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There's Something In The Hallway


There was a time when I shared a bedroom with my younger brother. I was about 7 years. Being the older one, I slept on the top bunk of our bunk bed. One quiet evening, I lay awake facing backwards in my bed, staring down the hallway that extended to my bedroom. I briefly glimpsed away at one point but turned back. At that moment, I saw a large object in the hallway. It was an Angel. Having some religious training, I expected it to be my Guardian Angel. He was larger than a man. His head reached to the ceiling. His sides reached to the walls. I couldn't see through him, but the edges appeared to be semi-transparent. I could see a set of wings from behind the body. He had a faint glow. The house was quiet, so quiet that I could hear the refrigerator running back in the kitchen. He stood there motionless about half-way down the hallway, looking straight at me. I remember looking at him, unafraid and somewhat curious, but not surprised. This went on for a time until I glimpsed away again. When I turned back, he was gone. But then something else happened. There was something coming down the staircase from upstairs. I continued to watch and began to see a line of people come down the staircase, turn the corner, and proceed down the hallway towards me. But there was something different about these people. They too had a pale semi-transparent form, but something had happened to them. For some reason, they were compressed down to what seemed to be only three feet tall. They were moving. But they couldn't move like we do. Instead it was a staggered, staccato like movement. And there was something else. These people were dressed as from the past. There was at least one man who had a top hat. A woman had a parasol on her shoulder. They didn't seem to notice me. Instead, they proceeded to the point where the Angel had stood. One by one they disappeared as the reached that point. It was as if there was an invisible door they were passing through.

I can explain some of this. At that time my parents were dabbling in spiritual activities and programs, one being known as "mind dynamics". It was the popular thing back at that time. What happens is this practice can unknowingly invite "unwanted guests". There was a presence upstairs during this time. My cousin had felt it when she briefly stayed up there. My father acknowledged seeing a devil at the foot of his bed. The Angel was guarding us children. Soon after, my brother and I both witnessed an event happen outside our bedroom window one night. The two of us were looking out the window when suddenly a ball of fire came racing towards us. It appeared to be roughly the size of a basketball. I thought it would come crashing through, but just as it reached the window, it stopped and made a 90-degree turn to the left. We looked at each other wondering what we both saw. I think it was once again a form of protection for us.

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