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Encounter With A Portal From Heaven


Me and my wife have been attending a church where we had an encounter with God that opened up a hunger to know more and want more. I had friends who had set me up with people that walk in incredible spiritual Gifts. Talking with these men of God changed my Life. They had given me their insights and advice to be able to connect, maintain, and have a spiritual encounter with the living God. They all said one thing that caught my attention. Their most incredible experience or encounter with the Kingdom of God was not in a church or conference but in their private room where they cried out for more of God. They said in church or a conference you can be filled with the spirit but if you don't obtain that spiritual hunger in the private place you won't see the incredible realities of Heaven God wants to show us. They said, "What you need from God its already brought to you, but what you want you will have to get get in the secret place because hes not from this realm but from the heavenly spiritual realm". I then began to press In for more in my private Room.

One Night I was awakened at 3 in the morning by a powerful Presence. It was such a peaceful Love Feeling. All of a Sudden I saw what was like a portal from Heaven. It was a Huge Hole and suddenly it began to to have a fire ring surrounding the Hole. I heard a voice that said come Inside. At a moment Fear began to take over me because I didn't know what would happen if I go In. Then I Heard a voice that encouraged me and said to me, "Do not be afraid It is I your Father". I then felt a boldness to step in the port hole and once I got close I felt a beautiful drawing presence its hard to describe. I then Went in and everything turned white and that's when I Didnt know if I Died or I Went up to Heaven. All of a sudden I saw big Angels surrounding me and taking me to a place where it was big and inside were many rooms guarded by many angels.

At last he took me to this room and inside this room I saw my father. I couldn't see his face it was covered with beautiful bright white light like the sun but he had what it seemed to be like white garment clothing on him it was so spectacular. He had treated me with so much love and sat down to show me a tiny black box. Inside this box was a key and once I got this key God began to show me visions of my past family where they have been cursed through witch craft that had followed my family from 3 generations. He said to break of this curse that I could be the first to break of this generational curse. Once I gave him back the key it disappeared as well as the little black box. At that moment I felt released and free. He said that I was able to break all of the generational curses not just from my family but my ancestor family line as well. He then told me to hold his hand once I did it felt so soft and wet. At that moment he told me how much he had loved me and in a glimpsed of a second my spirit and soul went back to my body and noticed something obvious and strange, my hands in the physical were filled with oil. At That moment I realized what I had experienced was very real it wasn't a dream or a fantasy it was a real experience with heaven and God. The oil on my hand was a confirmation to know what I experienced was real. I will never forget this moment. I have so much wisdom and insight now to give away to people.

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darkassassin92 (39 posts)
8 years ago (2015-12-30)
I'm a athiest but if the stories are true. Can you be a kid forever in the afterlife? And can you keep your memories from earth in the afterlife?

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