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What if you could speak with the lucky inhabitants of heaven and ask them all your questions about God, angels, heaven, hell, the human soul, and heaven's view of our actions on earth? Preposterous, you would say, and so would we a year ago. But life holds many surprises. And over the last year a spiritual treasure has tumbled into our laps: we have participated in these very heavenly dialogues and satisfied our every curiosity about the after-life. The veil between heaven and earth, it turns out, is thinning at this minute - an opportunity for those who wish to look behind.

Sober advisers tell us to keep our investigations to ourselves. Messengers, they say, never receive kind treatment. While that unquestionably is true, we believe that the importance of the information we obtained forbids secrecy. If credited, these psychic readings confirm that all people survive the event called death; virtually all souls pass on to heaven; God is real, and filled with love for all his creatures; life in heaven is surrounded with beauty, freedom, and endlessly fascinating activities; and the human mind quickens, expands and deepens as people migrate from earth to heaven. Although creations of God, our souls are individual expressions of the deity and imperishable. So there is no need to mourn relatives who pass away. They are better off than you are. There is no need to fear your own death. Your life is certain to ripen into perfection and joy. Least of all is there any need to denounce the theological errors of other faiths. No soul is banished from heaven. No article of faith is needed to qualify for admission to heaven. In short, the real gospel of good news is that you have already won the spiritual lottery - as has everyone else you know. Religious leaders who preach the terrors of hell, a punitive God, a menacing devil, and the need for particular professions of faith fundamentally misperceive the cosmos we live in. And so do the secular materialists who populate the modern scientific world.

To allow readers to make some assessment of the credibility of these assertions, let us offer a word about ourselves, married people not much different from you. John is a lawyer now in retirement. Martha is a former real estate developer trained in business school, a protestant church goer, and a mother of three. Over the many years of our marriage, Martha on occasion referred to spirit "guides" that she sensed at an intuitive level, including most prominently an Indian guide. Neither of us paid much attention to these peripheral personalities, which seemed to hover somewhere between fantasy and reality. About a year ago, after browsing in the library, we found a volume describing meditation techniques, which the author said would put the reader in contact with such spiritual guides. Without much hope of success, but acting out of curiosity, we gave those meditations a try. Immediately Martha's spirit guides made a forceful appearance like genies released from a bottle, and answered a variety of personal questions speaking through Martha in her focused meditative state. They were no longer vague or ephemeral but full-blown personalities who spoke with authority and eloquence. The Indian guide turned out to be a shaman adept at building bridges between earth and heaven.

Our psychic readings started on a small scale, beginning with a description by Martha's guide of our own son who was away at school and what he was doing at the time. We later confirmed the accuracy of that information. Emboldened and fascinated by this communication, we asked to speak with family members who passed away many decades ago, and again, through Martha and her shaman guide, made strong connections. Family information six or more decades old, unknown to Martha and nearly forgotten by John, emerged in these psychic readings. It was startling to speak at length with John's departed father, mother, and grandparents, as well as Martha's deceased relatives. We turned next to friends who had died to see how far this psychic connection extended and later to historical figures who inspired us over the years. Finally, we reached out to teachers of religion to learn more about the "big questions" - God's plan, the nature of heaven, the qualities of the soul, and heaven's view of our progress on earth. The information gotten this way was unexpected and astounding but always detailed and cogently expressed.

Not once in attempting this channeling did we get a busy signal or fail to find the personality in question, no matter how far back we reached in history. Our contacts said they were more than willing to reach across time and shake hands. After a little practice with this communication system, the linkage approximated a two way telephone conversation with visual signals readily perceptible by Martha - much like a psychic teleconference. We cannot explain how this sophisticated system of telepathy works. But we can explain its practical result. This telepathic network easily traverses different languages and millennia, something like a spiritual internet relaying elements of thought that precede the formation of words. From Martha's perspective, it is necessary to convert John's questions to a packet of her thoughts before transmittal - thus the questions cannot be too long or complex. She then receives, instantaneously, blocks of thought in response that come through in our own language and idiom, modern English.

We proceeded slowly by experiment, first just listening but later asking more and more questions. To make sure Martha had no inkling of the questions in advance or opportunity to formulate her own response, John's questions were kept secret from her and propounded very quickly - rapid fire over a period of an hour or hour and a half. The persons contacted were for the most part only names to Martha, not individuals she ever studied, so in these readings Martha served as a blank slate. John recorded the answers that came very quickly through Martha, often in a torrent difficult to write down even in shorthand. Readers will see that each of the speakers conveys a distinctive personality and philosophy, with different (but generally consistent) information about the afterlife.

Sometimes, but not always, a characteristic speaking style and vocabulary emerges. We note some characteristic styles of speech as the readings appear in this volume. Stylized speech jumps out more distinctly from English-speaking people; speech from those who did not use English takes on a homogenized quality when channeled through Martha's mind. We have experimented with several scholarly friends, including a physician and a judge, to see if they could "make up" answers to these questions when presented on the fly; no one was able to do so, not even in a rudimentary way. The answers from our psychic sources, by contrast, were detailed and composed in perfect English and in each instance conveyed spiritual wisdom unknown to us, affection, and often spontaneous humor too. By any estimate, the souls we contacted are smarter than we, with the ability to instantly download information about us and analyze complex questions in strikingly original ways.

We have no illusion that our explanation how these psychic readings came about will overcome the protest that we are fabricating this information - an elaborate hoax or some exercise in creative writing. There is no answer to this challenge to our good faith, apart from saying that we are both retired people who have no interest in hanging up our shingles as psychics or mediums. We share this information as elders at the fringe of our generation with the hope that others may find it stimulating and our experiment worthy of duplication. These readings tell us that others have precisely the same abilities and now pursue psychic conversations of their own. We are part of a larger process that affects the spiritual evolution of this planet. So what do you have to lose, good reader, in following in our footsteps and trying the same outreach to heaven? A fund of love and divine wisdom awaits you once you open this door. Each person on earth, we are told, not only has a team of guides to assist in this process but hundreds of them over the course of a lifetime. It evidently takes a village to raise each of us, not just in childhood but throughout the long decades of life.

What may be distinctive in our conversations, we sincerely hope, is the quality and diversity of information obtained, not from our own philosophy or set of beliefs but from the discarnate speakers themselves. Over the years we have read random volumes about psychic phenomena. Alas, much of the material obtained, although possibly authentic, is of mediocre quality. Who cares about the spectral appearance of a relative standing behind some member of a television audience or lugubrious generalities about his undying devotion to remaining family members? Touching to the family involved, such readings hold little interest for others. Disappointing too are oracular statements from psychic sources that upon careful reading dissolve into gibberish. The readings offered here, we hope, at least are clear and may well answer particular theological questions that concern people of this generation, just as they have vexed us. Where was God, our generation has asked in lamentations worthy of Job, during some great tragedy afflicting mankind? The answer is: you don't know the end of the story. Not a single soul ever has been lost. And those who suffered are now exalted.

We have published our psychic interviews in a book called "Psychic Readings WIth The Thinkers Of Heaven." It is available on amazon and will be free until 8/18. We would love to hear your thoughts. Http://

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Deirdre Thomas (guest)
4 years ago (2020-02-25)
I lost my son in 2013. He was my baby (18) .I always want to feel his presence or hear his voice. Your gift is special and I know it's bought healing to others. I will continue to listen and look for him. Until we meet on the other side.
God Bless You
darkassassin92 (39 posts)
8 years ago (2015-12-30)
Can you keep your memories and stay a kid forever in the afterlife? I'm an atheist but these questions are haunting me.

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