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My Final Journey To Golgotha Is Now Complete


As many whom read this site are well aware, for some time now I have been talking about taking "my final journey." Well I can now say that is completed!

I post the following not as a passage to tear down ones religious beliefs, or say that my way is the only way because it isn't as you all know. The following story comes from an experience of reading a book. As I continue to expand my knowledge and inner belief systems I find myself being drawn to or in this case "guided" to various publications.

The most recent publication I was guided to was as follows:

A Course In Miracles (the full original text edition, not the watered-down version)

The material was originally "channeled" from whom the author claimed was called Jesus. You do not have to believe where the material came from, there may be information on the internet that dispels everything written in it, I will not judge one way or another. None of that is important in this instance, only that I was guided to this book and the information I have found in it has been quite a revelation FOR ME.

Now to the meat of the experience!

I have been preparing myself for some time now for the journey to Golgotha as I had been informed that it will be the final part of my spiritual re-awakening adventure.

As a result I have had several preconceived notions based on my interpretations of information received, as to what this would entail, essentially a forgiveness of many things that have occurred within my family in the past.

During the time I was experiencing helping young Artie, I was told that my final journey was to begin shortly even though I wasn't sure I was really ready for it. The original intention was to walk behind Christ, within the crowd and observe the reactions of my fellow man as he was marched to Golgotha. I was supposed to pay particular attention to the human emotions of the event.

I truly believed this is what was going to take place, only now I realize it was my Ego that believed this and that is what was channeled to me because that is what I, or rather my Ego wanted to see.

So as you can see I am now primed, my senses are keen to please, or rather my EGO is keen to please and see this happen. My Soul already knows all about this stuff and is rather "...ho hum, yawn..." about the whole thing, as the Soul will be, considering it is of GOD and the Ego is of Man.

So I continue my reading of the book knowing that my journey is almost complete, wow what does the future have in store, I am primed, I am now really pumped, psyched in the knowledge that the continuing glory of the Father is but a mere spiritual journey away!

I came across a section on page 139 (iPad version) which changed the whole game for me...

3 The journey to the cross should be the last foolish journey for every mind. Do not dwell upon it, but dismiss it as accomplished. If you can accept it as your own last foolish journey, you are also free to join my resurrection. Human living has indeed been needlessly wasted in a repetition compulsion. It reenacts the separation, the loss of power, the foolish journey of the ego in an attempt at reparation, and finally the crucifixion of the body or death.

4 Repetition compulsions can be endless unless they are given up by an act of will. Do not make the pathetic human error of "clinging to the old rugged cross." The only message of the crucifixion was that we can overcome the cross. Unless you do so, you are free to crucify yourself as often as you choose. But this is not the Gospel I intended to offer you. We have another journey to undertake, and if you will read these lessons carefully, they will help to prepare you to undertake it...

Now here I must state quite clearly once again this is not published as an attempt to change, destroy or try to say any negative about ones individual religious beliefs, it is merely a passage to generate some thought...

Back to the rest of the experience

Well as you can imagine the above passage put my head in a spin as it is very blunt and appears to be aimed directly at people like me. Further on in the book is a chapter dedicated to the Crucifixion and it is a much "gentler" read than the passage I have included. That is for discussion at another time though, anyway back to the experience itself...

"What the!?!?!"

"Ah Brother what are you telling us?"

"It is very simple James, are you clinging to the past or moving forward and evolving in the knowledge of the past?"

"So what of my journey to Golgotha, was that it!?"

"Yes, are you surprised"

"Well in a manner of speaking speechless, what about observing my fellow man and experiencing the emotion of the event?"

"James, have you not carried my cross and felt the weight of the world?"


"Have you not been on the cross yourself and felt the pain that the Son of Man endured?"

"Yes, but..."

"James you have already experienced all you need to know about the Journey to Atonement and have also experienced the Resurrection in the Cave and the Garden. James you have witnessed my birth, death, resurrection and ascension, you completed your awakening a long time ago only now have you realized it"

"So my final journey to Golgotha was in fact to realize that I didn't have to make the actual journey itself but to understand what the significance of the Crucifixion was in terms of your relationship to your fellow man, the Father and life itself"

"Yes my Brother, for you have indeed now moved beyond the Cross, your journey is now an open book with blank pages for you to fill with the wonders that is life and all in the loving arms of your Father in Heaven"

As you can see my whole world that I thought I knew has just been turned upside down (again!), given a good dusting and basically thrown out the window.

