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How I Learned About Walk Ins


My daughter Heidi was killed in a car accident on 3-14-98. She was the driver and 18 years old for a month. She was a senior in high school but she was not going to graduate until the next January. She was behind a few credits. I never expected to get it because she was behind. In August the secretary for the school district that the kids went to called me to tell me that she had just put in the mail a invitation for the family and friends of Heidi's because they were going to give us her diploma. This lady went on about how she had met Heidi and really thought a lot of her and he asked me if I had a picture of Heidi that I could drop off to her at the district because she wanted to do something special from one mom to another. I said I did have but it would be the next day before I could get it to her. She said no problem.

I was so proud and I instantly started crying. I went into the bedroom where my daughter Nicholle was asleep in Heidi's bed and woke her up to tell her about them giving us Heidi's diploma. I was not yet at that stage where I didn't cry everyday. I knew that time would come, I just wasn't there yet myself. I looked forwards to that time when I could control my pain enough to not cry daily. But this day I couldn't stop crying for even a few minutes. I was crying of pride and I was feeling inside how special my daughter had been to people I never even knew. This was overwhelming for me. I went to bed and I think I was even crying in my sleep. I know that the next morning I woke up and my eyes were still swollen and red. I knew I had to get myself together so I could take that picture of Heidi to this woman at the district.

So I got on the computer and went to a site I had become a regular at and I was chatting with other's when my neighbor came over and asked me if I could take her and drop her off somewhere for a interview at 2 pm. I got off the computer and told her sure to come back around 1:30 pm and I would be ready to go.

I got in the shower hoping I would help my swollen eyes but I just kept crying. I was still crying when I finished showering so I filled the tub up and decided to stay in the tub for a while. All of a sudden I seemed to be somewhere else. I opened my eyes to make sure I was in the tub still and I was. Between the bath water and my eyes I was able to see myself outside at a neighborhood I had never seen before. So I closed my eyes to let what ever come through to come through. I could see out of my eyes that I was standing on a side walk at the end of a driveway. I looked back at the house and wondered who might live there but no answer. I could see to my right this house was on the corner with a stop sign there. To my left were houses lining the street on both sides. I wasn't curious as to why I was there it seemed as though that didn't matter.

Then as I looked back to my right I saw a young girl walking up from the stop sign. I don't know how she got there. She just appeared from no where it seemed. I knew she was going to walk by me because I had no idea who she was. I was able to size her up from the few glances I got of her as she walked up towards me. She was about 5'3 and about 110 lbs she had short brown hair that was cut in a shagg and a bad cut it looked like to me. She had dyed her hair and she had a few freckles across her face with no make up at all on. She wore big hooped earrings and a black neck choker on. Her blouse was a knit type with many colors of Blues striped going around her body. Her pants were of jean material and they looked either dirty or dingy with big bell bottoms. She wore black Doc Martin boots that were worn out looking. This girls body frame was smaller than Heidi's.

As this girl got a few steps from me I stepped backwards so she could pass on bye. But she instead walked up to me and put her hands on my shoulder's and said "I'm Heidi" I raised my head to the right upwards to ask God what she was talking about and before I was finished with my question I was somewhere else. This time I was alone and all I could see was grays. Different colors of grays swirling around. I was so comfortable that I wondered how I could get this comfortable at home. Then all of a sudden from all around me and I mean every space possible I heard this voice say to me, that this girl has been abused by her mom all her life and many times she has tried to kill herself. Heidi wants so bad to come back to this world and to her life that God has allowed them to temporary switch with each other to see if this will work out for this girl and Heidi. But that this girl has a few things in her life that she has to do and Heidi will have to do them for her if this does get finalized and then and only then can Heidi come and tell us that its her.

That is what I was seeing when this girl walked up to me on that sidewalk. Then Nicholle came into the bathroom and said "mom are you alright?" I said "ya why?" I didn't realize I was still crying. Because I was not crying while I was on the sidewalk or in the gray area. I got out of the tub and all I could think about was if there would have been more come to me if Nicholle had not of interrupted me in the tub. I just didn't understand what had happened. I was getting worried that I had jumped a level of grief that I was not aware of. I figured I would take Heidi back as a chicken if possible. It did take my mind into a new area of thought which did help keep the tears away. I was afraid to say anything to anyone that day so I went to bed quiet.

Then the next day it all started again. I was setting in my dining room and watching T.V. when I saw that this girl was hanging out with people doing drugs with her. She didn't have any real friends and rarely went to school. I saw that they moved around a lot and her mom was on welfare. I saw this girl leaning down into some cabinets while her mom screamed at her and talked real bad to her. Her mom was a drug addict and a alcoholic all her life. Then it was over.

Then again later that night as I was walking down our hallway towards my bedroom I saw the most amazing thing that was out of this world no doubt. I was again in two places at the same time because I was in a hospital room somewhere and I was hovering above a bed and I was about 2 foot from the ceiling in the right hand corner of the room. While this same girl lay in this bed and she was out of it. Then all of a sudden from the left corner of the room came in a large beam of light that came and went right down into this girls head and stopped at her shoulder's. This light had lots of bubbles in it of all different sizes. There was a fluid looking with particles flowing through it. There were many colors and they seemed to be in different dimensions. Because I could see through each color into the next color. These colors were like none I ever saw on earth.

