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I Think I Saw The Gates Of Heaven


Around 5 weeks ago was my grandads funeral. He was a devout christian and attended church every sunday. He had been church warden for many years to the church of his funeral and another church at a nearby parish.

Amongst this, he was the bell ringing tower captain for many many years to both churches and had without much fuss, raised the funds and project managed the restoration of one of the church bell towers at 1/6th of the cost of what was said to be possible.

To put it bluntly, he was a real pillar in the local christian community and will be sorely missed. 24 hours before the funeral and I was talking to my brother on the phone about how I was seriously considering renouncing my christianity. It seemed so at odds with the scientific community (please bear with me!). I told him I was considering moving over to Buddhism, as this is the religion of my wife.

So fast forward to the funeral 5 weeks ago, the church, which is over 1000yrs old, was packed to the roof. I was seated at the front aisle with a view that was able to look right up at the dome of the churches naive.

I was to give a speech during the grand kids memories part of the ceremony, so I was trying to keep a cool head and be collective, thinking things like, well he had good innings, he was 83 after all.

So the ceremony had just started and the vicar asked the congregation to rise, so we did and then something caught my eye, behind the pulpit. This is where it gets crazy it was a spiraling vortex, around 6ft in diameter, traveling up towards the dome of the church. It had a bright white contrail (like a plane's wing flying through a cloud). The contrail kept appearing and disappearing as it span upwards, which is when my eyes then traveled up to the top of the dome and there sat at the top was a cloudy misty steamy cloud like shape. Again not brilliant white but quite bright.

Just as I was beginning to think what the... Just to the right of the misty cloud, an equally bright shape, although slightly different. More like an organically growing blob than a cloud. Almost as though it had torn into and opened fabric than a floating misty cloud. And then instantly with a very light vooooof sound they both instantly disappeared. Never in a million years would I of believed, if I hadn't of seen so directly.

My first reaction was, oh my god I wasn't supposed to see that. But now I believe that I was. I believe, I believe, I believe. I now have my grandad's bible which I am going to read and go from there.

Lord forgive what I have been, bless what I am and direct what I shall be. amen.

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gysyblue (2 stories) (80 posts)
13 years ago (2011-04-27)
I'd give anything to hear those church bells! 😁 Bless you and your grandad.

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