Okay, this isn't real is it. Here we go again with the questions, time to consult the Higher Self and sure enough the answers that come back are affirmative in nature and no I am not going nuts!

"Brother you have thrown my world for a loop right now, I am not sure of what has just happened but I now feel at peace, warm and extremely content, is this surreal!?"

"James you have taken the final step to truly understanding the nature of your Soul and the journey it is undertaking. You tell others repeatedly they are much more than they appear and yet you deny it for yourself, please, no more, you are WHO YOU ARE, you along with all your fellow brethren are the blessed children of the Father In Heaven, you need to stop denying the knowledge of the creation you are any longer.

Venture forth and experience all you have denied yourself in the service of others, you are my Brother and I stand with you all the time, always have, always will. From before your birth, your days as a little boy, when you doubted me, doubted yourself, from the Garden, to walk with me now and beyond..."

Well I am still speechless, it is strange I can't remember what my wife said that morning some days and yet the words above are there in my memory as a permanent reminder I guess to the wonder of the experience.

You do not have to believe the source of any of this, that is the true nature of of WHO we each are, we are individuals with individual beliefs, on our own Journeys all eventually meeting at the same place. There will be those who will feel their beliefs have just been challenged by me because the passage did not come from the Bible. I couldn't quote one verse from the Bible, to be honest, simply because I don't know any!

Let me assure you now more than ever, I cherish your personal beliefs or non-beliefs for that matter as I cherish you al, l my Brothers and Sisters in God. Your faith is what guides you, regardless of what others think or say:

May your Faith be seen in your Actions and all your future actions be guided by your Faith, for without Faith your Actions are indeed empty and without Actions your Faith is also empty.

I now move forward into what, well I guess I will just have to experience it. There are millions who have gone before me so the road will not be a lonely one and there will be millions following behind in the next year or so.

Be not afraid of the path you follow for it leads to the Glory that is You, the Glory that is The Father in all of you.

To quote Andrew Lloyd Webber, from The Music of The Night

"...Let your Soul take you where you long to be..."

May the One WHO gave his ALL so that man can move forward and evolve in the glory of HIS Light, along with the LIGHT and LOVE that is the Father in Heaven shine on, through, within, and surround each and every one of you forever more...

If you are looking for me simply gaze into the night sky and look for:

"...the 2nd star on the right and straight on until morning!..."

Till we all meet again...


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Anon (guest)
4 years ago (2020-01-30)
As in crucifying someone like jesus is obviously bullying

Cos he was pointing out who the bullies are wasn't he

"But we gave you aquaducts!" cries the bully

"Dude there's lead pipes. Sort your shiat out"
Anon (guest)
4 years ago (2020-01-30)
Hey James
The comments suggest a conversation history I am not privy to so I'll just gloss over that. Cheers you sound like a nice guy.

Okay well, the 'repetition compulsion' thing there are a lot of things that teach us that samsara is inevitable.

It doesn't mean it is. Its frustrating to be surrounded by this belief its saturated in everything.

So buddha said its inevitable why so people don't get shirty at everyone when they wake up and realise it isnt.

Calling it pathetic is getting shirty tbh. It's more the point that people were conditioned to believe its inevitable.

Some point here some there. Pointing in one spot is inaccurate unless that one spot was your cause.

If it was your cause then fair enough. Okay but that don't mean its everyone elses.

Someone under the thumb of racial segregation blames racists. But someone under the thumb of economic disparity blames the economy.

If we're fair we blame any idea that claims one being is superior to another and puts under the thumb in the first place.

We blame mind control for example. We can blame misuse of the term Ego.

There never was such a thing as ego
Theres just a bunch of beliefs.

That's an outdated concept by a long since dismissed theorist. But we can say that people use that term in the way that makes sense to them and are not meaning the same thing.

Same with suffering

Its difficult to believe but some people get off on pain. They might even have a crucifixion fetish. Incomprehensible and possibly sacrilegious.

Yet as long as they arent getting off on crucifying people that don't want or deserve it, and try not to do it too much or while I'm eating my dinner and so forth

Who are we to judge?