There were spheres shooting through this beam. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Then this girl's head and body began moving upwards into this beam. As she got further up her body started changing into a baby but her head stayed the same size. Then she went up to the ceiling and she was gone. Then a second later came Heidi into this light. Heidi never changed in size at all. You could see that she was dead. Her arms at her side she moved down and laid into this girls body. Then I must have blinked or something because the next thing I knew was this girl was waking up as somebody knocked on the door. At that time I was at my bedroom door opening it as I was saying out loud something about maybe God does recycle. My husband asked me what I was talking about so I told him about the bathtub and the visions I had gotten. He was very worried about me as I was too!

The next day was Friday and I was exhausted and upset not understanding what had been happening. I stayed in bed that day until it was around 7 pm or so when I remembered that on Friday nights there is a class of beginner mediumship at this site so I decided to get up and go to that site. When I got there they were on a break. I told everyone that I had a question to ask and did they want me to wait until class started or could I ask it now. They said go a head and ask now. So I said what level of crazy have I jumped and I told them about what had happened to me a little only. Well instantly people started asking me question's like "haven't you ever heard of walk ins?. I was blown away that this actually had a name. They were ready to get started again with the class. But they asked me if I could stay after the class was done and talk to them more about this. But when the class started up again Heidi was the first spirit to come through. She didn't say anything about what had been happening to me.

After my reading was done I had to get off the computer and go do something I would normally do. So I went to where my husband was helping work on this house to get some money so I could go to bingo. As I got to this house it was the first time ever being there and it was the house in my vision. Everything the was same on the streets and I was so surprised. The last thing I saw about this girl was she was at a airport with bags and she was meeting her dad for the first time and her 2 younger siblings and they were taking her to there home.

A few weeks later I went to see this lady who comes to our town once a month and talks about things happening in the world spiritually and you get to ask 2 questions. I asked her if Heidi was going to come back as a walk in? She thought about it for a minute and then said "the final decision has not been made yet". I told her that I saw the switch she said "she knows I did" I told her it seemed as if I was being shown so I could give them my input but why would they want my advice with this? She told me that was what they were doing.

Then about a month after that I was on a site that went to regularly and got lots of free reading at. I was able to get a reading with this wonderful reader and Heidi talked all about the walk in stuff and she told me that she wanted to come back for me so I wouldn't be so sad. She also said that it wasn't going to happen any more with that girl that she decided to find her dad and try a different life with him.

Thank you all for reading this sorry it's so long but I couldn't shorten it any more without leaving important parts out. Donna

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Anon (guest)
4 years ago (2020-01-30)
It's pretty impressive that you could experience that process in such a profound way.

I am aware of what they call soul swapping. I don't think at the ordinary levels of consciousness it is intentional but from what you've just said it kind of makes sense that it's coming from another level

I'm starting to become aware of that level

Noticing that it might even be more commonplace than at first obvious.

Interesting observation two beings seemed to have swapped to get stuff done

I'm wondering if this is a bit like

If you and a friend play each others characters in a computer game

Only it's a super complex computer game

Makes me wonder how many of our enemies are friends at that level

Like when two friends playing Dodgem car games bang into each other on purpose

If you only saw things from inside the screen it'd be like stuff ya mate ya smashed me car. But hang on a minute...

Way cool thing to see. I hope those souls got what they needed.
highspirits31 (guest)
5 years ago (2019-06-25)
What an amazing story! It is such a privilege that you were able to have those visions. Did your daughter ever find you?
Timfaraos (131 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-21)
I think God showed you this girl so you could PRAY for her. As for mediums who contact spirits... God sais: DON'T DO THAT! It's a sin, because you can get hurt spiritually, emotionally and even physically sick, because there are evil unclean spirits out there, just waiting for you to let them into your life! And the worst thing is, they pretend to be a 'dead relative', or a 'spirit guide' or 'angel' who wants to help you! Same thing goes for ouija board! FATHER GOD SAIS: 'NO CHILD! You'll get hurt!' STAY AWAY FROM OCCULT PRACTISES! And don't listen to newagers who say:' open yourself up to the universe, and let it take you where it will!' Would you invite a stranger into your car and say: drive me to wherever you want! SAME THING! The universe has laws, and they are written in the old and new testament, by our loving Father! Timfaraos [at]
gysyblue (2 stories) (80 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-19)
Thank-you for sharing about Heidi. So interesting everything that you experienced. It was good to read of the other girl going to be with her father.
Flutterofwings (17 stories) (110 posts)
16 years ago (2008-03-01)
This was truely a wonderful story, loved it and as Jord stated I also hope you meet your daughter again too. It's must amazing what the Lord can perform when we least expect it. Good written story.
Jord (guest)
16 years ago (2008-02-26)
Wow, that's a really great story. I can only wish you nothing but the best in the future :) I hope you meet your daughter once again.

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