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Why Me?


As I venture around the internet in the continual search for expanding my faith and spirituality, I come across many people who make the statement "Why Me?" with regards to their experiences. Like a lot of the people who post on this site, myself included, religion is not something most of us came to embrace openly or willingly for that matter.

As I have explained previously I had almost a complete disdain for what ORGANIZED and formal religion has done and continues to do in many parts of the world.

One of the key issues of my awakening was the discovery of the Father Within, a weird revelation for sure but it is something that I questioned for a long time. As my communion with God, Mary and Jesus grows stronger with each passing day, I still ask "Why Me, what is so damn special about me?"

And the answer "...absolutely nothing special about you my son..." I have been told that as we awaken and begin to believe, some feel they are "special" because God has suddenly been revealed to them... An individuals own interpretation perhaps, after all spirituality and ones perception of it is a very PERSONAL experience.

I had a journey with Jesus one evening and we discussed many issues relating to spirituality and the modern way man views life. The beautiful thing about this journey was the absolute feeling of peace and love when in his presence. He knows of human emotion because he experienced EVERY human emotion we feel in our day-to-day lives.

I raised the question with him "...why me, why not someone who is an avid church goer and believer in God..."

" brother, the average person who attends mass on Sunday's will never experience the Father, nor find Him in this life-time. You and many like you all around the world have opened your eyes to the glory of God and all the love that the Divine has for the Children of Earth. It does not take a special person, an appointed priest, a reader of the Groups Holy Scriptures, an individual born of Royalty, or poverty to embrace the teachings of the Son Of Man. For the Peasant is as important as the Squire in the Kingdom of the Father..."


When put into that context how can I see myself as anything other than a common man, no different, no higher or lower in stature from all my brothers and sisters throughout the world we live on. My life has changed forever-more in the last 10 months because of these journeys. I have no fear of asking God or Jesus a question, no matter how difficult the question or no matter how bad my deeds were in my youth, however I do not supplicate myself to God, instead we "chat".

Some feel God will not answer them or that they cannot hear the answer. Those familiar with my posts on this site know I continually say "...ask the question within and the answers will be revealed..."

For me it has been in the form of the spoken word, however there is a twist occasionally:

A good example is that during my spiritual travels along the paths of my homeland with Jesus, I mentioned the title of a possible book I would like to write:

"In the Footsteps of My Brother, A Man's Quest to Travel the Road of the Son Of Man"

The Son of Man said it was a good title and nothing else. Last week I was in the book store just browsing the Middle East section, when my eyes went straight to a book by Peter Walker:

IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF JESUS An Illustrated Guide To The Places Of The Holyland.

I smiled, then silently asked " this what you had in mind?..."

May the Peace, Love and all the Glory that is the Divine and the Son of Man be with you and yours always...


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Timfaraos (131 posts)
9 years ago (2015-02-17)
Instead, ask 'why NOT me?' As long as we see ourselves as humble servants and children of God, there is no danger of falling into pride... After all, without God's protection and guidance, we are just dust in the wind, blown about by temptation and insecurity. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust...
James (10 stories) (151 posts)
13 years ago (2010-09-27)

No need for words, you went through a very trying period to say the least, one for which I can only guess at...

You have seen the Son of Man and he has been there for you, what more can we ask for. May the heavenly Father continue to shine the Light upon you, you lost your 1st child for a reason, hopefully the blessing of the Source of All Life and Love will see you through the birth of a beautiful gift from God...

May your days be filled with Peace and Love to you and yours

milexisaguilar (1 posts)
13 years ago (2010-09-23)
Why me? Many people ask the same question.
I've done it many times too. But, last time, was totaly defferent: I lost my baby, my first baby in my belly... The Why me? After taking jesus' hand was a total relief.
Even going throuhg that painful experience was answered by him.
Words can not explain it.

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