So putting ourselves into each other see it's like that. If it was consensual it's ok its gotta be consensual. Someone says "you're having sex with me" that's not saying its consensual. That's an observation. It's like that.

We say to the system you're crucifying me that's not consent its observation.

Some people have to climb out of the abyss others pushed them into before they can say "like attracts like"

Law of attraction is for those that made it out.

The rest of us got crucified because we existed and nothing more.

We seek to uncrucify ourselves and for as long as the system is inside us (our heads) we are continuing to feel crucified. The Roman's need to convert, not just the Jesus. He turned it into something positive. They needed to quit crucifying people in the first place.

Blissings on behalf of those seeking justice

PS if you want to know who the proverbial Roman's are its obvious it's the dudes crucifying- the bullies.
Foundations (1 stories) (64 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-14)
Hi Gysyblue,

I have been doing the same! I have been re-reading James' posts over and over, devouring every lit bit of information and clues that he left behind. I am going to miss him immensely, as he has also touched my heart and completely changed my life. I am no longer the same girl who visited this site over a year ago thanks to his faith in me and the unconditional friendship and love that he showed. He literally opened up a whole new world to me and I am stronger and better for it. I am now able to say that I am living life! I may still have hurdles to overcome, but nothing seems out of my reach anymore! Thank you James - I love you!
gysyblue (2 stories) (80 posts)
12 years ago (2012-01-14)
James - I have been reading, and re-reading your posts, and I am finally understanding more. I will miss your writings dearly. You brought me to this site, and left my heart here. I am so much more enriched because of you, and you are such a beautiful spirit. I finally understand the meaning of your brother. You pierced my heart like no other and it won't be easy not seeing your postings anymore, but thank-you for what you left us all behind. Love Gysy.
NaturalScience (3 stories) (110 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-30)
Hi James, this is me again, wish you a happy New Year! Do answer (if you are still alive - you thought two years ago or so that you're going to die...)

As to your new discovery, Course in miracles, don't think this book to be worth more than the New Testament or even worth the same! It cannot be more than a commentary to the Bible, and though it is said to be "channelled", it plainly shows the hand of to-day's Western Esotericists writing.

The thing I most object to within the Course book is that they despise and demonize something called "the Ego",
Without clearly defining what is Ego and what is not Ego,
And moreover neglecting that this oh-so-evil "ego"

which to my account is nothing more than our normal human feelings that we are "someone" and "individual" and "worth something" and "knowing something" etc

is not a creation of evil spirits but HAS BEEN MADE BY GOD FOR A GOOD PURPOSE, as a central part of our human mortal nature.

Of course our immortal souls often know more than our ego structure - thus it is justified to see the Ego as a structure bound to acts of foolishness, and it is necessary to pray, to ask our subconscious by meditation, trance or similar methods for advice, and to read the doctrines of Jesus - and also of other Prophets inferior to Him, as the Buddah - in order to avoid such erroneous ways.

But it is utterly wrong to demonize the ego. For we cannot live in a human body, we cannot perform our karmic paths (no matter if toward a GOOD or a bad end) without having an ego.

For where there is no Ego, there also is no Will. And where there is no Will, there can be no good actions, no prayers, no hope and faith... And no learning.
Only when we go to Heaven as souls in Bliss we don't need Ego no more, for in Heaven we don't have to will or wish anything. There we will be merely Perception.

But whenever a soul takes the body of an intelligent creature it will have an Ego with it, as part of the kind of mortal life it has chosen. Even if Archangel Michael should take human form He would need an Ego!

This is written also as a warning for all people who overstress the modern "anti Ego concept". The strive to become "egoless" can lead to very foolish actions. For example there are not too few people who think they can only live an enlightened life under the influence of cannabis, or of LSD, or "shrooms" - because they want to feel as if they were egoless. The drugs induce in them a state of nearly pure perception without will, wish, or identity-feeling. Thus they think the drugs save them from their oh so evil Ego. Of course to be in such a state of pure perception is wonderful;-)) ). But... It is not our task on Earth to keep up a mental state that fits only to Heaven! Down here we have to wish, to will, to decide, to work, to learn, and sometimes also to fight and struggle. And for all this we got an Ego.
James (10 stories) (151 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-14)
Hello TreeToucher

I am beyond words at this time, you have shown us all the side of you that is US.

