12)
Man same here it was approximately my second week and while sleeping I felt too much pressure in my third eye and I was also going deep through it and I Was highly lucid at that time suddenly the scary pictures start coming then I start focusing on lord shiva (the most powerful god of hinduism whom I like too much and I everyday focus upon) . Then his pictures start coming in my mind and I felt the more power and I wasn't able to hold the power as I was lucid so I start to open my eyes and any of the eyes didn't open then I was feeling that I can watch the outer surroundings without opening my eyes

And this my next day and man today I swear my intuition is unknowingly too much high and accurate can anyone tell me what's going on
AmberEnergy (3 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-30)
You seem to have great spirtual ability going for you. In request to your problem, instead of just focusing on your anja chakra try focusing on your heart or another energy. The key to all of this is balance so going overboard on one energy is not necessarly good.
Keep practicing and have fun!
Antony (guest)
14 years ago (2010-03-05)
I have had some incredibly intense experiences directly related to the ajna. I am constantly aware of pressure in that centre waking and sleeping. I've felt it for many years now. The pressure eases the deeper I go but at the same time it opens more. This inevitably leads to some profound experience in some form or other. My most recent experience was quite unsettling and took place through a lucid state. There was a massive black hole in my head and a sense that I was dissolving into a vast space beyond.
As a result I stopped my practices relating to the ajna as I was probably moving too fast. I have had a number of experiences relating to moving too quickly with things. Take time to integrate experiences. It's very important.
With regard to these beings that appear why don't you ask them what is going on. Get straight with them.
I'm interested to hear your progress on this if there is any.
Petrus (guest)
14 years ago (2010-03-03)
Hi there, I had a similar experience today, I had a quick session of about 30 minute and towards the middle of it I had the same pressure, very intense, but my mind kept wandering of to other thoughts.

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