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This Is What I Saw... While Wide Awake


Best regards and thank you for taking time to read what happened to me.

I do not pretend to have all the answers. But what happened 2 years ago is finally making sense. I'll stick to the facts and try not to put subjective judgements into the description.

Short Background First: 60 years old soon. Don't drink or take drugs, nor any medication. Health is generally good. Never have seen anything that is not of this world nor do I hallucinate. No mental problems, ran a small business for almost 40 years, raised 3 children, fairly normal guy. One day, this is what I saw. By my eternal soul, upon eternal damnation I hereby swear the following is true and without embellishment.

A whirlwind of clouds appeared indoors while I was sitting at a desk. It came over me.

Inside the whirlwind was a sound of many knockings and when I looked to the sound I saw a river of ice flowing into a sea.

Up from the sea were rising bright white stars and from amongst them came a star that was brighter and with a greater freedom of movement.

The star moved at will, being here and then there. When next to me there was a surface clearly like a dove and not of this world, and in appearance as both Ancient and Living.

Also within the whirlwind were garments of Light; radiant and beautiful beyond anything in this realm.

There also came as though moving through water a red one, all powerful and beyond description.

The stars were still arising in perfect harmony from the Sea of Ice.

A powerfully delightful remembrance welled up and healed those around me.

All of this occurred while in the company of other people.

He is, He always has been, and He always will be.

Make no mistake.

You and your site create intense Satanic feelings... Ask yourself why?

Most people go into a rage or quickly dismiss me when I simply tell them what happened.

Ask yourself why?

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