My wonderful Friend you speak words of wisdom and compassion that I think you have yet to fully realize just how your words will affect others.

You held the hand of one passing from this plane of existance to that of another and all the while the greatest bond you shared was the love that the Father has given us all, a love that is to be shared with each and every one of us, unconditionally.

That is all the Father asks of each and every one of us, to show and express our love for those we call our brothers and sisters in our love of God.

You watched another beautiful Soul continue their journey into the next phase of life, a life in the arms of the Almighty, a life of pure wonder and joy.

You showed another the love that is you and that person.

You showed another that fear is not of God, it is of man only

You showed another loving soul that they are more than the flesh and blood that is our bodies

You showed another that love is what it is all about, nothing more and nothing less

Bless you my wonderful Friend, today your actions have been triumphed in your faith and your faith has spoken volumes through your actions.

When you look in the mirror you are a reflection of that wonderful person who passed from this life to the glory that is the Father in Heaven.

Today the light that is TreeTouucher has shined brightly for all to see, I see it shining as bright as the sun. You are a reflection of ALLL, bless you my Friend

Thank you, for the "moment" is not something that occurs and vanishes, it is something that continues from here on out until you leave this physical world and beyond.

I lost my brother a long time ago and the moment you describe is something that occurred to me one day, in a cave of all places. Since then I have "known" what I must do but didn't fully comprehend the knowing of such until very recently.

We all "know" what we must do, or have been asked to do, without truly realizing it, part of our spiritual slumber for lack of better words.

Treetoucher you have experienced the true essence of "giving of yourself to another," cherish that feeling, remember how it felt and never look upon life in any other way again.

The Father asks we be generous in our love for our fellow man, today you have shown WHO YOU TRULY ARE, thank you my Friend and may the blessings of the ONE continue to shine through you, within you and all around you forever more

" peace I leave with you..."

TreeToucher (1 stories) (8 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-14)
Dear James,
I am gladdened to read what you have learned - truly. I do not know if you will check to find this 'post', but I have something that I need to tell you (my apologies at what the length of this writing could become). This is Treetoucher, and I 'posted' a message to your story, Stepping up... My posting was about having a 'life moment' of insight, while reading your story. I did not say what the insight was, but it came to fruition today. I have been trying to apply, what I 'feel' was the practice that I was guided to do when I had that 'I see it now', moment of realization in your story. When you connected with the little one's Spirit, I knew that that is what I am supposed to be doing - with everyone. That may not sound clear unless you heard the story of a Spiritual experience that I had months ago; so you could better understand my perspective (I met some Spirits - the bright ones, not a paranormal meeting). I digress though - I wanted you to know that I thought of you today in a brief moment, but did not have the time at that moment to think about what it meant. Today I lovingly held the hand of someone, who is passing from this human life, to the love and light of our Creator. I stroked her hair and kissed her brow. I told her to close her eyes and rest. That I knew she was tired and that she needn't be upset or frightened - that I loved her and it was time to sleep. As she closed her eyes, my Spirit reached to hers. Her Spirit was there, but it seemed thin and fading - just like her body. So I sent my peace & love, and thought - yes this human body has lived longer than many and it is done. This evening I went to the spot that I love to go to share my time with God. I talked and prayed to The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit about this person I love, and her passing. As I thought about my time with her earlier, I realized that I had made the connection with her Spirit, as I was supposed to do. I knew that it had not been something planned out or that I had worked at doing, (as I mistakenly thought I was to do) but just something I 'knew' I was to do - naturally. Then I thought about discovering, through your experience, which that was something I was supposed to be doing. I do not know what is next, but I am going to stay aware of what I have been guided to do. At the same time, I now know not to 'work' at making it happen, but follow my 'knowing' as my cue. If we pay attention, (but not over-think-it!) we will be directed to where the Holy Spirit wants us to go.
Wishing you, Friendship, Love, and Health James
James (10 stories) (151 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-07)

Thank you for the kind words, continue being the wonderful person you are and that will be the greatest compliment you could pay to anyone...

" peace I leave upon you..."

Nickr2 (2 stories) (18 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-04)
You know james... I really want to say something really long to express my thanks towards you... But I can't think of a darn word... So I will just say planely: Thank you again, for you have helped me... Yet again.

P.S. Funny thing how I came to this site after you published this, and after not being here for a couple of months.

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