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Why I Picked Flutterofwings


This took place in 2003 in the home in which I live in at the present time. I was in a head on collision in 2003, on my way to work one morning. A guy didn't yield his stop sign and ran it and I had what was called a "T-bone collision". I hit him broad sided on his truck, but head on for myself.

I got pretty much injured in this accident and had to have a care provider come, and stay for four months with me. This occurrences happen when she was no longer needed, to care for me about four to five months later.

I was hurt quite a bit with my knee, a broken chest bone, ribs and the like. I hurt so much and no matter how much I prayed the pain just would not ease up. I was in horrible pain, when I was awake, and many times when I was asleep as well.

One day I sat in my bedroom with the window, curtains and shads pulled way down far. No air in the room, as the windows were all closed and no fans in this room. Just semi darkness.

I thought that maybe I would just do something to get out of all this pain I was having, not only in my body but in my mind too from the car accident.

Then suddenly when I am thinking these kind of thoughts something happen. I first heard a noise above me. I looked up and I didn't see anything at all. The noise I was hearing was the sound of wings flapping. The third time I looked up, I could feel breeze coming from the wings above me, which the wings were still flapping. It felt good on my face, gave me new insight to how I felt.

After that I felt great and knew I would not do anything to myself. I would live and I would learn to cope with the disabilities that I had with the car accident. That I could indeed be happy with whom I am, and where I would go into the future.

I have become a better person, not only to myself from this experience. But to others. I have learned some patience and to be content where I am in life. I didn't ask the Lord for help that day, but he knew I was in despair and he brought his Angels to help me out that day. There is no doubt in my mind what I heard or felt, that indeed was from Angels that looked after me that day, and all days of my life.

This is the reason I picked Flutterofwings for my name on here and all sites I am on. In honor of Angels who helped me to look beyond the hurting days, but also into the future of a brighter life.

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Flutterofwings (17 stories) (110 posts)
16 years ago (2008-05-02)
Thanks Jack for your comments to these storis in which I write here. If I gave up I would never know what the future holds for me in the future. I am still waiting to see what else the Lord wants me to do here, on earth for him. I often say HEY LORD IF SOMEONE IS IN NEED WHILE I AM OUT AND ABOUT GUIDE ME TO THEM. One time a little ole lady came up to me in a parking lot. She asked me to help her get some bags our of her cart. I did. I smiled and I talked to her. She smiled back and told me this was the first time she has smiled since her hubby died that she though the Lord brought me to her, to make her smile that day.

After I got into my car I cried that she was so lonely. We exchanged phone numbers and I called her or she called me and then I never heard from her again. Maybe she too is in Heaven with her man now too.

Our Lord does bring miracles to people each day, it's just most of us including myself at times are to deaf or blind to see them.
Jack (guest)
16 years ago (2008-05-02)
Wow! You indeed have earned your name you use on here. You sure have had your share of bad experiences.

You know though Flutterwings, it is those experiences that strengthen us all the more, though I know you have probably heard that a million times.

Why do some, like yourself get the short end of things, no one knows. The Lord has his reasons, and we just have to have the strength to pick ourselves up and keep going. Sure wasn't easy in your experiences by far.

Reminds me of an experience which I will never forget. My son-in-laws older daughter had a baby born dead two years ago, and I went to the service and upon viewing that baby, couldn't stop crying. Sad beyond belief. As if they hadn't had enough, now their youngest son may have leukemia.

We often ask ourselves, why does this have to happen to us. We pray and still things happen. But, many times we find out much later why we had the bad experience or experiences. We just can't faulter in our faith. You sure haven't.

In simple language, all I can say is "what a lady you are".

You are and have been an inspiration to all of us who visit this forum.

Best regards, and all have a great weekend.

Flutterofwings (17 stories) (110 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-23)
[at] rhodes68 thanks for your comment to this story. I love my name on here, it just makes me feel loved all over with the love of the Lord. Sending me protection from myself from harm and to let me know all would be okay. I am so grateful for that, which happen to keep me alive.
rhodes68 (10 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-22)
That was a most touching story Flutter! I was actually wondering why that particular name but, thanks to this story, I,now, know.

I believe it was indeed your guardian angel who made himself felt to remind you that you were not alone and unprotected. I see his flapping of the wings as a token of the Lord's love and the breeze you felt as a promise that change was on its way, that a new beginning would soon to take place.

Thank you for a most heart-warming story!

Tammy ❤
Flutterofwings (17 stories) (110 posts)
16 years ago (2008-02-16)
Thanks 6senses for your reply. I am not sure if it was my Guardian Angel but it was something that has changed my life since then.
6senses (3 posts)
16 years ago (2008-02-11)
In my belief, angels do not have wings. But, it was probably your guardian angel or something fanning you so you could feel the breeze! 😊

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