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Is Seeing And Hearing Things Like This Uncommon?


I'm Vicky and in this past year I have started having spiritual experiences. My first spiritual experience was when I'd had an argument with my friend. (Before this I was very depressed and suicidal) I was sitting on the bus with my head against the window when I heard an unnatural voice saying 'Come With Me'. Startled, I looked around but no one was sitting near me on the bus. I started to freak out because the voice was high pitched and sounded like it was whispering and shouting at the same time. I had never heard anything like it. Unfortunately like I said I had been depressed and suicidal and assuming the phrase 'Come With Me' meant come to the other side. I unwisely I said 'Okay.'

About a week later me and my friend were swimming together when I saw a pale, transparent little girl floating above the surface of the water wearing broken shoes, stripy tights, a calf length brown skirt, a top and a shawl. She beckoned me towards her and she said 'It Is Time' in the same voice I heard before. I was shocked and started crying and shaking uncontrollably. The girl had faded away but I kept staring at the same spot. My friend kept asking me what was wrong but I was too shocked to speak. After that, my spiritual experiences had mainly stopped apart from sensing a spirits presence, seeing things out of the corner of my eye and hearing things when people aren't there.

My spiritual experiences have started again recently after my uncle died. I wasn't particularly close to him but he was the first close relative that I knew who died. He died of a heart attack. After he died I kept seeing black blurs go past the window and kept feeling presences around the place so strongly I could almost see them.

I could tell when a spirit was there and when there wasn't because the whole atmosphere changed. When seeing these black blurs go past the window I was scared because I hadn't had any spiritual things happen to me for a long time and I'd never seen anything like it before. Recently I was in a shop looking at clothes and I heard a low, whispering, hushed voice. It said 'Hello'. I haven't had any spiritual experiences before or since that I can remember but I really don't want anything like this to happen to me again. Are there ways of stopping, or preventing these things? Should I be scared? Will anything come of me saying 'Okay.' to the spirit that told me to come with them?

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alphaandomega (1 stories) (28 posts)
11 years ago (2011-10-18)
The Devil is like a devouring lion, going forth to steal, kill and destroy. It's evil spirits that causes depression and suicidal thoughts. Satan even afflicts our bodies with sickness and pain, but The Lord will not let us bare more than we can stand.

Anytime a spirit wants you to die or for you to kill yourself is an evil spirit.

If you ever have anymore encounters as such, you need to say to that spirit, "Flee from me satan! In the Name of Jesus Christ!" And he "must flee" when you use the NAME of Jesus Christ against him.

When an evil spirit aproaches you like that, don't speak back to it, because by doing so you are giving it the power of recognition and may open a door for more evil spirits to enter.

The Bible tells us to "try the spirits" to see whether they be of God or "not". The spirit of God doesn't want you to committ suicide.

No, you should not be scared. Fear is another weapon of the devil he uses against us to weaken our faith. So be strong in faith and put your trust in the Lord Jesus and "Fear Not".

Just have FAITH and be bold and tell the devil to depart from you in the name of Jesus Christ. Because the Word of God say's he must leave you alone and you have power over him in the name of Jesus.

For "Greater is He that is in you", "than he that is in the world". We have power over satan in the name of Jesus!

God Bless you and keep you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! Michael
Nickr2 (2 stories) (18 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-04)
Hello Vicky,

I have had some scarey experiences as well, as well as wonderful ones, and ones that are just really wired. I have seen both black and white flashes in my normal vision. And when I close my eyes these black/white orbs are normally still in the general area were I saw the flash. Sometimes I try to interact with them, and sometimes I don't. I however haven't heard any voices that don't come from me speculating about what they are trying to say. And them letting me know if what I'm thinking is correct with a "yes" or "no" answer (hot or cold energies).

But as to what you saw and felt. I feel as if this spirit is offering and telling you something at the same time. When she said come with me I do believe that she was trying to offer you death. I believe that this girl was not a being of complete darkness (death) or she would have appeared this way in the pool. It could very possibly be that she had experienced the same things that you were going through in her life and she was trying to offer you "peace" by trying to give you what you wanted. But I also believe she was trying to tell you this, because of how she appeared to you: death is not as great as it seems, she didn't reach peace just because she was dead. And who knows, maybe it got worse for her after judging from the tattered cloths that she was wearing (broken shoes, striped leggings, brown (maybe dirty) skirt). Also she showed herself to you when you were around your friend. I believe she did this for a reason, and in my opinion it was to show you that you have people in this life who care for you, and you don't need to be dead to be happy. Also after you started to cry that probably showed her that you didn't truly want death, so she left you alone.

As for these other experiences it could very well be that because you though that you might accept death once, other spirits are trying to take advantage of you and stress you out more by making yourself question what you are thinking, seeing, and hearing. And they can tell that you are stressed/depressed because your body gives off certain auras when you feel certain ways because of how your brain functions. And these dark blurs you see in the windows may be the same spirit as the first but, the fact that the first spirit was so direct tells me that they are not the same ones. I also don't think you have anything to worry about from these spirits, I don't believe that they will try to hurt you if you don't let them, and keeping calm if you feel there presence is key because they will try to prey on that fear. Causing fear and torment makes some spirits feel better/more powerful. And the more fear they can pull from you the more they will try because the more they will be attracted to you (it is basically a big cycle that keeps getting worse).

As to your question of how to get rid of these things that are happening to you. You have to be able to make peace with what ever is causing you to feel stressed/depressed. Also now that the "barrier" between your mind and the "spirit world" was "weakened" by the contact from the first spirit your mind now picks up on spiritual things a lot easier. Also because your mind is in a stressed state it will pick up on these "bad spirits" easier than it would pick up on "Good Spirits". Also starting to meditate/pray, and ask god and your inner self to help you stop these scary things from happening can help a lot. You may also want to have someone close to you you can talk to about things that are going on in your life. Being able to tell someone why your feeling stress out/depressed can really have a positive effect on your whole mind set, and it is a lot easier to get through this than feeling alone because these type of spirits prey on loneliness as well.

I am just trying to speculate on your situation. I am not a "medium" or a "psychic" or anything like that. But I am human, so I know how it feels to be sad and alone. And I am also a child of god, as are we all, and I want to try to help you in any way I can. So if you feel that I didn't quite understand something please try and help me understand better. It is also unfortunate that your first experience was such a scary one, because there is a whole universe (literally) of spirituality and it can be wonderful and beautiful, or scary and dark, it is only our perception and mindset that really makes the difference.

Also one more thing. Last night I had a dream. I saw someone in a church (I couldn't tell if it was a boy or girl) and he/she had all of these black blurs/spots/orb thingies forming and disappearing around her, and he/she was sitting on the steps right before the alter and he/she had his/her head in his/her lap and was crying. And there was a little black spirit that was just watching her and he had is mouth wide open as if he was "eating". I don't know if this was you or not, but as I was meditating this morning and I said to myself that I wished I could have help him/her. And after I got done meditating I for some reason decided to come to this site because I hadn't been here for a couple of months, and then I saw your post. And I thought that was very interesting how that worked out (I swear this is true as if I was looking god in the eyes and telling it to him).

I hope this help.

Nicholas Ryan Rasmussen
IwanttoHelp (32 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-04)
If I were you I would post this story to a link of this site, maybe more can help you there as I can't.

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